Saints sign Garrett Hartley to five-year deal

After a season in which the Saints apparently considered getting rid of kicker Garrett Hartley, the team has opted to keep him around, possibly for a lot longer.

Hartley and the Saints have agreed to terms on a five-year deal, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Hartley would have been a restricted free agent absent the new deal.

Terms are not yet known.

17 responses to “Saints sign Garrett Hartley to five-year deal

  1. He was not so grreat last year. I don’t see many Saints games where I live, but every one that I did see, he seemed to kick at least one knuckler. The ball had such a bad spin on it and he was butchering some easy kicks that most NFL kickers would make. I don’t get why they offered him a new deal coming off a season like that, but I guess the front office executives know more than me.

  2. wouldn’t have signed this guy for that long. Misses a lot of easy kicks most NFL kickers make.

    But he did win them the NFC championship. Maybe they are rewarding him for that.

  3. I wish when ever a media outlet reported a contract signing, they would just say “team X signed player Y to new contract”.

    It is so stupid to put how many years the contract is for in the headline. NFL contracts aren’t worth the paper they are printed on in terms of years.

    Who wants to bet that Hartley plays 5 years for the Saints under this contract?

    Anyone? Anyone?

  4. the saints would have surely won more games if they had an nfl kicker-like kicker. instead, this guy has single-handedly lost several games for the them (points wise). i really don’t know why they wouldn’t go pick up one of the free agent kickers or even consider drafting one with a “garbage” pick in the 7th.

  5. As a Saints fan, it’s easy to be mad at Hartley for missing that ridiculously easy field goal against the Falcons last season.

    But then, I just think back to his flawless post-season the previous year, where he kicked my precious Saints into their first Super Bowl and made history becoming the only kicker in Super Bowl history to make three field goals from 40+ yards.

  6. I think this was a good move. Morten Andersen missed a few early in his career, too. Hartley is a career 85% kicker. His performance in the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl bought him some extra patience from the staff. He’s young and he’ll get better.

  7. Dude missed two kicks all year even though the one that came against the failcons hurt at the time.

  8. Kickers are all mental. they just need a little reinforcement. The siants hope this contract will boss this guys confidence through this offseason.
    & if he sux it up again, they will just cut him.. no gauranteed money so no worries..

    personally, this guy lost me 3 games in the beginning of my fantasty league because of his multiple shanks.. i hope he fails terribly.

  9. First off you have to remember that it takes a team to lose a game just like it takes a team to win a game. Hartley is young and has the potential to be a great kicker, give the guy a chance before you go hating on him. You thought he was great when he kicked the winning field goal to take the saints to the Super Bowl. I think the Saints made a great move by keeping Hartley. GO HARTLEY!!

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