Seneca Wallace returns to Cleveland on three-year deal


The Browns’ solution to a possible long work stoppage?   Bring back more of the same at quarterback.

Cleveland agreed to a new three-year contract with quarterback Seneca Wallace Thursday night, just beating the midnight deadline before the league year officially closes.

It’s a bit of a surprise and should spell the eventual end to Jake Delhomme’s run in Cleveland.   The Browns currently have Wallace, Delhomme, and Colt McCoy on the roster.  Mark Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer says Wallace is expected to be the backup to McCoy, although Wallace said a few weeks ago he wanted a chance to start if he was going to return.

Pat Shurmur is expected to install a West Coast offense, similar to the one Wallace played in Seattle when Mike Holmgren was his coach.

Our first reaction to this move was that Holmgren panicked again, like he did when he signed Delhomme too quickly last offseason.  Is bringing back the same crew at quarterback really the way for the Browns to get better?

After thinking more about it, this could just be a vote of confidence for McCoy.  The Browns apparently aren’t going to try to upgrade the veteran paired with McCoy.   It should be McCoy’s offense in 2011, good or bad.

(And if it’s bad, Wallace can take over.)


20 responses to “Seneca Wallace returns to Cleveland on three-year deal

  1. Your right Skoobify. They need help on defense and some receivers for Colt. Seneca would be a decent back up having been there done that but, he’s not the answer for all their problems. If they don’t do something Reasonable FAST they will get the first pick next year and they don’t need the projected first pick from Stanford. They already have a QB.

  2. The West Coast offense is laid back and easy going. But it has terrible hygiene and never shows up to work on time.

  3. Enh, makes sense. He’s a capable backup and he’s familiar with their system. I know people always want better backups, but if he was better, he’d be starting or at least competing for a starting job somewhere else. There aren’t thirty-two quality quarterbacks in the league, let alone enough for legitimately good players to be backups anywhere past their rookie deal.

    There may be a half-dozen backups around the league who can actually be relied on to win games. Past that, the pickins get real slim real fast. There’s a reason Vinny Testaverde was able to play for fifty years. But yea, re-signing their backup QB makes the organization significantly worse. Right. But getting John Kitna would make all the difference. If you want to bash the Browns organization, there’s plenty of good material without resorting to mocking the backup QB.

  4. They have their young quarterback in McCoy who has a solid relationship with Delhomme, who is a good tutor.

    Their quarterback situation is better than some teams and that easily includes Delhomme’s former team the Carolina Panthers.

  5. Wallace played pretty well last season and played well when given the chance in Seattle. He could easily go to Minnesota or Arizona and be their starter.

  6. I wonder if people have actually watched Seneca Wallace Play?!? He’s a pretty good QB, and is a tough out for any Defense. He gave my Falcons Fits Twice! For his career he has an 83.9 QB Rating. He completes 60.4% of his passes. He has 29 TD Passes against 16 Int’s. He knows the West Coast Offense really well, and is a great fit in it. His career #’s are very similar to a lot of Qb’s that people say are Good.

  7. “Our first reaction to this move was that Holmgren panicked again, like he did when he signed Delhomme too quickly last offseason. Is bringing back the same crew at quarterback really the way for the Browns to get better?”

    Uh, hell yes it is! There’s alot to be said for continuity, and the play of McCoy and Wallace were not to blame for the team’s issues last year. Now they have their young gun to assess and hopefully move forward with, and a veteran backup with complete familiarity with Holmgren’s offense. How does this constitute panic?

  8. Wallace is a very good back-up QB, and thats all. His stats are extremely misleading. When a back-up QB comes into a game, there are very few of his games on film for the opponents Defense to see. Plus they usually prepared for someone else.
    Wallace has a 5 – 9 won/lost record. Not inspiring.

  9. Wow, I can’t believ epeople think this is a bad move or it is calling for doom!
    Seneca knows the team, knows the West Coast offense, and in the NFL you need a solid back-up QB and he is one of the best back-up QBs in the league! Of course you sign him! If you don’t then you have McCoy and absolutely no back-ups!
    Sheesh…no brainer and I don’t think Holmgren panicked on anything, he took a gamble on Del Boy but that was it. A gamble which didn’t work out.

  10. It is a good move – and a sign that the team is going forward with McCoy. Wallace is not only good for 3-4 starts due to injury to the #1 QB, but he’ll get snaps during the course of the game – with Wildcat plays which is the hottest trend in the NFL offenses these days. It is a great move and sign of real stability at the QB position – even if McCoy plays himself out of the starting role ala Quinn/Anderson/Frye – I’m way more confident in Wallace under center than any of those guys by a longshot

  11. as a browns fan, i am thrilled. wallace is a perfect backup QB. he knows the west coast offense and holmgren from seattle. he’s performed better in his relief appearances than any of the hundreds of browns QBs since 1999 (including the great spergeon wynn). people are ragging on a guy with a career 84 QB rating and 3.5:1 TD:INT ratio?

    i would take mccoy and wallace over at least 1/3 of the QB tandems in the league, including ARI, CAR, MIA, CIN, BUF, MIN, TEN, WAS, SF, SEA and OAK. in fact, i’d take the browns backup (wallace) over most of the starters from those teams.

  12. I think this is a good move – not only does Seneca provide a decent option for the wildcat, but I think it also helps in case a lockout happens. He knows the system that’s going to be put into place and can help Colt learn it if there is a lockout.

  13. Seneca Wallace is a good backup quarterback. He has been for a long time. It also gives them insurance in case Colt McCoy regresses next year.

  14. Oh how I had hoped the days of the wildcat in Cleveland had gone south with Brian Daboll. Let’s at least pretend to achieve an productive offense before messing around with that gimmicky crap. Let’s get some receivers on the Browns roster, get the right side of O-line up to snuff and actually play for touchdowns this season instead of field goals.

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