Jaguars bring back Jason Hill; say so long to Mike Sims-Walker

One year ago at this time Jason Hill was a disappointing third-round draft pick coming off a nine-catch season in San Francisco.  Mike Sims-Walker was a rising star coming off 869 yards and seven scores.

A lot can change in a year.

The Jaguars agreed to a two-year contract with Hill on Thursday evening, according to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.    Hill was cut by the 49ers last year and wound up gaining 233 yards in his final four games in Jacksonville as a deep threat.  He would ideally be a third receiver next year.

Meanwhile, Ganguli reports the Jaguars told Sims-Walker they were moving on.

“its official, I personally wanna thank all the fans who stuck with me in jacksonville for the last 4 years but sorry to say my time is up!!” Sims Walker wrote on Twitter.

Sims-Walker struggled with injuries early in his career, and there are questions about his maturity.  With that said, he’s a very talented deep threat that has shown the ability to produce.  He’ll be one of the most intriguing wideout names available when free agency eventually hits.

23 responses to “Jaguars bring back Jason Hill; say so long to Mike Sims-Walker

  1. WOw jacksonville really likes being mediocre- two steps forward last season and now they’re taking three back- isn’t he the jags only real wide out?

  2. He might be a nice fit for Oakland, and would probably not command a big contract. Not that big contracts seem to be problem for Oakland.

  3. WOw jacksonville really likes being mediocre- two steps forward last season and now they’re taking three back- isn’t he the jags only real wide out?


    Well MSW took pressure off of Lewis. For sure. Or was it Lewis took pressure off of Mike? Dunno… we can only see how that plays out after msw is gone. But I do guarantee lewis won’t have a huge year.

  4. In a time when there ain’t much to talk about on the field it is an intriguing question where Sim-Walker might land. He does have some talent and until now his name wasn’t mentioned at all about being let go. I’m thinking RAMS

  5. I consider Mike Sims-Walker to be a solid receiver. He has no other WR who plays with him, his best teammate in the passing game is a tight end (albeit a very good one), and a supremely average QB in Garrard. Why the Jags would release him is beyond me. I’m sure somebody will see the value in MSW and offer him a deal. Just a guess, but the Chargers or Ravens seem to be good fits. Maybe even the Rams so they can get Bradford a solid young WR. Whoever gets him will get a good deal because he had solid production even in a lackluster passing offense, and he won’t command a big deal like Sidney Rice or some of the other WRs might.

    More importantly, this means MJD is the only guy with 2 last names left on the Jaguars. Must be lonely.

  6. I think he’ll have plenty of destinations to choose from. I’m trying to think of a team that wouldn’t have a place for him………

  7. Surprised no one’s mentioned the Vikings for Sims-Walker. Though I think the Bears may try to beat them to the punch.

  8. Being a Titans fan i can’t complain that they are dropping him but WTF this guy is a really good wide out…

    I would trade Nate Washington or Justin Gage for him all day

  9. I’m a bit surprised with the Jaguars with this move. Sure, Mike Thomas had a solid season, and Jason Hill showed some flashes, but honestly, aren’t they in a win now mode? If so, a WR core of Thomas, Sims-Walker, Hill looks fairly solid, with Lewis running down the middle. Without them, it looks a bit iffy, and seems to place WR back on the list as a possible top 3 round type pick for them.

    As for who might want Mike Sims-Walker? Even banged up, he was still a solid receiver, and he’s just entering his prime years. I could see a lot of teams have interest. For example, the Bears finally decided that Hester wasn’t going to be a 1. If they have the money, Sims-Walker offers them a better lead target, as well as someone with some size.

    The Bengals make a lot of sense as well, as they could use an upgrade. Browns and Rams both make sense, particularly the Browns since the offense would seem to be a good fit for MSW’s skills. Redskins have some money to play with this offseason, and while they aren’t going to spend like before, adding MSW would really improve the WR core.

    I imagine a lot of teams are going to have interest in him, considering age and a relatively productive history, assuming that his medicals are fine. At best, maybe one or two teams get scared away by his character concerns.

  10. When he’s on, Sims-Walker is a beast. But he’s very injury-prone and inconsistent. I wish him the best of luck and there’s no doubt he’ll be one someone’s roster soon. I predict the Vikings or the Panthers.

  11. Mike Sims-Walker has a lot of talent, but he is injury prone and immature. Two years ago, the Jags went to San Fran, that night MSW went out and partied, got himself suspended for that game, and the next day the Jags lost 41-0. I don’t think the coaching staff forgot that.

    He disappeared for long stretches last season.

    He shouldn’t get a big contract in free agency.

    He could have been great. He had the talent.

  12. @slimsteve22

    So your suggesting we cut/trade Evans. I don’t think so, with the emergence of SJ, Evans production should improve because he’s not the only receiver on the team anymore. Lee is one of the best deep threats in the league, don’t belive me? Check his averages and how long his touchdown cathces were. He’s not a go up and get it guy, just a true burner. MSW would be a step down, don’t forget we have Marcus Easly who is pretty much the same type of player, so lets see what we get in him before we make a HUGE mistake. I honestly think he, as long as a CBA gets done, that he will have to wait until after the draft to get picked up. I could see him landing in NE, ST.L, CLEV, ARI, or CAR. ( I know, theres alot of teams I listed, but 1 in 6 odds arent the greatest)

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