The Daniel Graham era ends in Denver


Daniel Graham was signed in Denver two coaching administrations ago to a monster contract that made him one of the highest paid tight ends in the league.  (And certainly the highest paid one known for his blocking.)

Four years and roughly $25 million of earnings later, the Broncos have released Graham.  He was due more than $5 million in 2011.

“We’re thankful for everything Daniel Graham did for the Broncos and the Denver community,” John Elway said via Twitter.   “Tough to let him go. We wish him the best.

Graham was primarily paid for being an extra man on the line of scrimmage and his receiving production slowly dwindled over the years. He didn’t top 400 yards receiving in one season, catching only 18 passes without a score in 2010.

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  1. Wow, really makes you feel bad for the players. 4 yrs $25 million for very little production. Poor fella!

  2. “We’re thankful for everything Daniel Graham did for the Broncos and the Denver community. Tough to let him go. We wish him the best.”

    TRANSLATED: This was a no-brainer. Now on to building the Broncos the right way.

  3. Another great move by the Patriots letting this dog go……of course, they did waste a draft pick on him

  4. In Graham’s defense, he was a blocking TE and was very good at his job. Question is… is a blocking TE worth that kind of dough?

  5. I’m going to be able to turn any team into a first year Superbowl team in Madden NFL 12 with all of the free agents available and no salary cap.

  6. Daniel was always just a fraction of a second late getting his head turned around to catch the pass.

  7. I always LMAO at Graham. He left the Pats complaining he wanted to be more of a receiving tight end and less of a blocking one.

    Setting aside his numerous drops being a good reason not to use him much as a receiver, what did the Donks want him for ? Blocking LOL

    Can’t really complain after making 25 mil for the privilege though can he ?

  8. Cannot remember year…but one game he PANCAKED Takeo Spikes 5x in one game. The guy is as good a run blocking tight end as been in league in many years..but could not catch a cold.

    4 yrs, 25 mill…absurd for him.

  9. Graham wasn’t anything near a wasted draft pick – he was an excellent blocking TE – he might still be good in that role.

    As a first round draft choice he got a $1.5 million signing bonus and salaries averaging $1 mil a season – which is a good price for a good blocking TE.

    When Denver made an outrageous offer of $6 million a season there was no way he was coming back to the Pats.

    But for what a blocking TE truly IS worth – considerably less than $5 million – Graham might still be some help to a team in need of a blocking TE.

  10. Any questions about Daniel Graham’s value can be answered quickly by reviewing film of Super Bowl 38, where he ate Julius Pepper’s lunch all day. I mean ALL DAY! Graham was an excellent pass catcher in college at Colorado; I never understood how that never translated well into the NFL. In any case, he was a key contributor on two Super Bowl champions and I’m glad he got paid by Denver.

  11. Thing man has had a great time in the NFL. He was a ball boy for the Bronc’s as a kid. Played and won a Super Bowl then returned home to cash in. His inability to catch the ball at times prevented his name from being known. Great blocking lineman against the best.

  12. Who is going to cover all those false starts that Graham provided? Hard to believe McDumbass got rid of Scheffler and kept this turd.

  13. theandy59 says: Mar 2, 2011 8:45 PM

    Any questions about Daniel Graham’s value can be answered quickly by reviewing film of Super Bowl 38, where he ate Julius Pepper’s lunch all day.

    That sir, is spot on correct. I was just about to say the same thing. Graham was solid blocker and could catch a pass when it came down to it, but it wasn’t his strength. He made his bones paving the road for a lot of sub-par RBs…with the exception of Corey Dillon.

    As for Peppers, the guy didn’t even get a sniff of Brady in SB38. Peppers was an afterthought. In fact, they ran right at him on purpose. They couldn’t have done that without Graham.

  14. Yeah the Pats weer never gonna pay him what Den did.
    Yeah he wasn’t a great pass catcher (he was sort of like Watson, made ridiculous catches and dropped easy ones).
    That said he was certainly valuable to the Pats for what he did well. I longed for years for them to be able to run those wham plays he used to own people on. After he left,they didn’t have a guy who could block even close to that well at that position until Gronk/Crump.

  15. DG is a Super Bowl champ on the field and active in the Denver community. He graciously supported young kids in their quest to be college and pro players some day, by donating his time and money to youth sports, in the Aurora Youth League. The media doesn’t run those stories, usually. Thanks DG from the Cardinals! Best of luck with the Titans.

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