Legedu Naanee, Bernard Pollard, Troy Smith among players not tendered contracts

We’ve hesitated to bombard you with restricted free agency news, because so many of the tags this year on fifth- and sixth-year players will likely be proven meaningless after a new CBA is reached.

With that said, it’s worth noting who is not getting tendered around the league because we know those players won’t be returning to their teams.

Chargers receiver Legedu Naanee: The sometimes-productive and intriguing slot receiver’s final memory in San Diego will be asking a police officer. “Do you know who I am?”

Texans safety Bernard Pollard and linebacker Zac Diles: Pollard was viewed as a key to the 2009 Texans defense, but his pass coverage ability was a big part of the problem in 2010.  Diles didn’t fit Wade Phillips’ four-year contract.

Bills quarterback Brian Brohm:  The former Packers second round draft pick wasn’t listed on he Bills’ list of RFAs.  They still could tender Brohm on Thursday, but it’s more likely Buffalo is just giving up.  Brohm could fall right out of the league.

49ers quarterback Troy Smith:  Smith wasn’t on San Francisco’s announced list of RFAs.  Alex could return, but 49ers fans won’t have to endure the battle of the Smiths again.