Redskins cut Derrick Dockery

Derrick Dockery’s second tenure in Washington is over.

The Washington Post reports Dockery has been informed of his release by coach Mike Shanahan.

After two disappointing seasons in Buffalo, Dockery returned to Washington in 2009 on a pricey deal.  He only lasted three games under Shanahan before losing his starting job and was due over $5 million in 2011.

Dockery has started 111 games in his eight seasons, and could still fit as a backup in a power scheme.

11 responses to “Redskins cut Derrick Dockery

  1. Dockery’s agent blamed Derrick’s excess weight, double vision, and frequent loss of balance on his all consuming addiction to athletic tape.

  2. Starter in right system, still no worse than Shanny’s step-son Lichten-CantBlockAnyone-steiger.

    Why he stuck with that guy I will never know.

    Shanny lost most of his credit with the fans last year. We’ll see what next season brings, but I wouldn’t want to play for the douche or his son.

    See Snyder still sucks. Death to Napoleon!

  3. He is a power guard. Terrible fit for a zone blocking team. If he wasn’t due so much money he probably would have been held onto

  4. With all the cuts the Skins are making they are freeing up millions of dollars. Hopefully, some sort fluke happens along and they pick up some quality players…….As If!!!

  5. Was once a slouch in Buffalo, many thought he would have a second coming… Will the jury please read the verdict…

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