Pat Williams no longer trusts the Vikings

Pat Williams was widely expected to leave the Vikings this offseason as a 38-year-old free agent.  His comments on Wednesday just sealed the deal.

“Everything’s good. I am not coming back. Going to go finish elsewhere,” Williams said via

Minnesota wants to get younger on the defensive line, and their run defense slipped in 2010.  Williams hints that personal issues, however, are at play with his desire to leave.

“Just don’t trust everybody over there no more,” he said.  “I feel if I got your back and you don’t got my back, trust [is] gone.”

Williams wants to play two more years and we don’t particularly doubt that he could.  He’s the new Ted Washington.

33 responses to “Pat Williams no longer trusts the Vikings

  1. if he could still get it done, they would try to keep him.

    last year he wasn’t getting it done.

  2. Pat come home to Buffalo for your last year. Nver should have left, that’s the Bills fault.

  3. You can’t even trust a guy on the Vikings to not make an idiotic throw across his body with seconds left in the NFC Championship game and single-handedly cost them a trip to the Super Bowl while trying to play the role of hero.

  4. Pat is about to find out that other NFL teams wouldn’t hide behind the skirts of a state judge when it comes to NFL policies on banned substances.

    That is strictly the domain of the Vikings in a sad attempt to avoid consequences. Williams should face his 4 game suspension like a man, a foreign concept in MN.

  5. who would want a 38 year old who is suspended for the 1st 4 games next year? he played horrible last year.

  6. Pat Williams would be good for a team in need of a veteran presence or a team who is a legit contender in the new year. I’m sad to see him leave but it is time to part ways. Good luck to big Pat.

  7. I hope Pat finds a good team to go to and they win the Super Bowl. He is one of the good guys in the NFL, very charitable and very good to his fans. He deserves it..hope you find a Super team to play for Pat.

  8. The writing was on the wall with 4 game suspension coming up & not getting the job done. Obvious he has lost a step with amount of substituion going on with D line last year. If anyone picks him up would guess they r desparate and dont care bout 4 game suspension. Oakland maybe PAT? Loved you while you were here, you are a class act, but time to face your age and suspension.

  9. Why go out like that Pat? If anyone should know that it’s just a business decision not bringing him back it’s him. Anyway best of luck to the guy.

  10. I’d say come back to Buffalo Pat but, Chan and Buddy are looking for younger blood for our front line.

  11. shawon0meter;

    Favre didn’t lose that NFC Championship game for you, Adrian Peterson’s 3 fumbles did, and twice in the red zone, was it? Your offense had almost 200 more yards than New Orleans that game. Favre wasn’t the problem.

  12. Pat had some really great years, played on the most dominate run stopping defense in a long time. However, he is getting old and starting to slip, business is business. And right now, business is not booming, so changes must be made.

    Either way, the fans will miss you BIG PAT!!!! Hope he goes to a good team with a chance to compete next year.

  13. dfeltz,

    You do realize that AD only lost one of those fumbles right, two of them were recovered? Favre threw two picks, and one in the most vital moment of the game. Try and spin it how you want, but the fact is AD turned it over once, Favre did twice.

  14. Everyone seems to forget he’s going to have to serve a 4 game suspension for the Star Cap fiasco along with Kevin. They can’t afford to lose 2 starters at one time, so if they replace him they only lose Kevin for that time.

  15. What did he expect? He was an overpriced option at 38 years old. I know it can be hard to realize you are starting to decline, but it is a harsh reality that bites us all at some point.

  16. The Vikes don’t have his back? Please. They signed him to two big contracts and kept him on the team paying his large-ass contract for two injury-filled years, not to mention that last year he was marginal at best. He says at the beginning of the year he’s going to retire, the Vikes start looking elsewhere, not wanting to hang on to a 38 year old coming off injuries and facing a 4 game suspension, and they don’t have his back? Not even a Packer fan can fault the Vikes on this one.

