Bart Scott trademarks his catchphrase


Apparently, Jets linebacker Bart Scott couldn’t wait to position himself to make a few bucks from his catchphrase.

Rich Cimini of reports that Scott has applied for a federal trademark on the phrase, “Can’t wait!”  Scott uttered the two-word line during an interview with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio after the Jets upset the Patriots in their own house during the playoffs.

“It took on a life of its own,” Scott said.  “It really took off on ESPN, it took over on YouTube.  My wife said, ‘You should trademark it.’  Once I started to hear people were trying to make T-shirts, I said, ‘I tell you what, if anybody is going to benefit off ‘Can’t Wait’, it should be me.'”

So, basically, Scott has now positioned himself to sell a line of shirts and hats and other stuff (like, say, thongs) bearing the words, “Can’t wait.”

Scott also talked about his head coach’s recent vow that the Jets will win the next Super Bowl, admitting that it places “tremendous pressure” on the team.

Fans of other teams surely . . . wait for it . . . can’t wait to see the Jets wilt under that pressure.

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  2. “[I]t took over on YouTube…”

    Ha ha… might wanna slow your roll on that one, B. Because, to be honest with ya big fella, most people have never even heard of that phrase, at least as far as it being “yours.”

    Just another J-E-T who thinks he’s all that. Hey Bart, how do you feel about feet?

    P. S. Good luck on trademarking a two word phrase containing no unique words.

  3. The latest Jester to jump on the trademark bandwagon is franchise QB, Mark Sanchez.

    The Sanchize ” I couldn’t wait”

    17 year old Eliza Kruger (crying) “He wouldn’t wait….”

  4. you guys are missing the rest of the story…

    the Jets also applied to trademark the following

    “we’ll win it all next year”

    “enjoy your trip, see you next fall”


    “choke artists”


    “lovable losers”

  5. I follow the nfl like its my job and I have never heard him say this. I’m sorry, but I think everyone is over the jets. No one cares. Until you win something other than regular season games and 1-2 playoff games, you need to shut up. Rex Ryan is a moron.

  6. @billsfan1- your a bills fan and you are seriously going talk trash about the jets. Lol very funny.

  7. Scott was a douchenugget in Balt…but he reached his full on douchenugget potential in NY. Good for him..what an overachiever!

  8. @dolphindad- you too, look at your team. Your honestly gonna talk crap about the jets. Have fun finishing third in the east again this season. You dolphins fans who come on here with these comments look so pathetic. At least the pats and their fans can back up their trash talk somewhat cause they actually know how to win. Unlike your dolphins, I’m sure you will go real far again with Henne and Sparano.

  9. patssmelllikepoo

    Take it easy buddy. You’re team is treading dangerously close to losing it’s touch. All good things come to an end.

  10. Respectfully, this is weak.

    But hey, wouldn’t you try to do it if it could put a few K in your bank account?

  11. He is afterall the 3rd best lb on his team, yet he talks the most…..ironic how irrelevant he is after leaving Baltimore……hey Bart, stfu. Make a play with ur body not ur mouth

  12. My God, you losers…wait for it….”can’t wait” to pile on any professional athletes, or anyone for that matter, that is making more money than you.

    You losers need to get a life. If he wants to trademark a saying that took off, and it did, after he said it who cares. Get a life people.

  13. I have trademarked “1969” and the image of a broken down jet airplane for use on T-shirts. I expect to make a killing selling them to AFC East fans in NE, Miami, and Buffalo. Ok, maybe not Buffalo. They have their own issues.

  14. His wife said he should trademark it. Then a light flashed above Bart’s head. (A very dim bulb.) If this moron does succeed in trademarking “can’t wait,” I can’t wait until he tries taking someone to court for infringement. Heck, I might trademark my own line of “can’t wait” T-shirts: Can’t Wait ‘Til Bart Scott Shuts His Yap.

  15. Is it too much to ask that the Jets actually win something before talking all this trash?

    I know Fat Rex, of foot fetish fame, is doing it because he thinks it helps but when the players start to become this delusional, it becomes counterproductive.

  16. Take it easy buddy. You’re team is treading dangerously close to losing it’s touch. All good things come to an end.


    What does that even mean? The Dolphins are trending awfully close to becoming a UFL team. Hopefully they can make the playoffs in that league, and I do mean hopefully.

  17. I follow the nfl like its my job and I have never heard him say this. I’m sorry, but I think everyone is over the jets. No one cares. Until you win something other than regular season games and 1-2 playoff games, you need to shut up. Rex Ryan is a moron.

    I would hate to see how you are at your actually job because you suck at following something like it’s your job!

  18. If only he could be released. I’m so sick of him. He’s not a leader and misses a lot of easy tackles. I would definitely cut him and sign a new MLB to play with Harris.

  19. Mr. & Mrs. Ryan know a thing or two about Youtube videos growing popular as well – he must be proud.

    One of the Jets should trademark Rex’s “Soon to Be Chumps” line on the ESPN bus too – that was quite prophetic!

  20. Mutual of Omaha trademarked “A-ha moment”–a phrase that’s been around forever–and sued Oprah for using it, even though she’d been using it long before they trademarked it. They finally settled out of court.

    Think I’m going to trademark “Are we there yet?”

  21. The stupidest thing about this is that he trademarked a phrase about an upcoming game in which they lost!

    Maybe he should have waited

  22. Bart Scott found out small businesses wanted to make T-shirts with a half-ass catch-phrase on them, and the millionaire athlete decided, “No! I want that money for myself!!”

    Nice. If I didn’t know better I’d swear he used to be a Raven and now plays for the Jests.

  23. As usual, a ton of stupidity is on display here. Hate to break this to you, but you can trademark almost any phrase, provided that it has not been trademarked already.

    For instance, “You’re fired” was trademarked by Donald Trump. “Two Thumbs Up” was trademarked by Roger Ebert.

    This is actually a very intelligent business move that would prevent other people in the media from using the phrase without owing Bart Scott money.


  25. As it turns out, I’ve actually trademarked the letter “a”. Sorry Bart but you owe me some royalties.

  26. By him doing this it makes him look like a complete idiot, Jets should cut his dumb A$$

  27. “Can’t wait” for the Jets to brag about going to the Super Bowl AGAIN and not making it AGAIN

  28. As a football fan I don’t have a dog in this fight; but I love Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit. What the difference between him wanting get a patent on “Can’t Wait” and Ralph Lauren trying to patent the word “Polo”? It’s called “Hustpa” and behind any large fortune was someone with Hustpa. For you non believers you may call it “big balls”!

    Mazel tov!

  29. we won’t be here in 5 years because the NFL will no longer matter after a strike.
    8itches fighting over HUGE money is what this is all about and I don’t care if they ever take another snap.

  30. The Jets just can’t stop with the nonsense and concentrate on football. They have a good team that I think could get to the Super Bowl if they would just cut out the distractions.

  31. Bart – hate to tell you this, dude, but you don’t get to act THIS stupid until you actually win a Super Bowl.

    Of course you can practice all you want.

    Has anyone copyrighted the phrase “42 years and counting”?

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