Jerramy Stevens gets arrested yet again


It was a bad Thursday night for former Bucs in Tampa.

Illeana Morales of the St. Petersburg Times reports former Bucs tight end Jerramy Stevens was arrested on a felony battery charge Thursday night, just hours before Bucs coordinator of pro scouting Shelton Quarles was nabbed for a DUI.

Stevens is out of jail after paying a $2,500 bail.  The Bucs released Stevens back in October after he faced a felony charge of marijuana possession with intent to sell.   Stevens has faced multiple arrests throughout his career.

We’ll always remember Stevens as a guy that proved many NFL teams just pay lip service to “character.”

He had serious problems before he reached the NFL and throughout his career.  He wasn’t even that good.  And he still had a nine-year career.

22 responses to “Jerramy Stevens gets arrested yet again

  1. Suprised at 2 things:

    1) No tired Bengals reference. PFT is always good for a tired Bengals reference here.

    2) No mention that he’s always a former Squawk on his resume.


  2. How the hell did someone who wasn’t even that good get to have a 9 year NFL career making at least 300K in each of them if that is beyond me. And the dude is selling dope and messing up STILL? Just…wow

  3. This guy–“On July 27, 2000, Stevens was arrested for the sexual assault of a 19-year-old University of Washington freshman. Stevens initially denied having sex with the accuser, but later admitted to having sex with her in the yard of a fraternity house in the early morning hours of June 4, 2000, after a fraternity party, but maintained it was consensual. However, a UW student who walked by and witnessed them having sex called 911 to report it as a possible rape, noting that the woman appeared to be drugged; he described her as “half passed out … eyes glazed … no one home.”[7][8] Stevens’s semen was found in the victim, who was penetrated vaginally and anally, and numerous witnesses testified that she acted as if drugged at the party. Police suspected a date rape drug was given to the woman at the party, but blood samples were taken too late for testing.”–had a nine year career.

  4. Character ? Had no business being a part of the NFL….will no doubt be a “member of the prison community at some point”…probably sooner rather than later.

  5. @ Gregg Rosenthal who says:

    “He wasn’t even that good. And he still had a nine-year career.”
    Hate to break it to you, but if he “wasn’t that good,” he wouldn’t have lasted even one week in the league. See, NFL teams hire guys who have enough talent to play the game. That’s generally how it works.

  6. I think the saddest thing here is that there are probably 10,000 borderline-retarded white women raising his illegitimate kids all over the country. In 12 -20 years a few of the idiots will probably make it to the NFL and the cycle will start all over again…

  7. Character? Holmgren has never paid attention to ‘character.’ Stevens is one of many turds he drafted/coached/kept around.

  8. I just hope that it is highly reported on when this scumbag finally lands in jail and gets his just due. Its a travesty that he was paid by NFL teams and for so long.

  9. This arrest is about as surprising as Elijah Dukes getting arrested again yesterday.

  10. Has he offically been booted out of the league for life yet? If not, he should be. Reprobate.

  11. Shame a guy like this would waste talent he has. He was a good player just couldn’t get out of his own way. I’m glad Tampa dropped this thug. Though in gettin worried Tampa has had 4 guys arrested this year. Stevens,Hayes,Williams and also quarles. They needa make sure we don’t keep grabbing troubled players or we could be in trouble

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