Matt Ware quietly overcame Type 1 Diabetes to continue career

Cardinals safety Matt Ware won the team’s Ed Block Courage award this year, but we didn’t know the complete reason why until the award foundation ran a bio about Ware this week.

As pointed out by Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, Ware was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in March of 2009.  He was fatigued, lost 15 pounds, and watched his recovery from knee surgery go very slowly before he was diagnosed.  The disease is now under control.

The story is more remarkable because Ware never mentioned his struggles to the media, so the press release was the first we heard of it.  Ware is a seven-year veteran that has spent his last five seasons with Arizona.

The 33nd annual Ed Block Courage Awards will be given out on March 8.  We send our congratulations to Ware and all the winners.

16 responses to “Matt Ware quietly overcame Type 1 Diabetes to continue career

  1. Type 1 is a disease you’re born with, Type 2 is a disease you get mostly from bad diet. It’s especially rough on a pro athlete because diabetes impacts how well your muscles can turn up and burn glucose. Managing it takes more than a diet change.

  2. Brutally horrific disease. But in may cases, it can be managed. And ironically, it can force you to take such good care of yourself that you significantly lower your potential for other diseases.

    Good for him. Best wishes!

  3. so Cutler telling everbody that he has it and can still play football inspiring others who have it to live normal lives is a bad thing joetoronto? oh I forgot it’s Cutler and he is responsible for all that is wrong with the world right?all that hate because he doesn’t smile enough for you?jealous of his pretty girlfriend? just because he does not play the media game and let everybody know every single detail about his life does not make him the anti-christ. that’s ok if the bears ever give him some protection you will hate him even more when they win it all!

  4. @joetoronto

    Not for nothing, but you could probably count on one hand the number of times Cutler brought up his diabetes completely unsolicited since he came to Chicago. And probably still have 2-4 fingers left over.

    It’s everybody else that brings it up over and over and over and over and over and over again.

  5. To say that all a professional athelete had to do was adjust his diet is ridiculous. The fact that he was still able to compete at such a high level is a testament to his dedication in the midst of the numerous insulin injections, blood sugar tests eight times a day, and the wear n tear on the body that comes with Type I Diabetes. Awesome job Matt Ware. Keep it up.

  6. You aren’t necessarily born with Type 1 diabetes for the record. You can develop it later in life.

    Jay Cutler wasn’t born with it. However, people who have close relatives with the disease are somewhat more likely to develop it.

  7. Take that Cutler! Instead of waving this “I’m so brave” flag in front of the media every chance you get, maybe you could just go out and play the friggin game!

  8. Very few are born with Type 1. It is generally caused by a virus which triggers an auto-immune reaction that kills of the cells that produce insulin.

  9. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are very different. My son is Type 1. He was diagnosed at 13, in August 2010. It has ZERO to do with lifestyle and he can eat anything he wants but a healthy diet is best for everyone of course. Sometimes he NEEDS sugar if his blood sugar goes dangerously low. We have to monitor blood sugar constantly and he must have insulin to live. It is dangerous for him to get sick. He would die without insulin injections. We are very encouraged by Jay Cutler’s work for Type 1 diabetic kids. He is a wonderful role model. He does great work not only to help sick kids and give them hope, and much more, but is helping to fight some of the ignorance out there about this condition, of which there is a great deal, looking at these comments.

  10. Good for Matt Ware, he’s a worthy recipient of the award.

    Add me to the chorus here not getting all the Cutler bashing. It reminds me of when it came out that Jerome Bettis has asthma, and people got sick of hearing about it.

    That wasn’t really Bettis’ fault, you know. Any vehicle for good medical information is valuable, and a successful athlete with a medical condition can be a powerful role model.

    Even if many people want to change the channel because they’re bored.

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