A look at what teams will suffer the most in a lockout


This collective bargaining agreement has included a lot of good times — certainly great Super Bowls — but all good things come to an end.  Only 13 hours are left before this sucker expires.

No one has any clue when the next agreement will be reached.   And while fans are clearly the biggest losers in a work stoppage, some teams are going to be more adversely affected than others.

You could make the case that an extended lockout would actually help plenty of teams.  Organizations with great stability that don’t rely on free agency much should get advantage with their competition scrambling whenever football starts again.

Teams with new head coaches, new systems, and big questions at quarterback will be crippled.  For a column at NBCSports.com Thursday, I took a look at what teams will be hurt the most in the event of a work stoppage.

With apologies to fans of the Titans, Vikings, and Browns, a long work stoppage should only serve to make bad teams even worse.

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  1. As a Patriots fan, I know Kraft has a plan. He always has a plan. No worries there. That guy can make money selling the dirt we walk on.

    But that Brady guy. Him I don’t know about. He was 10-0 in the playoffs. Then he got involved with that Giselle person, dresses funny and has since gone 4-5 with two consecutive unimpressive losses at home. Might be time to move on.

  2. A prolonged lockout will hurt teams that might be counting on contributions from rookies. With no off-season workouts to “coach em up”, rookies would become non-factors for this season.

    A team like the Patriots, who have 3 picks in the top 33, and 6 picks in the top 100, would be greatly affected by a lockout. You would be faced with cutting good prospects, or carrying them as dead wood on the roster.

    If it looks like a long lockout, teams may try to trade out of their draft slots, particularly in the later rounds where a developmental type player might not get a fair shot with a shortened training camp period. The question would be, who would be willing to trade INTO those spots?

  3. @bluvayner –

    The Patriots can trade as many of those picks as they want for future picks and still essentially return with the same basic team they had last year. They are one of the most prepared teams in the league when it comes to the lockout.

  4. With the Redskins having one of the oldest rosters in the league and glaring needs at nearly every position I would have to put my team higher than 12. However, maybe not having a chance to trade away all our future draft picks is a blessing in disguise.

  5. If I’m an NFL GM I would try to move all of my picks this year for picks in next years draft.

    I also think this draft sucks, but we shall see (or maybe not)

  6. I would personally like to thank Jeff Fisher and Vince Young for their equal contributions in regard to leaving The Titans in such a lovely state. There’s always next y…. Oh wait 😦

  7. 3 teams that will benefit the most: The Panthers, the Broncos, and the Bills. They’ll all get top 3 picks two years in a row and not have to suffer through another horrible season.

  8. I think the Vikings would have gone from a bad team to worse, with or without a work stoppage.

    Now it will make it even worse, to the point where they have to play T Jack Off because he’s the only one who knows the offense. Not that he can execute it, he just knows it the best.

  9. I disagree with the logic here. I think a lockout will hurt all teams, but to varying degrees. I don’t think it is easy to estimate how exactly it will affect teams just based on whether they were good last year or not, or if they have coaching transitions.

    Vikings use a basic defense and will have a lot of guys back there. Their offense will still lean on the run, which requires less practice to perfect than the pass. Packers run a very complex defense and use finess passing. Though they were obviously great at the end of the year, it took them all of camp and most of the season to get things together.

    I’m not trying to say this will hurt one team or another more. I’m just saying that I find it impossible to predict who it will help. Personally I think it will shake things up randomly, which you would generally see as helping bad teams by giving them more opportunity to come out on top than they otherwise would.

  10. theytukrjobs, that has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a long time…

    The Pack needed to learn the defense? What in the name of Christmas are you talking about? It was the #2 defense in the league! It was either 1 or 2 in scoring… The offense was again top 5. Honestly, where do folks come up with this stuff? The only thing that slowed us were injuries.

    The vike run game was 10th in the league… Not elite. And without a QB and what you do have for an Oline… It’ll be funny to bash you guys next year and quite possible shorten Peterson’s career.

    But on the plus side you did sign a shot-putter and a Wr to play Qb (Mr. Big Hands)… So in fantasyland the vike fans should be talking Superbowl all the way through the first 3 weeks of the season until reality kicks them square in the groin.

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