Extension applies only to labor negotiations, not league business

When word emerged that the NFL and the players’ union had agreed to extend the expiration of the CBA by 24 hours, it was unclear whether the extension gave teams another day to sign available free agents or to re-sign players on the roster who are due to become free agents.

It’s now clear.  We think.

Contrary to reports that business may continue on Friday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the only thing that will continue are the labor negotiations.  No other league business may be done.

And since the NFL business day ends at 4:00 p.m. ET, the 2010 league year already has ended.  The only question is whether another extension will be negotiated, whether a new CBA will be negotiated, or whether a lockout will be imposed.

As a practical matter, then, a non-lockout lockout essentially has begun.  Teams can’t sign or re-sign or cut players.  The only thing that keeps it from becoming a full-blown non-lockout lockout is the ability of coaches to talk to players.

11 responses to “Extension applies only to labor negotiations, not league business

  1. Fine with me!!!!!
    Hopefully when fans keep all that money in their pocket from not paying for overpriced tickets and realize there are much better things to spend their cash on, it will spread across every team. When the rich owners and the rich players finally get ready to play I hope every stadium is half full or less.
    Hopefully NFL merchandise takes a STEEP nosedive, ticket sales plummet, parking revenue dries up, concession sales trickle, and Jerry defaults on JerryWorld!!

    If fans just had the backbone to band together and make the above outcomes come to fruition, then you watch and see how fast ticket prices drop, parking fees drop, jersey prices drop, BEER prices drop, and it will be because the owners finally realized their bread and butter(the FANS) have finally decided to stop making the owners even richer.
    I promise you there would not be another strike/lockout/decertification for decades.

  2. On my third vodka tonic…I have no clue what this means. I guess, thanks to V. Holliday, the union will decertify tomorrow and in 6 months negotiations can begin?

  3. Huh? This makes no sense. Can they conduct “biz-ness or not? This is no way to run a railroad. Nobody seems to be able to stay on (the) track.

  4. iknowfootballudont, You may know football, but you know squat about fans. While you are staging your boycott, someone else just purchased your prime season tickets. Just not going to happen, in fact I would suggest a one year lockout would actually make the game come back stronger then ever and more popular then ever. The fans of NFL Football just won’t stay away.

  5. Bobby;

    It’s people like you that the owners laugh at and make their money off of.

    I would not care if someone just purchased my prime season tickets. I bought enough beer to last me the whole season, stayed warm every Sunday in my recliner, watched every game on my 60″ flat screen thru DirecTv Sunday ticket, ate and scratched all I wanted, didn’t have to pay for parking or traffic jams, and still spent LESS than the person who purchased my prime season tickets.

    See unlike you, I would rather invest my money in myself instead of throwing money at some ego driven billionaire so he can make money off of me, and pay his spoiled, overpaid, entitled football player.

  6. I hope they have a major work stoppage, comgress and the prez get involved and they get exposed for the greedy arrogant jerks they are… then maybe ticket prices will be reasonable again…

    I like the game, like the athleticism and strategy, but the people who are in it have some way overblown egos and this whole situation proves it…

    Ill watch anyone thee owners get on the field… get some replacements…

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