Brandon Jackson, James Jones, Chansi Stuckey among those non-tendered

There won’t be any transactions in the NFL during the next week, but a few of t week’s moves continue to slowly leak out.  Or non-moves in this case.

Here’s a quick round-up of notable players we learned were not tendered contracts as restricted free agents, making them unrestricted free agents when the new CBA is reached.  (A few other notable non-tenders are right here.)

Packers running back Brandon Jackson:  Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports the Packers only placed tenders on guard Daryn Colledge, kicker Mason Crosby, and fullback John Kuhn.

Not placing one on third-down back Brandon Jackson is a bit of a surprise because the team is expected to try to bring him back.   With that said, Ryan Grant and James Starks are clearly ahead of him in Green Bay.

Packers wide receiver James Jones: It’s hard to imagine the Packers paying the type of money it will require to retain Jones.  We think someone will give him a nice deal as a potential starter.  Safety Atari Bigby was also not tendered a contract.

Browns wide receiver Chansi Stuckey: Non-tendering Stuckey is a bit of a surprise because he led the Browns wide receivers with 40 catches last year.  Not placing a tender on him may just be a recognition they don’t want to sign Stuckey long-term. The Browns need to get faster on the edges; Stuckey plays the slot.

20 responses to “Brandon Jackson, James Jones, Chansi Stuckey among those non-tendered

  1. I agree with letting Jones move on but I don’t understand why they wouldn’t at least tender Jones with a low round tender as someone will sign him… we could’ve at least got something for him

    a late round pick is better than nothing

  2. packers don’t need jackson because of starks. james jones is good, but jordy nelson is better!
    free agency will be filled with receivers!

  3. If Jones can catch the ball away from his body with his hands, he’ll get it every time. But if he can’t extend his arms, it’s 50-50 he’ll catch it.

    Probably something that can be worked on but is it worth trying? I’ll leave that for better qualified people to decide.

    Let Bigby go. Make a reasonable play for Jackson.

  4. Wouldnt mind Bringing jackson to the Brownies as possibily a change of pace to Hillis and if im the browns i def look at Jones as well because no way we are drafting a WR with our first pick which means that they will probably lol

  5. Somewhere in the offices of a certain Winter Park address, the front office is figuring out how to sign these players to their squad.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  6. Wow, 40 catches is all it takes to lead the Browns in receptions? Maybe I should try out for the team.

  7. It wouldn’t have mattered if those guys were tendered. They’d be UFA’s regardless once a deal is reached and UFA reverts back to 4 years or even possibly 3.

  8. I’m ok with letting James Jones go. I think Jordy is better, and we’ll draft Jones’ replacement this year anyway. Dude just has too many key drops in crucial areas. Has one good game, followed by two crappy games, one good, two bad.. You get the picture. Plus Finley is coming back and Quarless should improve from year one to two..

    I think Brandon Jackson will find out he’s more valuable to the Packers than he is to other teams and will re-sign a deal. That’s if we want him back. Starks and Grant will be the 1-2, and there’s still Dimitri Nance on the roster.

  9. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Chansi Stuckey wasn’t tendered a contract. There are only so many times a team and fanbase can watch a guy run a 2 yard out on 3rd and 5. I’d say 20 of his 40 catchers were like that. What did he average, 7 yards a catch? Just terrible.

    I do hope the Browns show interest in James Jones though. He drops a number of balls but he’d be a good #2 guy if the Browns decide to draft Green if they fall to 6.

  10. Non-tendering Stuckey is not a surprise at all. He was one of Mangini’s ex-Jets who didn’t produce. He got the ball a lot, apparently, but could never make any extra yardage out of it. 40 catches, 0 receiving TDs. And I’m guessing 0 YAC either! HE ALWAYS RAN SIDEWAYS TRYING TO GET AROUND THE EDGE, AND ALWAYS GOT TACKLED.

    Good riddance.

  11. James Jones has got all the skills to be a top wide out in this league except one. Consistency. Every WR is going to drop passes, but he dropped two in the playoffs that would have blown games open.

    Of course let’s not pretend he was the only one this year. As good as that WR group is, they do tend to get the dropsies. Just happens Jones was the one at the end of his deal.

  12. These are fake tenders anyway. Jones was going to be a free agent under any new CBA agreement. Packers were not going to get anything or him

  13. If the vikes were to nab Brandon Jackson it’d be a heck of a coup. After Chester Taylor was stolen by the bears, the vike 3rd down offense wasn’t nearly as good. I thought it was because the vikes undervalued Taylor’s production and blitz pick up reads.

    With that said, no way the vikes pull the trigger and do that. It’d be smart.

  14. Brandon Jackson does have value for the Packers. He is a excellent blocking back. I`m not sure if the Packers will want to pay him big money for that skill

  15. I’m mean are there still people out there that think James Jones is a #1 receiver? I sure as heck wouldn’t over pay for his timely drops. I could be wrong, but personally I think he was more a product of the GB offense. Bjax, on the other hand, filled in nicely as a 3rd down back, Never committs penalities and will occassionally get you 17yrds on a screen or draw. Wouldn’t mind seeing him back, but curious to see what TT might be able to find in the draft at either WR/RB.

  16. Wow, 40 catches is all it takes to lead the Browns in receptions? Maybe I should try out for the team.

    I would love to see that. I’ll have to make a trip to Berea to see you take a hit from TJ Ward.

  17. i like jones…he’s a good player..he gets open..only thing dude need to fix is his catching..but if he does leave i hope he’s a butterfinger

  18. Jones has the potential to be a #1, but he needs to work on his hands. Not just catching, how he carries the ball, as well. He is very strippable. I remember in 2007, Charles Tilman stripped JJ twice in one game.

  19. Unfortunately for Jones and Jackson, the Packers are too deep to keep them. If somehow they can manage to stay on the roster, good for them…they both contributed to the Packers’ success this past season. If not, then I’m glad for them that they each got a ring. Jackson was a great blitz pick-up blocker…Rodgers said he had a high level of confidence in him in passing situations. And Jones has potential if he gets focused. We’ll see what happens. Both Thompson and McCarthy are always looking ahead and from within (usually.) I can’t wait for the next season to begin. And when the success of this past season is combined with certain Packer-hater fans having to shut up and eat crow…..can it get any better if you’re a Packer fan? Wisconsin Cheeseheads versus Minnesota Iceholes….I’ll take mine with cheese please.

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