It’s official: Chad will remain Ochocinco

Earlier this year, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco declared that he’ll change his name back to Johnson.  Some thought that he was planning for being cut by the Bengals and joining a team that already has a player who wears number 85.  Others (i.e., us) thought that Chad realized his long-term, off-field interests would better be served by losing a name that originally was intended to be a one-year gimmick, fueled by the league’s decision to fine him for once wearing the words “Ocho Cinco” over his name plate before a game.

Appearing with Buck and Kincade on WCNN in Atlanta (via, Ochocinco said he’s sticking with his adopted name.

“Why would I mess up the brand?” Ochocinco said.  “I can’t mess up the brand.  I have so much going on. . . .  I [said] that to piss off the people at ESPN.”

We’re not sure why that would piss people off at ESPN.  Then again, we’re not sure why he does many of the things he does.

And we say that with full knowledge that it will put us in line for another promised ass whooping.

Oh well.  I’ll blame it on Rosenthal.