Tommie Harris already drawing interest, says best football is ahead

Just hours after he was released by the Bears, Tommie Harris said he’s already hearing from other NFL teams that are interested in signing him, and that the team that signs him will get a better player than the Bears had over the last seven years.

“I think my best football is ahead of me,” Harris told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I haven’t hit my prime yet.”

Harris is free to sign with any team right now, although it’s far more likely that he’ll remain a free agent through the lockout. He says he’s ready to get a fresh start somewhere other than Chicago.

“My race was finished,” Harris said. “It was done with the Bears.”

22 responses to “Tommie Harris already drawing interest, says best football is ahead

  1. Lambeau Field would be a nice place to play your “best football”??? If not the Pack, please look into an AFC team and no matter what, not the Lions.

  2. Of course his best football is still ahead of him. He hasn’t made a meaningful play in over 3 seasons! He got his payday then tanked it.

  3. Buyer beware but Harris could be correct for two reasons.

    ANY production would surpass the last four seasons this dog threw out there for the Bears.

    Second, he should be well rested because he spent the vast majority of the game lying on the ground when he did play.

    Before fans of his next team get too excited, keep in mind Rod Marinelli — one of the best defensive line coaches in the NFL — couldn’t get this bum ready to play.

    Warren Sapp accurately described Harris as a “blind dog in a meat house.”

    Don’t pay more than league minimum on a one-year deal or you’ll be sorry.

  4. Tommie’s always talked a good game. However, his mouth/ego has been writing checks his body can’t sign.

  5. That comment should send off a HUGE red flag. Any guy who couldn’t or wouldn’t play his best football alongside Julius Peppers with Brian Urlacker right behind him has motivational, talent, or undisclosed injury issues.

    Any of those are not pretty.

  6. nitschke66: why not the Lions? Believe me, they won’t want or need him. He’d be a backup with that team. No way he plays ahead of Suh or Williams and then he still has Sammie Hill to contend with….no, don’t worry he won’t be a Lion!

  7. It may be that his knee’s have re-generated and he feels like he’s 22 again….or it could be he needs to listen to ‘Old Folks Boogie’, ‘…when your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill’.

  8. He’s an undersized DT that relied on speed and quickness to fire off the line and penetrate the backfield. He blew his knee out three years ago, and has been playing accordingly since. No quickness, no burst, no beating the other guy to the first step. Just small, slow, and bad. Mind you, it’s not a lack of effort. This is a physical restriction.

  9. i said this on the other story about harris. he’s an injured “once was”, so philly is salivating. hahaha

  10. This dude has to be delirious because he’s never came close to being his original self after he shredded his hamstring. He’ll only be a shell of himself from this point on. And me personally I think he did shut it down after he got his big payday cause he was at one point the highest paid DT in the NFL. I wish him nothing but the best as he moves forward with his career.

  11. He’s been saying this for the past five years. Good luck Tommie, but you’re done. Your bum knees won’t allow you to play “your best football.”

  12. I would be hesitant to sign a player that says he would be a better player for a new team then the one that paid him handsomely for the last seven years. That really makes you wonder about his commitment and integrity.

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