Jeremy Shockey says he’s headed for Carolina

In Jeremy Shockey’s mind, he’s gone to Carolina.

“Looks like I’m signing with Carolina,” Shockey wrote on Facebook Thursday.   “Time for the Next chapter. This is a great opportunity for me, and I am excited to play football. Lets hope we all have the chance to play this season.”

We’re still awaiting official confirmation of the news, but Shockey figures to be a pretty good source on the issue.  It was expected that he would sign with a team before the lockout.  He chose one that has searched for a quality every-down pass-catching tight end for a very long time.   Shockey also took a physical with the Dolphins.

Shockey can be a solid starter, but injuries have sapped his production and explosiveness over the last few years.

UPDATE: A league source tells PFT the contract is for two years.  It has not been signed yet.

UPDATE II: Correction: The deal is only for one year.

29 responses to “Jeremy Shockey says he’s headed for Carolina

  1. I’m sure Shockey will do great in Carolina.. NOT!! He’s another me player I’ve watched him since his giants days. Everytime he goes down with a injury his team never misses him..

  2. Why not? All he does is win. Or at least he had as much to do with the Giants and Saints Super Bowl wins as Roethlisberger did with the Steelers.


  3. he wont see the playoffs there not wit the falcons bucs and saints twice a year each he prolly figures he got money and 2 rings Im done

  4. Say what you want about Shockey’s age & lack of productivity, but I got four words for ya: Jeff king, Dante Rosario. Shockey’s looking pretty damned appealing given the circumstances.

  5. He may suck, but the panthers need anyone that can catch a ball. Good pickup, it can only help.

  6. thespeaker08,

    In the John Fox system, Tight End is the extra tackle the league lets you switch from side to side on any given run or pass play. The idea that Tight End’s can be athletic and pass catcher is blasphemy and have no part of true football managed by J. Fox.

  7. ( I wish you could edit your posts)


    Continuing on my post I mistakenly posted before finished ….

    That is why Carolina has not had a TE worth a damn in the John Fox era. He didn’t want one or believe in one.

  8. Longer than one year is ridiculous. As injury prone as he is, he’ll be lucky to make it through one year. Good luck Carolina, you’ll need it.

  9. This doesnt really help the Panthers all that much. They need a QB. They need to rebuild the defense. That team has at least a few years to go to be competitive again. But who knows, anything is possible especially in the kooky NFC South. No team has won that division two years in a row and no team has finished in last place two years in a row.

  10. The D doesn’t need rebuilt. The D was good last year but it crumbled under the pressure of both stopping the opposing teams D as well as scoring points since the our O couldn’t. Really it just got worn down from always being on the field since the O couldn’t get a first down. Eventually the injuries on the D did us in by the end of the year.

    We need major improvement in QB play whether that is from a QB on the roster or from someone to be added later. Some O line help would be appreciated as well.

  11. No no I feel you panther17, im a panthers fan too

    So I know exactly what you’re saying… I just never could understand why they thought smith was going to consistently get open with absolutely no second receiver or at least a catching TE. I was watching an NFL network game once and the commentators were like “these TE’s are of so little threat they’re not even covering them with linebackers” which is true.. You could leave a TE open and it wouldn’t matter because practically no plays were designed to ever even glimpse at getting them the ball. If they did get the ball, they were so slow it would never be but a 10 or 15 yard gain at max.

  12. Does he know the bars close at 2am in Charlotte? Might have swung him towards Miami if he did.

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