Bob Sanders to visit Jets on Wednesday

In what will likely be one of the last free agents visits to take place before a potential work stoppage, safety Bob Sanders will visit the Jets on Wednesday according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Sanders has already visited the Jaguars and Bills.  Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said Sanders passed his physical in Jacksonville and spoke glowingly of him, but deferred to G.M. Gene Smith when asked for the chances of Sanders signing in Jacksonville.

It would be a surprise if Sanders signs before Friday, but he would fit the Jets’ profile of hungry veterans on the backside of their careers.

The Jets have a big need at safety.  Eric Smith, Brodney Pool, and James Ihedibgo are headed for free agency.

13 responses to “Bob Sanders to visit Jets on Wednesday

  1. do the jets have the money to sign him? i know they were bugging over Cromartie, Homles, and Edwards. They did just cut three big contracts, so maybe they do.

  2. @connorchew

    They’re not *too* screwed in the $ department, but I really wouldn’t advise going around signing old FA’s, especially ones made of glass such as Bob Sanders.

    Bring back Braylon!

  3. week one 6 tackles 1 sack..
    Week two 10 tackles 1 pick
    week three injury out for season…

    Good idea Jets bring him in… Fits right into the jets plan… win win then ohh no lose.. Make perdiction win win then ohh no lose..

  4. When healthy Sanders was a monster and I am sure that whomever signs him will have quite a few incentive clauses included in his contract. Plus NFL contracts are not guaranteed; so where’s the risk?

  5. when will people quit crying over contracts not being guranteed? the signing bonuses are so they get rich guranteed or not. I’m pretty sure most people would take the security of getting paid guranteed money to start a job plus recieve a salary on top of that. you get laid laid off or fired ,no problem you got money to start with.if sanders only took the league min. he would still get a bonus of a million or 2 to sign his his name,so excuse me if I do not feel sorry for these guys.

  6. Yes!! If they can get him cheap do it . The jets d would he insane with a hard hitting physical safety like sanders.. Him and leonard will be insane.

  7. It makes sense.

    Sanders probably wants to get another Super Bowl Ring

    The fact that the Jets have already been declared the winners of the 2012 Super Bowl before free agency, the draft, training camp, and the regular season HAS to be a big plus.

  8. Bob Sanders just found out his real dad is Melle Mel from Grand Master Flash! Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge! I’m trying not to lose my head -A Ha Ha Ha Ha! It’s like a Jungle sometime! LOL

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