Rooney: We want Flozell back

ESPN ran a report earlier this week that tackle Flozell Adams was a candidate to be released this offseason.

That was hardly a surprise: Adams is due $5 million next season and it’s uncertain if he’ll have a starting job waiting for him.  Adams has a big backer, however, in the building.

Team president Art Rooney II said Wednesday via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that the Steelers want Adams back next year.  That’s not really a surprise, either: offensive coordinator Bruce Arians said he didn’t know where the offensive line would be without Adams’ steady play in 2010.

Perhaps the Steelers ask Adams to take a pay cut on the other side of this CBA mess.  Maybe not.   For now, it looks like Adams may wind up a starter in the Steel city again.

Willie Colon was given a restricted free agent tender, but it appears like he’s on his way out.

9 responses to “Rooney: We want Flozell back

  1. As long as he doesn’t play on the blind side. The dude was a freakin’ turnstile at left tackle. He was good at right tackle, though.

    Hopefully they draft Mike Pouncey, too. The Pouncey twins in the middle with Flozell on the outside… Not a bad setup to build off of, for now.

  2. Yeah, and Bud Adams wanted both Vince Young and Jeff Fisher back. How’d that work out?

  3. A lot of talent is available in this year’s draft, but considering the impact Maurkice had with the Steelers in 2010, I wouldn’t get my hopes up about our ability to draft Mike. Just can’t see him remaining on the board until the 31st pick. It’s possible we may be able to move up–but how far would we have to move, what would it cost us–and would the benefit outweight the cost. Pouncey’s a guard and what we really need is a top-flight left tackle. And he’s not quite as good as his brother … nor does he sound as though he’s flexible about changing positions.

    I’ve never been on the Willie Colon bandwagon; he draws too many flags. Not wild about Kemoeatu, either. He makes foolish decisions that draw flags. Flozell can’t protect Roethliberger’s blind side, but he plays his heart out–and he didn’t trip anyone this season that I recall. Cut his pay and keep him on the right. But we’d still have to fill that left tackle spot.

  4. ok being my last post was censored for what i don’t know..this site is getting bad for that..

    being my post was every bit related to the story.making comment about kevinfromphilly post..stating that why wouldn’t he be around next year for one he is under contract..and if he doesn’t take pay cut he would just retire anyway..don’t know what was wrong with that but the person monitoring this site needs some serious help knowing what to and not to remove.i even emailed these idiots about why they censor people for speaking of the actual article and idiots posting rape comments and such.still wrong ones get censored.

    anyway Deb,Adams plays on the right side and Ben throws right handed so there is no concern over his blind side that is colon and kemoeatu’s job is to protect the blind side..and i also agree on Colon.never was a big fan either.Kemoeatu i would want around,though he makes mental mistakes he does a better job than most players they have had on the left side,also he is fast coming across the line on run plays

    Steelers rarely ever trade up for anyone.they are always one of the best teams in drafting players.there are so many linemen in this years draft so i am not worried about that.

  5. @steelernation1 …

    Doubt this will get posted because most of my comments don’t these days, but I hardly check the site anymore. Used to look forward to my “PFT breaks” but since the lunatics took over moderating, why bother? You can’t comment because it won’t go through. And you can’t look for your friends’ comments because they’re not going through either.

    danger will robinson … we must all talk in bland robotic sentences with no inflection because if we insert any personality into our comments, they will be deleted by big brother at nbc. (In addition to not checking PFT as much, I’m also not watching NBC as much. I don’t watch hypocritical networks that advocate blind, butchery of other people’s opinions.)

    Yes, back to football … though that doesn’t seem to matter to the censors. I know we rarely trade up. That’s why I don’t think these guys should count on us getting Mike Pouncey. I still want a good left tackle, though. I’m okay with keeping Kemo. But we have to strengthen that line.

  6. yes Deb i know that for sure lol..the line was reason they couldnt get the ball down field late in season.give ben more time in the pocket and the sky is the limit.but as i said there is alot of O-Line talent in this years draft even into late third round you will see some out there yet.i think this year there will be a record set for linemen beign drafted in first round.

  7. I think it would be smart to keep Flo Colon and max so we have depth. We were plagued last year. As for drafting pouncey, probably not. They wont move up that far to get a guard. They need to draft OL CB DL. We will be a contender next season for sure. The young recievers will develop nicely. Our offense has the potential to be great. To bad its only march.

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