Press release expected from NFL this afternoon

We don’t have much to report yet on Thursday’s mediated negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA just yet.   Few people covering the story, however, hold out much hope for good news.

The best case scenario at this point is for an extension to the CBA talks.  Mark Maske of the Washington Post said Wednesday night that was possible, although unlikely.

Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal writes that a press release is expected from the NFL this afternoon.  He expects the release to be an announcement of a lockout.

The NFLPA also could decertify and file an injunction in the meantime.    Good times.

UPDATE: NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports the NFL is prepared to reveal more financial data during today’s session.   That’s a step.

15 responses to “Press release expected from NFL this afternoon

  1. The NFL must realize that once the union decertifies, there can be no lockout without a resulting antitrust lawsuit. At that point, Congress could rush in as the White Knight to void the NFL’s version of an antitust exemption. As some have mentioned, the entire NFL business model will shift toward the worst. The moderates among the owners must certainly be pressing the hawks to wake up to reality. Given that the NFLPA merely wishes to maintain the statis quo, it seems likely that it will be the powners who must compromise their hawkish position in order for an agreement to be reached.

  2. “NFL is prepared to reveal more financial data during today’s session”

    I would be shocked if that included Mike Brown’s books. The one that shows him getting paid 7 figures a year as the teams “GM”, or showing the rest of the Brown family who hold “official titles” getting paid as well (Other than Katie Blackburn who deserves it)…

  3. “Duh..winning! Way to go owners…we know all 32 of you are uber rich. That’s why this is stupid.”

    Duh, mind tell us, genius, the name of the “uber rich” owner of the Green Bay Packers?

  4. Let’s just have a WWE royal rumble style battle and the last person standing wins. That is how stupid this crap is.

  5. i’d like to officially slap hooterdawg’s comment with the back of my hand….90% of fans don’t care how a deal gets done, we just want to watch football next september!!!!

  6. mick730 says: Mar 3, 2011 12:03 PM

    “Duh, mind tell us, genius, the name of the “uber rich” owner of the Green Bay Packers?”

    100,000 dairy farmers wearing big foam blocks of cheese on their heads?

  7. Did anybody really think they would come to some agreement by now? A lock-out, work stoppage, whatever you want to call it, was inevitable. What else that is inevitable is that it will get resolved before it is “too late”, simply because the both the owners and players make too much money to risk losing too much of it. Now the definition of “too late” is up for interpretation. I believe worst case is it will get solved before they lose any regular season games next season, since that is when they all make the money. Hopefully, it gets resovled a lot sooner.

    However, don’t think for a minute that the owners or players care one bit about the fans and what we think at this point. Each side cares about their own situation. I personally don’t have a big problem with that, until it impacts me being able to watch “good” football when the season is supposed to start. If that happens, they they will be killing the golden goose.

    So, nothing to do but sit back and wait.

  8. blame the owners who built extravagant stadiums and are now trying to screw the players from their benefits while extending the season which most fans don’t seem to want.

    why are people building new stadiums anyway?

    it sucks to watch football live in a stadium because most cannot afford good seats.

    Football is and will remain the best sport in the world to watch on television, the viewing experience at home is unparalleled.

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