Bob Sanders bolts for the Bolts

After safety Bob Sanders was cut by the Colts, former Indy coach Tony Dungy suggested that Sanders possibly would return to the team after exploring the open market.

As it turns out, Sanders liked what he saw on the open market.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Sanders has signed a one-year deal with the Chargers.

Sanders also had visited the Jets, Bills, and Jaguars.

San Diego has had Indy’s number for years, and Sanders now brings inside information and, if healthy, a high degree of ability.  Though the Chargers won’t face the Colts during the 2011 regular season, Sanders could get a shot at his former team in the postseason.

If there’s a postseason.

34 responses to “Bob Sanders bolts for the Bolts

  1. Dungy – I like him, but he’s still such a homer. Good to see he was wrong again and Sanders is getting a fresh start elsewhere – with the team Peyton can’t seem to beat the last couple seasons.

  2. Bob Sanders was the main reason why the Colts lost that Wild Card Overtime game to SD in 09. The “Eraser” was juked silly whilst the lightning bug dashed in for 6

  3. Miss much of his best years due to injury. History of not meeting expectations in the playoffs.

    He should fit right in.

  4. the dolts wont make the postseason period…AGAIN… RAIDERS 11-5 AND WIN THE DIVISION!

  5. Do the Chargers play the Colts in week 1?

    If not then them signing Sanders won’t matter because he’ll be on IR by week 2.

    The last three years in a row.

  6. lockout or not, bob sanders wont be on the field for more than 15 game minutes next season.

  7. So Atogwe signs with the Skins and Sanders with the Chargers. Great job in addressing team needs via free agency Jerry Jones. Complacent idiot is too focused on locking the players out than giving a damn about his own team.

  8. did somebody actually say the raiders were going to win more than 8 games? is al davis dead? are they still in oakland?

  9. Sanders injured himself Twittering the announcement, on IR for a season we don’t even know if they’ll have.

    PS, loved “Signed, the last three years”!

  10. I hope he stays healthy and Peyton has to play against him in a playoff game. Colts may never beat SD again.

  11. I really wanted the Bills to sign him. A healthy Merriman and a healthy Sanders could’ve turned the defense over in an instant.

  12. I see this as a logical move for the Chargers..
    when Sanders was healthy he gave the Colts the defense they needed to win a Superbowl, when he got injured the Colts superbowl chances disappeared much like the Steelers with Palamalu

    If the Chargers let this guy sit and stay in a backup role keeping him healthy into the playoffs, he could be the difference maker

    And if he gets injured early, the Chargers will be the last team he plays for.

  13. Yeah if you’re going to rehab on the bench, San Diego would be a nice place to do it.

  14. androk23,

    Winning the lottery would turn my finances around also… and its about as likely as a healthy Merriman and a healthy Sanders for an entire season.

  15. He visited the Jets and didn’t sign? I thought everybody wanted to play for Rex and that circus. LMAO. Guess not.

  16. The Chargers are wasting their time with Bob Sanders. Sanders will be finished for the season by halftime of their first game. The guy is made of glass. The Chargers better invest in a decent backup for him because they’ll need it in their season opener.

  17. Looooooow risk, high reward.

    I’m not gonna be a homer and say that the injuries are behind him and are not a concern, but “when healthy” he is one of the best in the league and will make a huge difference on a defense that was already ranked #1.

    Now if SD can just overcome the enigma of having the #1 ranked offense and defense and the worst special teams in the history of football, they should be serious contenders.

  18. Good gracious, I sure hope they didn’t jettison Eric Weddle for this hot mess…

    Bob Sanders has only played in 19% of the last three years worth of games, missing 39 of 48 games.

    Hopefully he didn’t blow out his shoulder or tear his biceps signing his contract.

  19. This is a smart move. It’s not like it’s a five year deal. Chargers needed help at safety opposite Weddle. If Sanders can stay healthy he’ll have an immediate impact. If he can’t last the season? Well that’ll be a shame for both the Chargers and Sanders, but it’s only a one-year deal.

  20. as long as the signing was cheap, it’s the perfect low risk, high reward type of deal i like to see from AJ smith

    even if he’s just camp fodder, as long as it’s cheap, i don’t care, it’s only a one year deal

  21. If they can keep Weddle & he stays healthy for…let’s just say, 3-4 games, I think I’ll be satisfied.

    If anything it may help avoid ANOTHER slow start.

  22. So…..let’s see if we have this correct…….AJ Smith let’s go Shawn Merriman because he CAN’T perform, (which was way overdue) and signs Bob Sanders because he HASN’T performed. What brain-damaged GM does that?

    It’s just good ‘ole AJ Smith shopping at the flea market, again. Buying dinged and chipped items that nobody wants anymore. He just goes into the ‘Seconds’ or ‘Damaged Goods’ section just so he pays less. When has AJ Smith played in the ‘Big Boy’ section of the store? Has he ever signed a dominate free agent who was at his prime? No.

    If Indianapolis thought that Bob Sanders could perform, especially with the needs in their defense, don’t you think they would have paid the extra money and kept him?

    This is just ANOTHER stupid move by a GM whose has FAILED miserably at evaluating talent. (Don’t give me the LT draft year. That was set-up by John Butler.) AJ Smith has done about as good in the draft as Matt Millen.

    My words to AJ Smith……(as if this ego-maniacal narcissist listens to anyone) is…….”it is time for you to step up to the plate and play in the BIG BOY league. If you don’t…’re just a little boy looking in.”

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