Tim Hasselbeck gives a window into his brother’s thinking (and trashes Marc Bulger)

The way Tim Hasselbeck sees it, his brother is worth more than Kerry Collins.

Speaking on 710ESPN in Seattle, Hasselbeck said that Collins got $16.5 million over the last two years, inferring that Matt Hasselbeck shouldn’t take less.   (We believe Collins actually made $15 million, but who’s counting?)

Tim Hasselbeck has a point, but should the Seahawks really pay for the mistakes of the Titans?  We don’t think Matt Hasselbeck is quite worth that type of money, but the numbers help point out why the Seahawks and Matt Hasselbeck are so far apart in contract talks.

Tim Hasselbeck also doesn’t think the Seahawks would do any better by going after players like Carson Palmer or Marc Bulger.  He said Palmer wouldn’t be an upgrade.  “Show me the tape,” he said via Mike Sando of ESPN.com.

As for Bulger, well:  “Marc Bulger retired two years ago.  He just doesn’t know it,” Hasselbeck said.

Boom. Roasted.   (Hasselbeck should defend his brother more often. That was fun.)

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  1. “Hasselbeck has a point, but should the Seahawks really pay for the mistakes of the Titans?”

    The St. Louis Cardinals are asking the same question about Albert Pujols, and whether they should pay for the mistakes of A-Rod’s deals with the Rangers and Yankees.

    Ultimately, they’ll come up with a number or the market will determine his worth.

  2. “The following week Tim Hasselbeck had the lowest possible single-game passer rating (0.0) in a 27–0 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Hasselbeck was 6-for-26 (23%) for 57 yards with four interceptions in that game.

    In May 2005, the New York Giants signed Hasselbeck to be their backup for QB Eli Manning. His only game action with the Giants consisted of two kneeldowns. On September 1, 2007, he was released by the Giants.

    Hasselbeck was signed by the Arizona Cardinals on October 16, 2007. He appeared in one game….”


    With a stellar resume like that, one must pay attention to the pearls of wisdom he gives us right?
    Its pretty obvious the only reason he has an ESPN gig is his wife (the similarly factually challenged Elizabeth Hasselbeck) has juice with the parent corporation (ABC)

  3. Remember theres some pretty sad tape of your brother out there over the past few years as well.

    You cant sign a contract based on 1 good game.

  4. tim – all you have shown this world is that by wearing a set of cleats and a jersey you can bag an extremely hot wife.

    sorry, but you can’t be out there defending your brother makes both of you look like pansies. If matt’s worth so much the go test the market, only way he sniffs anything close to $8 mil/year is if a team like Arizona misses out on any of the vets on the market AND blaine gabbert…out of desperation pay hasselbeck for a year.

    Matt – sign the 2 year $10 mill thats prob on the table, fight for some incentives so if you can actually stay healthy you have the opportunity to make your $8 mill+ next season…oh and tell your brother to shut up and be thankful that for some god awful reason he has a job analyzing football. guy is like the matt millen of NFL analysts except he never even had a half arsed career playing lol

  5. Shouldn’t be hard. There is no hair to obstruct the view…..

    Oh, I’m gonna get it for this one…..

    Queue the bald guys on three.

  6. LOL @ internet jockeys (most of who have likely never played a down of football in their lives) who act like they know more than people in the business.

  7. Matt is as good at QB’ing as Tim was at this point. He’s a bottom tier QB – who is worth 5/6
    a year. His INT’s, Fumbles and QB rating the last 3 years has gotten progressively worse…to put it in perpective – if you compare him to Alex Smith of SF, widely panned….Alex has dramatically out-performed Matt the last 3 years in all statistical categories (and Alex has an arm…and is 10 years younger)

    Matt has no arm, is a poor decision maker, a turnover machine…and is one hit away from retirement.

  8. If I had to choose between the 3 I would go with Palmer, he is younger than the other 2, and has a better arm than both. He wont ever put his foot in his mouth like Matty Light and his big bro have done a countless number of times. Palmer has been beaten down and Bengalized by the one of the worst organizations in pro sports history. I take Palmer every day of the week over the other 2 guys.

  9. That was rather funny.
    Cue the ignorant and absurd “Tim doesn’t have a right to talk” comments.

    Why is it so hard to understand that being a great player doesn’t necessarily mean you are a great analyst, coach, or guy with a point whenever he talks?
    Conversely, being a subpar player doesn’t disqualify you from being a great analyst, coach, or guy with a great point whenever he talks.
    In fact, generally the better coaches and analysts seem to be the ones who weren’t that good on the field.

    This must be what Bruno Kirby felt like in City Slickers when Daniel Stern was trying to understand how to simultaneously record and watch a different channel.

