Patrick Peterson solidifies status as elite NFL Draft prospect

LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson entered the NFL Scouting Combine as a consensus Top 10 pick. He leaves the Combine with his status as one of this year’s truly elite prospects having been solidified.

Peterson ran the second-fastest 40-yard dash of any defensive back, with an official time of 4.34 seconds. And he also impressed in the position-specific drills.

“I thought he looked really good in the drills,” NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said. “Is he a little taller? Yeah, he is, but he unlocks his hips, he runs, great ball skills as befits a guy who returns punts and kickoffs. To me, he’s a lock-down, Top 10 pick.”

NFL Network’s Deion Sanders said he wanted to “poke holes” in the much-discussed Peterson, and he described Peterson’s footwork as just “OK,” adding, “I’d like to see him a little quicker — took too many steps to get to a certain point.” But Sanders acknowledged that he was just looking for minor areas where a great talent can improve.

“Peterson, he did nothing to persuade me not to think of him as the No. 1,” Sanders said. “He is still the No. 1. Yeah, he is not as fluid in his backpedal as I would like, but the guy is good. I can work with that.”

A lot of NFL secondary coaches are hoping right now that they’ll get the chance to work with that.

23 responses to “Patrick Peterson solidifies status as elite NFL Draft prospect

  1. Put this guy in a Browns uniform alongside Joe Haden and you are looking at the best cornerback tandem in the NFL for the next five years.

  2. Suddenly these stupid drills and interviews are what solidify you as elite?

  3. I can’t wait to see this guy in red and gold next year. Having him in the same defense as Patrick Willis will be scary. We would welcome you with open arms in Bay!!! 49ers!!

  4. Looks like the best DB prospect in years, Top 5 for sure I doubt he goes past 3.

  5. He didn’t look spectacular in the backpedal drill. I’ll give Neon Deion that. He completely took a wrong step on 1 of the 3 shifts. BUT he still got to the ball and caught it so…?

  6. I hate Deon Sanders. He wasn’t as good as he thinks he was. Good player, but not Elite. The word he likes 2 use. Hated him as a player & hate him more as an analiyst

  7. The DL were somewhat over shadowing some very elite players, but not anymore. Yes Browns fans, Peterson will not be around at 6, but dream we can.
    Just like E Berry last year, just out of reach. Damn!

  8. Way to go out on a limb with calling him a Solid Top 10 pick when there are definitely not 5 players going before him. You heard it here, Nick Fairley is a solid First Round Pick.

  9. Good hopefully Peterson and Prince are both off the board by the time the Jaguars Pick.

    We’ll wind up with Jimmy Smith in the 1st round.

    The last J. Smith was the best offensive player in franchise history and this one could be the best defensive player as well.

    Both of them had ‘character issues’ yet both will perform on the field on sundays.

  10. As a Saints fan, I thank God CBs never go #1 overall. Even with Drew Brees, I’d hate to Peterson twice a year for the next decade.

  11. You look at the first three teams in the draft, and you can make a fair case for all three of them to take Peterson. Moreover, he showed the one thing no coach can teach…speed. I strongly expect him to be long gone by pick 6, and very likely earlier. Here’s why.

    Carolina needs pretty much everything, and there’s no quarterback *yet* that goes consensus #1. The defensive lineman are really good, but there’s so many good ones that you could easily get a good starter with a pick in the first half of the second round. They like Von Miller, but taking a LB at #1 is unlikely, so Peterson might look good to them

    Same thing going with Denver and Buffalo, both of whom have serviceable QBs and can afford to take a project QB later. Denver could really use Peterson as a bookend/understudy to Champ Bailey, and the depth of the DL class is a factor for them, too. Buffalo actually has some decent offensive tools, so a defensive player would look attractive to them. If one of the DLs gets hot before the draft it gets iffy, but Peterson will help them in the pass-happy AFC East.

    Cincinnati will take Green, cause they’re losing pretty much their whole starting receiver corps, and it might soothe over the Carson Palmer fiasco, if they can show him they got him some high class help.

    Then. we come to Arizona. For all the personnel woes the Cards are suffering, if Peterson is somehow on the board for them, they take him. They need a QB, but they need one so badly that any of the kids available this year are too much of a crapshoot. Larry Fitzgerald has to be kept happy, so they’ll trade for a QB, and unless the QB costs them their pick here (Kolb might), they’ll take Peterson, and let him start for them for the next ten years.

    Note that since no one wants a CBA til September except the fans, Nnandi Ashumoga’s eventual home won’t really affect Peterson in the draft at all.

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