Rockefeller hopes NFL, NFLPA can resolve dispute without “assistance” from Congress

After we received a statement from the U.S. Committee of Science, Commerce, and Transportation in which Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) urges the NFL not to lock out the players and to open the books in order to help get a deal finalized, we posed two questions to his West Virginia office.

First, if a lockout occurs, will the Committee on Science, Commerce, and Transportation hold any hearings on the situation?  Second, what type of legislation would the Committee consider?

“Senator Rockefeller still hopes the two sides can sort out this dispute without assistance from Congress,” said Briana Warner, Senator Rockefeller’s State Press Secretary.

Arguably implicit in this message is that, if they can’t sort out this dispute without assistance from Congress, Congress potentially will be providing some assistance.

Whether the NFL wants the assistance or not.

27 responses to “Rockefeller hopes NFL, NFLPA can resolve dispute without “assistance” from Congress

  1. Methinks Sen. Rockefeller is trying to contain his enthusiasm at the mere thought of himself being on TV all day in front of the American public taking a stand in the battle of Billionaires V. Millionaires.

  2. I’m so happy that the (worthless socialist tool) Jay Rockefeller sends his best wishes to everyone. He is a disgrace to his forebears who actually produced something besides a rancid smell.

  3. “freedomispopular says: Mar 3, 2011 11:32 PM

    And we the people hope you and your colleagues can do your job right without “assistance” from the voters.”

    What makes you think voting does anything? He’s a Rockefeller. Have they ever needed ANYTHING?

    back on topic; And his forebearers produced a CONTROLLED EMPIRE. One that were all living in.

    If he stopped a strike, it be to break the Union and all unions , if anything.

  4. Hello, I’m from the congress/government/IRS, and I’m here to help you! There is no legitimate reason for mr. rockefeller (lack of capitalization and lack of respect intentional) to putrify an already awful situation and interfere in a private business matter.

  5. How about the Idiot politicians focus on the economy they screwed up, the debt, govt waste, oil/gas prices and our soldiers getting killed overseas for no apparent reason.

    Disgusting this moron has to chime in just to get his fricken name in the paper.

  6. A fantastic situation where the right will pull for the corporate NFL to come out ahead, and the left will rally behind the union.

    Both sides will end up corrupt if they get their way, so we better hope for a stalemate.

    Same goes for our government.

  7. I doubt there will be “assistance” forthcoming from Congress. House Judiciary committee chair Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) reportedly doesn’t see a role for Congress in this labor dispute, recently calling it a “business dispute.” Congressman Smith is correct. It’s a private-sector matter that doesn’t belong on Capitol Hill. In a worse-case scenario, if the owners eventually impose a player lockout and the union decertifies, then Tom Brady et al. can file their anti-trust complaint in federal court and seek a remedy there.

  8. From:

    The U.S. Committee of Science, Commerce, Transport, Pro Football, Team Scrabble, Darning Needles, Used Car Tires Thrown From Docks, Lint In Your Naval, and Other Stuff..



  9. both the players and owners can suck it…

    they have both failed at trying to put us on there side

    stop being greedy we all LOVE and want to watch and read and hear about football but yall are ruining it with yalls greed

  10. Senator Rockefeller is giving the NFL owners a veiled threat. Let’s review. The owners had a deal with the TV networks to receive 4 Billion even if there is a lockout. The NFL owners never intended to make a deal.

    A judge has astutely ruled this deal was bargaining in bad faith. The NFL owners enjoy a considerable amount of freedom in the furtherance of their businesses. If the owners want the federal government to get involved then the owners should keep dragging this thing out. With the judge’s ruling and the attention of Congress, perhaps the owners have realized it’s time to make a deal?

  11. Congress can’t pull it’s head out of it’s ass. Why in the hell would they even try to figure out what’s going on in the NFL? As if we the fans don’t understand what’s going on. Greed!!!!

  12. Thank you all for your brilliant political insight that reminds me that I don’t need to waste anytime reading the comments section here.

  13. Dozens of stadiums have been built or refurbished using MILLIONS of tax dollars, to the profit of the owners.

    Furthermore, this industry affects the economy of almost every major US city.

    The government DOES have a right, and a responsibility, to monitor this situation. Those that just want to use this as (yet another) excuse to blame the government for all their problems…well, their losers anyway.

    This IS a country with a government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. If you don’t like it, blame yourself for voting for the WRONG people (hint, hint, Wisconsin).

  14. I hope they threaten the NFL’s anti-trust status, that’ll get some attention from the Billionaires.

  15. Let me get this straight. Congress and the President can’t figure out how to carve up a TRILLION dollar pie, but they’re going to tell the NFL and NFLPA how to carve up a BILLION dollar pie. A classic case of the pot calling the kettle, um, black. You can still say that with Obama as president without being called a racist, right?

  16. Five years ago my union (the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, NATCA) was at impasse in our negotiations with the FAA over a new contract. (They wanted more give backs than we had already offered, before you all go anti-government employee here.) The process called for our issue to go to Congress for mediation in such a scenario. Congress chose to stay out of the case which allowed the FAA to impose work and pay rules on us (ie a 3 year pay freeze and lower wage scale for new employees…if you were an air traffic controller…everybody else in the FAA and federal government continued to get raises and not have their entry pay reduced, but hey, we only keep your planes from flying into each other…but I digress.)

    My point is this; if Congress doesn’t want to get involved in the negotiations between THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES in a safety critical position, why in God’s name would they choose to get involved in this conflict? Let the millionaires and billionaires fight it out amongst themselves. And get rid of the anti-trust exemptions and tax write-offs for sports entertainment. Maybe then you’d be able to attend a game for a reasonable price as you wouldn’t be competeing with corporate ticket buyers who are being subsidized by you and me to buy those tickets.

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