Bryant McKinnie says he didn’t rack up a $100,000 bar tab

Last month, TMZ reported that Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie racked up a $100,000 bar tab during an event held in conjunction with the NBA’s All-Star weekend.

Nearly two weeks after the fact, the large man who plays left tackle has denied that he dropped 100 large.

McKinnie tells Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the story was “exaggerated a lot.”

Specifically, McKinnie claims he was at a concert in L.A., and rapper Rick Ross gave McKinnie what the kids call a shout-out from the stage.  Ross then said something about spending “$100,000 on bottles in the club.”

“All of a sudden that became my tab somehow,” McKinnie said.  “Like seriously, at the time I was laughing thinking it was in good fun until people started talking about it and took it a little too far.”

That’s fine, but why did it take so long for McKinnie to speak up?  Given that the news bolstered the notion that the players won’t have the money to survive a lockout, the union should have immediately launched an effort to get the truth out.

Or, at a minimum, McKinnie’s version of it.

The TMZ report cited sources who said more than 15 bottles of pricey champagne were purchased, including bottles of bubbly so large that the entire club stopped and watched as the wait staff brought the bottles to McKinnie’s area.  So there’s a good chance that McKinnie’s version isn’t the truth.

30 responses to “Bryant McKinnie says he didn’t rack up a $100,000 bar tab

  1. There’s a lockout looming and we’re talking about Bar Tabs?…..Bar Tabs?

    You can’t be serious man. Bar Tabs?

    We are having a lockout…….and we’re talking about McKinnie’s Bar Tab.

  2. Does anyone care about this?

    I see how you tried to tie this into the CBA situation there at the end, but this is really a celebrity gossip story. Let’s leave that stuff to TMZ, yeah?

  3. I don’t care how big the bottles are, I highly doubt that they all cost over 6000 dollars per bottle. Maybe a couple but not all.

  4. We are more than ready to move on from McKinnie in MN…the problem is serviceable LTs don’t grow on trees.

    Thats all McKinnie has ever been too; serviceable at best. He could have been a great LT but the sense here is he never really bought in and gave it his all.

  5. In other news, a rich guy bought his wife dinner at a local restaurant last night…

    (This HAS to be the off season..and I mean WAY OFF)

  6. I’ll take McKinnie dropping $100K in the bar over McKinnie dropping a metal pipe upside a bouncer’s head at 6:30 AM . At least, nobody got hurt this time.

    Unless you consider the Vikings a victim for paying that fat man to watch as DE’s run around him like he is standing still (which by the way, he is), killing the QB (I believe BrINT’s last play of the year is a Chicago Bear waltzing by McKinnie to smash Favre’s head into the frozen turf)

    I can only hope the Vikings are dumb enough to think they can get another year out of McKinnie. He is proven to be lazy and he’s just getting by on his previous rep. He’s over the hill and the only people refusing to admit to it is the Viking front office. (and dumb ass fans drinking the purple Kool-aide)

  7. Why did it take so long to clear up? Maybe he really does not care what people think or say. Sort of like me and most other people.

  8. Even if he bought 15 bottles of pricey champagne. That is nowhere close to a $100,000 tab. Apparently none of you have purchased champagne retail at a restaraunt. A bottle of Veuve Cliquot Yello Label goes for $125-$200. Let’s assume he stepped it up to Cristal or Armand De Brignac (“Ace of Spades”). Those go for $500-$700. $700 times 15 is $10,500. Duh Winning.

  9. Actually a $100,000 bar tab is relevant. No matter how much a guy makes, spending that kind of money in the current CBA climate is irresponsible. Maybe not monetarily, but as a perception to the public. And Mckinney is a noted liar.

  10. Based on what he makes he could easily spend 100,000 at the bar or on a new car and still easily be able to with stand the lockout for a full year.

    He has banked millions upon millions.

    Him spending 100,000 is equivalent to a low paid player spending $30,000 on a car.

  11. What a player does on his spare time within the law is no business of anyone but his own. What the hell is wrong with this country? If he isn’t harming anyone or breaking any laws then who cares?

  12. “the union should have immediately launched an effort to get the truth out”.
    Says WHO?
    the union has no business dealing with how a “player” spends his money…. and trust me… the NFL is full of “playa’s”.
    PLEASE !

  13. There’s a good chance his version isn’t the truth?! Are you kidding me? The man doesn’t issue a denial to a story that has ZERO legal ramifications and all of a sudden you don’t take him at his word? And you’re going to believe TMZ instead? What planet are you on today?

  14. who cares? The guy was just trying to have a good time. Any player who can’t afford to survive the lockout should get an accountant because they’re an idiot with their money. Even making the league minimum puts you in the 90th percentile in the country.

  15. That’s the only picture of McKinnie you could find?

    I’m tired of looking or reading about the other one in the picture.

    Guess your love for him will never die.

  16. WHO CARES! If he spent 100k on booze good for him i’m sure him and his buddies had a good time, if he didn’t spend 100k on booze good for him for not.
    Also what kind of bowling alley has 15 bottles, on hand, of exspensive champagne?

  17. I really could care less what he spends in the club…..I find it much more amusing that this guy can’t block a speed rush to save his life.

  18. The Vikes need to trade him to get thier third round pick back for Moss. He has been average through his career at best….. Maybe he needs to set sail on another boat. LOL

  19. McKinnie needs to concentrate on dropping about 25 pounds of blubber that is weighing him down. Forget about going to “rap”concerts and clubs. The only club he needs to be in is the health club.

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