Chiefs pay cuts will reach the top of organization

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Every employee that works for the Chiefs will share in the lost revenues associated with a possible work stoppage.

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reports that everyone in the organization will see a pay reduction if there is a lockout.  That includes G.M. Scott Pioli, head coach Todd Haley, and team President Mark Donovan.

The plan will allow the Chiefs to avoid laying off any employees.  They also won’t force anyone to take unpaid furloughs and employees will retain their full benefits.

Now that we think about it, we’re surprised there isn’t more outrage about the approach the Jets are taking.  Assistant coaches are the men that can least afford a pay decrease.

Teams like the Giants are trying to avoid any pay reductions in the short term.  The Chiefs will only reduce their average employee pay by 10% in a “worst case scenario” and the salaries of “top executives, vice presidents and assistant coaches would be reduced by less than 20 percent, on average” according to Teicher’s source.

Everyone on the Chiefs will be paid in full if the whole 2011 season is played.

16 responses to “Chiefs pay cuts will reach the top of organization

  1. Good for the Chiefs. They are, and remain, a classy organization. Something I have yet to see out of the Jets.

  2. I feel so sorry for all of them too!


    Iam sitting at my desk working my ass off getting mid level income and struggling to raise two kids. While these greedy pricks can’t come to a fair deal in a billion dollar business. Oh yeh, in the sport on the planet!

  3. Its the difference when you have a long time family ownership situation rather than a Page 6 creep owning the team.

  4. jc1958cool says:
    Mar 2, 2011 8:28 AM
    what a mess this is all for GREED! the nfl will get a backlash form fans! who will buy a jersey, or any paraphenalia


    I just bought a shirt and a hat 2 days ago come to think of it from I don’t think we’re at that point yet.

  5. @lunarpie……

    You cant be serious. You HAVE a job and you are complaining?

    Things the unemployed DONT want to hear about:

    1) The employed complaining about thier jobs / income.

    2) Athletes’ bank balances, bar tabs, car collections, bling, the expense of supporting thier various children!

  6. Here is what the owners are saying imo…”Ok staff, we don’t want you to have any contact with players…none at all…because we will get fined and lose draft picks…you are on our side, we have to stand firm against these players…now we also want 10-25% of your money for your loyalty…even if that means you struggle to make ends meet”

    Now, you can argue that not every person who takes a pay cut will struggle to pay bills, but there are some who will I’m sure…just like not every player in the league is a millionaire.

    You can say all day that there are a lot of ppl out of work and those with jobs shouldn’t complain. This is true, however, this nfl situation is a whole different scenario. I’m talking about the ppl affected by the league and the players bickering over the billions in revenue that they are making, not having to layoff workforce because profits are down and ppl aren’t spending…they are doing this because they choose to. The teams have to cut salaries to show the players the money isn’t there to pay ppl, even if it is.

  7. The Hunts are a great family, no argument. I respect all the original members of the “Foolish Club”. This is very smart and fair of them as opposed to what Woody et al are doing.

  8. I don’t care if billionaires or millionaires lose money. I care about the hot dog vendors, parking lot attendants, ticket-takers, etc., for whom football games provide employment. I’m worried about local economies that made their bones from eight yearly home games. Selfishly, I’m worried about giving up even a single one of my football Sundays.

    But I’m not worried, in the least, about some football player who can’t manange his millions well enough to stomach a temporary work stoppage.

  9. In an effort by the KC organization to distance themselves from the dirty deeds of Michael Vick, Chiefs’ mascot KC Wolf will NOT see a pay reduction in the case of a lock out.

  10. I think the more responsible way to approach this is to let the people responsible for a possible work stoppage (owners and players) share any possible loss in revenue. It’s not like the IT or Marketing department has a say in the negotiations… If they don’t get any possible say in it, and will receive absolutely no benefit from the negotiations either way, you’re irresponsible to penalize them for your poor negotiating.

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