Packers haven’t approached Kuhn about contract


John Kuhn may be a local legend in Green Bay, but that doesn’t mean he’s getting a long-term deal.  The team hasn’t approached the prospective free agent about a new contract.

“Do I feel he’s an NFL running back? No,” agent Kevin Gold told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “But he was able to play that role. He was a cult hero.”

Kuhn will probably be slapped with a restricted free agent tender, even though he’s more likely to be an unrestricted free agent after the CBA smoke clears.  Packers coach Mike McCarthy indicated at the Combine that James Starks and Ryan Grant would compete for carries next year.

“I’m not looking to run one guy into the ground,” McCarthy said.

The team would probably like to bring back Brandon Jackson for third downs at the right price too.   Kuhn’s agent is confident the Packers like his client, but he’s not likely to be a priority signing with other players to address first.

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  1. I think GB is waiting to see what all happens with the CBA, they got thier younger developing players extended, like Williams and Bishop.

    For the players that may be a little older, I think they are waiting, like Kuhn and Jenkins.

    Kinda stinks, because I would REALLY like to see those guys back in GB.

  2. He’s a good role player and a good special teamer. He can play backup RB and is an okay FB. He can play short yardage RB. But the Packers have Quinn Johnson at FB who they’re counting on to develop and be the starting FB. Kuhn should be back on a 1-2 year contract with an increased special teams role and a decreased offensive role. He won’t be back if some team sees him as more than a role player and outbid the Packers.

  3. Everyone knows (including Kuhn) that he will never be a premier running back. But during this past SuperBowl winning season, Kuhn came through time after time after time when they needed a critical third down pickup or a deceptive pass reception out in the flanks. He never put up big yards…just timely yards. How do you measure that? Normally his reward would be to be retained, but his championship ring with the Packers will likely be his severence package.

  4. Why in the world would Kuhn or any other NFL player need a contract? Kuhn, like the rest of the players, is a partner in the NFL, he’s part owner of the Packers. Certainly, a partner, an individual with an ownership interest in the team, does not need a contract. He, as an owner, can play until he’s 75 if he so chooses. So can the rest of the players.

    They’re indispensable.

  5. Just sign him.

    I’m going to replay all 4 Super Bowls today. How good is this life we live, warriors?

  6. I would MUCH rather re-sign this guy than Brandon freaking Jackson. what can I say, he’s a career backup, and not a great one, at that.

    Starks proved something this year. That he’s a beast. Split carries 50/50. Grant hasn’t played for a full season. There’s gotta be some rust there.

  7. Kuhn was in the right place at the right time….He got a ring, and has made business connections and formed a network that he will cash in on in the future……..He is a special team’s player, who filled in at th e times he was called. The may replay him with a roster spot….oh, and a RING !

  8. take away what Kuhn did the last 3 weeks and throughout the playoffs, we wouldnt be talking about the “super bowl” champion packers.

    pay the man you cheap asses

  9. Kuhn filled a role he was asked to fill, and did it well. I really hope that he gets re-signed, but being a “cult hero” has virtually no relevance in an uber-business like the NFL.

  10. I like Kuhn and he was a real workhorse down the stretch. I wish him all the best if the Pack and him can’t settle on a deal.

    But the Pack doesn’t operate like washington or the vikes. In vikeland it’s “business as usual” to over-pay. Guys like Kleinsasser make 3 mil to be back up TEs and they pay the starter 3 mil too. It just drives up costs. Then they have Greenway making elite money.

    Kuhn is an above average FB, but that doesn’t win games. He can be replaced easily.

  11. Carl G. Pathetic is just not a strong enough word to describe you and your life. All you have better to do is watch games that have already been played? Yikes. You’ve never seen a grown woman naked in person have you?

  12. Wow what was that?? The sound of an agent being completely honest? Yikes. Sign of the apocalypse!

  13. ted1sheckler says:
    Mar 2, 2011 3:42 PM
    Carl G. Pathetic is just not a strong enough word to describe you and your life. All you have better to do is watch games that have already been played? Yikes. You’ve never seen a grown woman naked in person have you?


    Really? Whatever. I suppose you’re a vikes fan since they’re the only ones who troll these posts looking to rip PACKER FANS. Your team is terrible! How many Super Bowls have you won? I’m sorry, has this answer changed in the last year? It’s NEVER gonna change! You know why? Because your team is terrible. Your fans are terrible! Your city is terrible! Your owner is terrible! Your stadium is terr… hold on let me check…Nope! Still collapsed! Your stadium is terrible! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

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