Vincent Jackson indicates he’s fine with franchise tag

When Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson was slapped with a restricted free agent tender last year, he held out half the season.

Now that he’s been offered the much more lucrative franchise tag, Jackson is cool with a one-year contract.

“Another year in San Diego would be awesome. I’m happy to be in San Diego,” Jackson told Chris Jenkins of the San Diego Union-Tribune.   “I’d be happy to spend my whole career here. I’m just gonna make the best of the situation.”

Jackson doesn’t regret holding out last year, but he doesn’t sound like a guy who will skip any games in 2011.  (Or at least he won’t skip any more games than every other player in the league.)

11 responses to “Vincent Jackson indicates he’s fine with franchise tag

  1. NO it’s because he gets the avg of top 5 paid WR, he didn’t learn any “lesson” he’s just another greedy player who gets paid to catch balls.

  2. If VJ keeps his nose clean the rest of the offseason, and through another NFL season, AJ will cast aside his ego and try and sign VJ to a long-term contract.

  3. I agree that this isn’t an indication that he learned any lesson. It’s the difference between last years Restricted Free Agent tender vs. this years Franchise tag. You’re talking getting paid on the cheap (NFL salary-wise) vs. getting paid as one of the elite.

  4. I am glad that it seems like this guy will sign the franchise tender. Whether he learned his lesson or not is irrelevant. The guy will most likely have a great season next year. Hopefully the Chargers will wise up and give this guy a chance with a long term deal. He is an elite receiver.

  5. Can’t help but laugh about some of these comments.

    VJ is the one who learned his lesson here? No, I think AJ Smith is the one who did. How many wide outs did the charger’s have injured last season? And how big of an impact was VJ’s return?

    AJ is the one who learned his lesson here.Finally learned being cheap with VJ is not the way to get production. Pay him or trade him – its simple AJ.

  6. to me, it makes a lot of senese..
    i mean comon the guy is catching balls like a top 5 reciver
    he should be getting the kind of pay for a top 5 reciver.
    everybody happy now???? ok, lets move on and get that lombardy.

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