  10. You want to get paid well, play well. I think the Seahawks are foolish to offer a washed-up, back-up-at-best QB $5 million a year.

    Unless you, for some silly reason think the last three years seasons (with QB ratings of 73, 75 and 57) means you’re still a quality starting QB in the NFL…

  11. Tim Hasselbeck is a prime example of why E!SPiN is such a garbage network these days. I’m no fan of Marc Bulger, but he was a far better QB than Tim Hasselbeck ever was. Hell, the log I left in the toilet bowl half an hour ago would play the QB position better than Tim Hasselbeck.

  12. Matt Hasselbeck may be the most overrated QB of the last 30 years.

    At best, his team is excruciatingly average, and they essentially get 7 bye weeks every year because that division is an embarrassment to the NFL.

    Palmer is overrated, but he has 2 division titles in a division with 2 of the most stable and best defensive franchises in the NFL. He would look like Dan Fouts against those teams in the NFC West.

  13. The only Hasselbeck i want to hear from is Elizabeth. Tim remind me of that blabbermouth Whooopi next to Liz. Matt has sucked for 2 years and is trying to parlay one great game into one huge contract. No way. I’d bring in Palmer

  14. Matt Hasselbeck being awesome or mediocre isn’t the point. He knows the Seattle system, is respected on the team, and the Hawks may not have a better alternative.

    Love how the posters are always “he sucks!!!!!” about everybody. Football is half attrition. A few teams get great talent across the board but most of them do what they can with who they have.

    And yeah… Tim Hasselbeck’s wife is smokin hawt.

  15. Funny how everyone is bashing Hasselbeck for not being a good NFL QB, yet none of you have ever played in the NFL. His lack of QB skills has nothing to do with his ability to evaluate talent.

    Vick has proven to be a very good QB, but I would rather have Belichick (who never played in the NFL) break down film.

  16. The only tape on Tim Hasselbeck is on NFL Bloopers.
    Tim should be happy and shut up. He and his wife both make a lot of money for doing nothing!

  17. How can this career scrub have the audacity to critque another QB. This is why I look at the NFL network opposed to ESPN. At least they have Hall of Famers and/or superstar ex players
    critiquing other players. This bum never amount to anything he acts as if he’s a aficionado regarding NFL Players. Loser just like his wife.

  18. Hasselbeck sounds ridiculous talking about his brother this way, although what else is the guy supposed to do, but is he any more ridiculous than Steve Mariucci and his constant ass kissing and crying on tv about Favre? And now that Favre has finally departed the NFL, hopefully, why is Mariucci still around? He’s got about as much credibility as Matt Millen.

  19. Bulger is done guys he has been done for three years now… Guy cant face the pash rush anymore.. That was a funny line by Hasselbeck

  20. It’s good to see Tim defend his brother but why tell us? Tell the Seahawks. Carson Palmer in Arizona? Now that is an interesting proposition. I wouldn’t wish Seattle on anybody except your brother.

  21. Sorry Tim, but your Big Bro had his hey-day in 2005, under the tutelage of Mike Holmgren. That’s as good as it will ever get for him. The crucial win versus the Saints was just a one-off, no less so than the Jet’s crucial win over Brady/Patriots: everyone wants to beat the best, no? Your Big Bro should take a backseat now, nearer to age 36, and give some youngun a chance to show his mettle.

  22. The crucial win versus the Saints was just a one-off, no less so than the Jet’s crucial win over Brady/Patriots:


    FYI……The Jets under Rex Ryan have a winning record against Brady and the Pats.

  23. Tell me why this nobody’s opinion matters again? not only is his “analysis” biased as he continues to shamelessly shill for his brother, but also he’s slamming guys who actually had a career when he obviously did not.

  24. nothimagain,

    No, it just means that all we hear when he opens his mouth is “Womp, Womp, Womp, womp, womp,” lol.

    Get a clue, we don’t need to respect a nobody’s opinion because he not only was awful when he played, but he couldn’t even play sufficiently within his pathetic limitations as evidenced by those stats posted above in his career appearances.

    That’s your problem if you respect loud mouths who’ve never accomplished anything, we have higher standards, so don’t chastise us for being smart.

  25. Tim is lucky he doesn’t work for Sports Illustrated. They just fired a writer for clapping at the end of the Daytona 500. This rah rah interview in support of his brother is a far worse transgression.

  26. I wish someone would pay me $3.5M to be a retired QB like how the Ravens paid Bulger last year. Sure beats being a greeter at Walmart!

  27. Someone please refresh my memory… what has Tim Hasselbeck done in the pros?

    Oh, that’s right… NOTHING!

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