Hope percolates as lunch arrives at the FMCS

With the clock out, the bank is open.

The NFL and the players’ union, after two days spent engaged in limited negotiations with the involvement of George Cohen, the director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, have gotten busy.  Albert Breer of NFL Network reported during today’s PFT Live that lunch has arrived.

As Breer points out, the longer the talks last on Thursday, the better.

It also strengthens our belief that neither side really wants to resort to their nuclear option until they’ve exhausted fully and completely the possibility of workout out a deal.

Then again, every other time we’ve allowed ourselves to consider the glass to be 1/1000th full, something happens to suck out the last few drips of hope.

That said, it would be an upset bigger than Villanova-Georgetown for a deal to be concluded today.   The best bet would be a decision to pause the expiration of the labor agreement so that intensive talks can continue.

Indeed, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the two sides currently are discussing the possibility of extending the deadline.  La Canfora also explains that an extension would require the signature of Judge David Doty.  If it happens, it doesn’t mean a deal will be reached.  But it means a lockout won’t be launched at midnight tonight.

19 responses to “Hope percolates as lunch arrives at the FMCS

  1. All it means is that the majority of people at the meeting liked what was on the lunch menu. May as well get a free meal before heading home.

  2. Why does this Doty guy have to approve an agreement between a private business and its union employees? That just doesn’t make sense.

  3. Memo to the owners:

    Picture Arnold Schwartzenegger in Conan, “Crush your enemies! See them driven before you….”

    See how that “percolates”.

  4. chapnastier says:
    Mar 3, 2011 1:43 PM
    Why does this Doty guy have to approve an agreement between a private business and its union employees? That just doesn’t make sense.


    Because that private business is allowed to operate outside the law of the land.
    Anti-trust exemption.

  5. chapnastier

    Because the parties have come to him to have the terms of their agreement enforced. Any modification of the agreement, stipulated by the parties, requires an order from the judge.

    Absurdly simple.

  6. wonder how much money is wasted on travel back and forth, plus food for these meetings? i guess when you got millions, it doesnt matter? and who pays? just saying

  7. If either side gave a crap about the fans, they would lock themselves in there and not come out until a deal is reached. Throw a couple cases of MRE’s in there for them. If they’re good enough for deployed soldiers, then the’re good enough for those guys.

  8. Chap that would be a legitimate question if these talks didn’t unfortunately involve far more people than just the two sides leering at each other across the table. While I question Doties invovlement, the issue of a work stopage will affect thousands more than any of the parties have expressed any concern for. At a time when just having a job is no longer taken for granted this will hurt communities that count on the extar tax dollars and incomes these games provide from the concessions to the bars down the street, yet per usual the little is forced to bend and just take it.

  9. I thought the NFL wanted to get rid of Doty.

    If I understand correctly, one of the NFL’s major points was to get rid of him. Believe an extension and then signing, would prevent that.

    Would love to see him be gone forever from anything pertaining to the NFL.

    Isn’t he the one who blocked the Williams’ from being suspended, which was ultimately overturned?

  10. Deadeline extended – for sure, but the the biggest risk is with the owners – not the union. If there’s alockout – the players are fine – they have plenty of money, and only their own cost of living to manage – which could be high for some, but miniscule compared to an owner running a football franchise – paying the staff, operating the stadium/practice facilities – emplyees, coaching staff, etc – with zero product to sell??? Who’s gonna buy/renew their season tix with a lockout???

    The owners will give in – eventually – at least before the draft in April

  11. The two sides are currently engaged in a heated debate over who should pick up the lunch tab. Tempers are flaring and individuals from both sides have had to be restrained from physical confrontation.

  12. There you go! Extend it so the lawyers make more money. What a joke! Just lock them all in a room with no windows until they either kill each other or come to an agreement.

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