Redskins will meet with Andre Davis

With a clear need at the receiver position, the Washington Redskins will be taking a look at a player with whom offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is familiar.

Andre Davis, cut recently by the Texans after missing all of 2010 due to injury, has played for Shanahan when Shanahan worked in Houston.  Mark Berman of KRIV-TV reports that Davis will be meeting with the Redskins.

Davis has played for the Browns, Patriots, and Bills in a career that dates back to 2002.

12 responses to “Redskins will meet with Andre Davis

  1. We better not sign this over the hill if he was even on the hill before receiver.

  2. Man I love the Redskins but when are they going to learn that these re-treads just dont work. If they sign him all he will do is take up a roster spot. I would like to see them bring back Santana Moss or at least give Terrance Austin or Brandon Banks a shot over bringing in Andre Davis.

  3. They didn’t say he was going to be a # 1 WR or even a starter for that matter.
    Get off the ledge. I’m a Redskins fan too, but some of you guys whine too much.
    They have to sign someone…a vet to come in taller than 5’10” with familiarity in the system isnt a bad thing. There are definitely worse # 3 receivers in the league than a healthy Andre Davis if he is indeed healthy…and I’m sure Bruce and Shanny (I and II) will do their due dilligence.
    Anthony Armstrong will be the # 2. You just have to hope through free agency or the draft, they find someone resembling a # 1. That’s not what theyre looking for here though. With this poor foundation given all the traded draftpicks and overspending through the years, its not an overnight fix.
    I would welcome Andre Davis as the # 3 and hope we sign him.

  4. it would be stupid to sign this lemon,so shanny probably will! i’ll stick by the skins,and thank god i don’t live and pull for any team from philly!
    say what you will,at least the skins have won 3 super bowls,and have’nt lost 4 straight championship games,right iggles fans?

  5. @ urfinished

    The Redskins are a joke..and so is Andre Davis. Yall would be better off going to the CFL again(A.Amrstrong) to find another #4 or #5 WR.

    Untill the Skins get ride of Synder, which will not happen for a long time, they will countinue to be a below average team. If your actually a fan you wouldn’t want this bum…

    BTW where do old washed up NFL players go to die????

    Washington D.C not Oakland

  6. One word for this org….COMICAL. this is the only org in the NFL that goes after the trash other teams release or do not want.

    The formula has never worked (look at last place finishes yr to yr) and will never work.

    I am so happy the 4skins got shanarat as I thought my boys might go after him. After seeing the debactles week to week and losing record (should have been worse) this management team is a joke. LMAO.

  7. Buschleague…
    Easy to come spew smack like that. A 6th grader couldve written ur post.
    Not saying Davis is money. But a 30 yr old vet that knows the system as ur # 3 or # 4 isn’t the worst thing ever. Bruce would give him vet minimum too. If he has nothing left, they won’t sign him.
    Haters love piling on the skins and for good reason in many cases. But Danny boy is letting Bruce make the decisions now and this team will be turned around in a couple yrs.
    They used the uncapped yr to their advantage more than any other team and have their contracts in good shape.
    Of course they need lots of new blood at receiver…but signing Davis wouldn’t prevent that.
    Anyway…no need to continue.
    Skins made horrid decisions under Danny…we get…we know. Very original.

  8. Boysroll is an idiot. The skins set the record for losses by 3 points or less last year. If anything they could have easily won more games. The Skins will be totally legit in 3 or 4 years. WAS. Watch and see.

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