Roger Goodell: “Talking is better than litigating”

Shortly after the NFL and the players’ union agreed to extend their negotiating period by seven days, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed optimism that negotiations will lead to a deal — rather than leading to the two sides meeting in a courtroom.

“This is going to get resolved through negotiations, not litigation,” Goodell said. “Talking is better than litigating.”

Goodell said he and his team will work through the weekend, but there will be no progress on negotiations until next week.

“This is the good news for you: You can go home,” Goodell told a reporter who asked whether they’d keep talking through the weekend.

George Cohen of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service said there’s reason for optimism, saying 11 days of “constructive discussion” have yielded significant progress.

And Jeff Pash, the NFL’s chief negotiator, also said he’s looking forward to “a solid week of negotiations.”

“There’s been a tremendous amount of discussion,” Pash said. “It’s time for us to dig deep and try to find solutions, try to be creative and try to compromise in a way that will work for everybody.  The Commissioner has been very clear: If both sides give a little, everybody can gain a lot.”

13 responses to “Roger Goodell: “Talking is better than litigating”

  1. I think it was Henry Clay or Churchill that said:

    “A really good compromise is one that leaves both sides equally dissatisfied.”

    Hope the two sides are of this mindset.

  2. Their good about talking but they are not saying any thing. All of these guys are useless.

  3. And a herd of lawyers was last seen slinking into the weekend while cursing the G man and blathering that the only reasonable solution is to sue ’em and sue ’em now.

  4. Talking is better than litigating aka its unfair that the courts ruled in favor of the players… Cry me a river Sheriff Goodell, stop moping and get a deal done!

  5. All negotiations so far between the players and owners have been through the mediators. The mediators indicate significant progress is being made on key issues. That is good news, rather than no progress being made. It is good news that they are negotiating and not litigating (isn’t that obvious?). Negotiation may take several weeks or so. Litigation could take years. Green Bay made 5 million in profit last year. That is not much profit on revenue and expense level that is huge. From what we have seen of the public records of Green Bay, the cost of running an NFL franchise are huge, with little profit (unless and until the team is sold). The NFL will not allow corporate ownership, so the pool of men willing to put out that much money, with little or no profit year to year, and no expectation of profit until the team is sold, are few and becoming fewer. Both sides are hopefully negotiating in good faith. As long as they do this, there is hope for a resolution and contract within weeks, rather than months.

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