In one day, DeMaurice Smith changes perceptions among owners

Well, we got the extension to labor talks that all NFL fans were hoping for.  Now what?

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and NFL lead negotiator Jeff Pash will hold dueling press conferences around 3 p.m. ET to go over the decision to extend talks for a week.

The groundwork for the extension was made on Thursday, when Smith and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spearheaded significant progress in the negotiations.

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports appeared on PFT Live Friday and believes Smith helped to win some newfound respect from NFL owners.

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15 responses to “In one day, DeMaurice Smith changes perceptions among owners

  1. Good! Get this wrapped up within the next week or so and no damage will have been done!

  2. Silver! backed off on the “Armageddon” remark. But he still thinks it could be Albuquerque, and if you’ve ever been to New Mexico in the winter time………

  3. What is Silver actually saying? The extension of 7 days is a BIG win for the players with “new”respect for Smith. You got your head where the sun don’t shine. If the owners have “new” respect for the other side it only means THEY are closer to winning. DUHHHHH!

  4. D. Smith keeps all his aces under that hat. Listen. There is not a strategy, a stance, a position, a manuevering, a backdoor, or a surprise witness that the owners’ legal reps are not aware of. What happened to de-certifying, the ploy that was going to bring the owners to their knees? And Doty’s ruling is more temporary than Charlie Sheen’s sobriety. There is an added 7 days so the players can arrive at a % of revenue they are willing to give up. If they don’t, lockout. The owners STILL hold all the cards AND they know what’s under Smith’s hat.

  5. riverhorsey says: Mar 4, 2011 3:35 PM

    why don’t you tell us why the owners have “new found respect” for Smith?
    A number of the owners believed that Smith was less worried about getting a deal done than he was about raising his own level of notoriety in preparation for reentering the political arena. Instead, he reportedly smoothed over some of the more radical elements on the union’s negotiation committee and convinced them to delay decertifying as long as there was a chance that progress could be made on a new CBA. So, the litigator convinced his people to hold off on sending the issue to the courts in favor of continuing mediation. That probably surprised a bunch of the owners.

  6. “There is not a strategy, a stance, a position, a manuevering, a backdoor, or a surprise witness that the owners’ legal reps are not aware of. What happened to de-certifying, the ploy that was going to bring the owners to their knees?”

    Whatever you may think. If owners win, like Ohio and Wisconsin WE ALL LOSE ULTIMATELY. There are trying to destroy unions, period. THIS IS CORPORATE. No one at all should be “smug” in any way with “they know what’s under Smith’s hat”.

    The U.S. is sliding to 2nd world status, and this is another indicator of that, regardless of contracts the players sign.

  7. Until they demand guaranteed contracts, this union is and has always been a joke. It’s a gladiator sport, careers can end in an instant, for there to not be guaranteed contracts is preposterous, but the union knows that to demand that they’d have to give up money… so to bleep with the futures and well-being of the players they represent, says the union, we won’t even raise that issue.
    Gutless frauds, that’s this union, carrying on the illustrious tradition of The Puppet, Gene Upshaw, in making the NFLPA the union with by far the worst contracts in all professional sports. The owners already won this “battle” when the NFLPA declined to even broach the subject.

  8. To Tatum 064 – I disagree. If the union wins, as an example by extending the current CBA another 5 years where the players draw 60% of the revenue, do we all lose too? That wouldn’t be destroying the union at all. The point is there will be a winner and a loser. Destroying the NFLPA is not an agenda item. In fact, I’m sure the owners prefer to negotiate with a legal equivalent than not. And smug? I thought I was being funny.

  9. To ezwriter69 – But there are guaranteed contracts in the current NFL. Brady, Peyton, hell even Romo. The signing bonus is guaranteed. Up to 40 million in some cases. The only circumstance in which they may have to return a portion of that signing bonus is if they retire before the end of the contract. If they are injured and can no longer play, they keep the bonus. True, not all players have this guarantee, but the ones that excel, the elite, have it just like the highly productive corporate execs who reap huge dividends for their performance.

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