PFT Heroes 2010: Vote for the best tight end of the year

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All this CBA talk has caused us to get off track a bit regarding the handing out of the non-hardware hardware for the top players at each position.

To summarize, the defensive lineman of the year is Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  The linebacker of the year is Clay Matthews of the Packers.  The cornerback of the year went to a pair of picking Packers — Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams.  The top safety?  Troy Polamalu of the Steelers.

When we last handed out an award, we named Joe Thomas the offensive lineman of the year.

Next up?  The top tight end.  The finalists are Marcedes Lewis of the Jaguars, Antonio Gates of the Chargers, Tony Gonzalez of the Falcons, Vernon Davis of the 49ers, Zach Miller of the Raiders, and Jason Witten of the Cowboys.

Cast your vote.  We’ll pick a winner tomorrow.

24 responses to “PFT Heroes 2010: Vote for the best tight end of the year

  1. Tight End Of The Year belongs to Aaron “Anal” Rodgers, Green Bay Packers. No question.

  2. I must also agree. Rod Gronkowski should be on this list and he would have my vote. 10 TDs as a rookie and this guy didn’t even play football for a year with an injury his last season in college. Zachary Miller didnt deserve to go to the Pro Bowl nor does he deserve to be on this list. He simply didn’t play in enough games and when he did he wasn’t very effective.

  3. You mean the Zach Miller who played in all 16 games and had more receptions than at least a couple other guys on this list?

  4. how ’bout Winslow who had more yards with less receptions (and several more B.S. offensive P.I. calls) than Gonzalez?

  5. I agree ,Gronkowski was great this year. If Witten wins its only because of all the Dallas fans , he is good but not what he used to be. We all know Gates should easily win top TE on this list.

  6. How is Witten even on the list? Not that he should win, but why isn’t Gronkowski worth considering?

  7. The tight end position that Peyton Manning was throwing too.

    104 catches
    978 yards
    7 touchdowns.

    In the Tamme/Clark combo. Tamme, played at a pro bowl level after replacing the injured Clark.

  8. Wrong. Surprisingly though Zach Miller did only missed one. He most certainly did not play in all 16. He was on my fantasy team. And in the 15 games he did play he had 6 games of 2 or less catches. Gronkowski scored double touchdowns in and only 100 less yards while making 18 less catches.

  9. “How is Witten winning?”

    Because he had the most catches, most yards, was 2nd in YPG, and was tied for 2nd with TDs.

    He’s also a helluva blocker, and he played in 10 games where his QB was either a 2nd or 3rd stringer.

  10. people who know nothing about football automatically vote for antonio gates every year… others will vote for witten cus hes good and white

    but marcedes lewis had a break out year and considering the team he played on is easily the best TE this year

  11. The argument for Antonio Gates

    averaged 5 catches, 78 yards and 1 TD per game. Rounded out to a 16 game year, that’s 80 catches 1,248 yards and 16 TDs, easily the most dominant statistical performance by a TE ever.

    Played on a team that was without some combination of Malcom Floyd, Legedu Naanee or Vincent Jackson due to injury in virtually every single game. Seiji Ajiritutu & others stepped up, but they didn’t help Gates get open.

    missed 6 games

    Philip Rivers was in top form and was making the passing game work no matter who was playing for him at RB, WR, TE, C… you name it.

  12. For those of you arguing for Gronkowski, are you guys even sure he’s the best TE on his own team?

    I don’t necessarily think that Hernandez is definitely better, but it’s at least a close comparison. Both these guys are talented, but they along with Woodhead were implemented into an offense that already featured one of the most productive and efficient QB-WR tandems in NFL history in Brady-Welker. A man named Reche Caldwell once looked productive in this offense, he put up 750 and 4 tds 4 seasons ago.

    My vote is split between Witten and Marcedes Lewis.

    Lewis single-handedly dragged Garrard into 20-TD territory for the first time in his career and provided something (ANYTHING!) for opposing defenses to concentrate on that isn’t named Jones-Drew. But for Jones-Drew’s injury that contributed to the Jags ending the year on a 3-game slide, this could have been a playoff team.

    Witten had at least 3 catches in all but 1 game, and had at least 7 catches in 7/16 games. Dallas QBs completed 73% of passes when throwing his way (94/128), and its a large reason that Kitna completed a very impressive 65% of his passes as the fill-in for Romo.

  13. Browns tight end Ben Watson had a great year . matter what your incomplete poll said .

    maybe you meant who has the best pool ?

  14. Of course it should be Gronkowski. Pay no attention to half the receptions and half the yardage while being about half the blocker that Witten is.

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