  17. As a Vikings fan it sucks to see Phat Pat go. But at the same time, he hasn’t exactly been the run stuffer he was in the past. But it’s cool Pat, you wanna throw the Vikings under the bus, let me throw you under the bus.



  18. “You could take a knee, and kick a 52-yard field goal. This isn’t Detroit…this is the Super Bowl!”

  19. Nobody should trust the Vikings.Hell their fans trust them every year and look what happens
    Well maybe Favre has lied again and he’ll be back He’s brought you 2 Super Bowls and 4 victories against the Packers right?

  20. I think Pat and certain players don’t like the way Childress was left a scapegoat last season. Bad coach or not, he probably wanted everyone to have his back and that isn’t what happened.

  21. 4sacroc says: Mar 3, 2011 10:59 AM

    Your 2011 Minnesota Vikings:


    It should be noted that this is only the 9th time since the merger that the Vikings have posted a losing record, and the first 8 times, they never followed with a worse record, and only twice put up back-to-back losing records. Since Packer fans are such fans of pointing to history to justify their current team, any Packer fan that claims the Vikings will have another losing season, much less one that is worse than last year’s, is hypocritical at best.

    But I’m sure Packer fans don’t like to discuss anything along those lines, since in the same period of time, the Packers have endured as many as 5 consecutive losing seasons, and have followed a losing season with a worse season 5 times.

    Since I’m sure the Packer response will have something to do with the SB, let me point out that the last two times the Packers won the SB, they followed one with 3 losing records in 4 years and the other with 3 seasons of progressively worse records. And since we are talking about the prospects for next season…..

  22. See brewdogg, this is where your thinking vastly differs from what most people see as reality. As a vike fan you’ve been brainwashed and I actually at some level feel sorry for you… A little. It’s like you’re part of a cult and you just can’t see right from wrong.

    Every year, every fan base, every real pro football team (from players up to owners or presidents) wants to win the Super Bowl. Now you got your lowly franchises – Lions and Buffalo that realistically right now would view the playoffs as success. Then you have your middling clubs that view a championship game a success. At the top you have your elites, and those guys are Super Bowl or bust.

    You think just making the championship game is great for decades and reason to throw crazy money at players. The vikes and their fans are like washington fans. Delusional losers. My honest opinion is that your organization doesn’t even try and they know their fans are so brainwashed they will support loser bowl ball cause they don’t know any better.

    And you, brewdogg with your meandering post, are exhibit #1A in defense of loser bowl delusional fan.

  23. @goombar2

    Hey bro he is using facts to boost his “meandering” post while you and JimmySmith call all Vikings fan delusional. Factually the Vikings are one of the more winning teams year in and year out, and their fan base supports that. They don’t just sign big money free agents either, from my point of view I’ve seen numerous guys the Vikes pass on that I wish they’d throw money at. They drafted Harvin, Rice, AP, Greenway, Edwards, Williams..the biggest names on the team other than Jared Allen are drafted by them. It’s funny because the more you and Jimmy post the more it seems you guys are the delusional ones. Especially when you’re posts consist of name calling while the Vikes fans post facts. Thanks for the laugh though 🙂

  24. Oh goombar, in all your excitement to try belittling the Vikings fans and organization, you completely miss the point. Being a Packer fan, you are a fan of history, as evidenced by your incessant mentioning of the respective team’s SB records. You use that as justification for your opinion that the Vikings will never win one while the Packers are destined to win countless more. Well, according to history, the Vikings will have a better record than last year, and the Packers will have a worse one. Since the post you were replying to was initiated by a prediction that the Vikings would go 4-12….. I’ll let you fill in the blanks, if you can.

    And BTW…. Since Packer fans love to point to the waiting list for season tickets as proof of how diehard Packer fans are, and given the fact that the Packers don’t sign many FA(has there been a big signing since Charles Woodson?), let their own quality players walk when they are due for a big payday(Wahle, Kampman, Longwell, Sharper), and are perfectly content with filling out their team with low draft picks and other team’s castoffs, I find it amusing that you would suggest that any other team is less than concerned about the product they put on the field as it relates to fan attendance.

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