Eric Wright got death threats from Browns fans

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Browns cornerback Eric Wright struggled through a tough 2010 season, and he frequently heard boos at Cleveland Browns Stadium. But he heard a lot worse than booing away from the field.

Wright told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that as his on-field performance deteriorated, he heard from Browns fans threatening his life.

“I went from people expecting me to be a top cornerback in the league to receiving death threats,” Wright said. “It was a lot to deal with.”

Wright never reported the death threats because he said he thought they just came from Browns fans who let their passion get the better of them, not from people who actually planned to kill him.

“I wasn’t fearing for my life,” he said. “As serious as a death threat may be, I wasn’t going to let a few bad apples ruin the whole tree.”

Wright is a restricted free agent, but he said the Browns told him they want him back and that he wants to be back — even if he hasn’t always received the warmest welcome in Cleveland.

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  1. Perhaps you should post the back story too. I don’t agree with the death threats, but he talks ALOOOOTTT of stuff about his skills on twitter, he was expected to follow through. Fans had a lot of expectation for him, and after that Ravens game when he personally gave up three A. Boldin td’s it was like wooowwww.. What’s going on! Then he began to fail more and more, almost without remorse. So fans got upset.

    Death threats? Going waaayy too far, but perhaps being a little miffed if he doesn’t improve this season #warranted

  2. and people think that Raider fans are bad. As much as I hated JaMarcus Russell (and my hatred was great) I never once thought about actually sending him a death threat. Oakland may be rough, but Cleveland is just miserable. I’m surprised that town hasn’t gone Jonestown yet.

  3. Wow that’s too bad. Ill admit I’m not a perfect angel when it comes to player heckling, but this is way over the line. Pretty messed up cleveland.

  4. Death threats are no joke.. but Boldin turned this dude inside out in Baltimore.. and a host of other WO’s

  5. I always hate when people say this, but since I’m a Steelers fan and have to put up with it all of the time (especially from Cleveland fans):

    typical Browns’ fans…

  6. Carson Palmer will never step on the field at paul brown stadium again cause his wife got heckled at a game and some idiot threw some trash on his lawn.Eric wright got death threats and isnt afraid to resign.Palmer is a heartless skirt whos wife quite obviously wears the pants,eric wright is a man….Oh and by the way stay classy cleveland….

  7. The Browns have been a joke of an organization for a long time – seems clear that they’re getting increasingly frustrated.

    Poor saps actually put thier hopes in Mangini for a few years and vociferously defended the MangIdiot. That’s gotta hurt.

  8. “t is a restricted free agent, but he said the Browns told him they want him back…”


    You have GOT to be kidding me. I’m a gray-haired, overweight, middle-aged non-athlete and I could dust that bum and put up six on him.

    I’m sorry that he was receiving death threats, but the simple fact is that there is nothing that the Browns need more than to lose this no-talent bum.

  9. It’s nice to know that Eric’s still breathing…even though his skills died a couple of years ago.

  10. This is absolutely despicable!!

    I know people in Cleveland have not had an easy of time of it, especially in recent years and even more so with LeBron James deciding to go to South Beach (and now a Cavaliers team that had they not started 4-4 nor were 3-0 against the Knicks probably would be challenging the 1972-’73 76ers for the worst record in NBA history), but to threaten to kill someone on a team just because of his performance on the field is crossing the line and then some by a lot. All this does is have a few overzealous and idiotic fans make all the fans of the Browns, many of whom with withstood a lot of pain dating back to the original Browns moving to Baltimore after the 1995 season look bad in the eyes of many.

  11. Wright looked like he was playing while wearing a pair of loafers last year. Maybe his sense of entitlement is gone now and he’ll work as hard as he did the year before. He has the skills to be a decent, but not great, corner. Worth keeping at the right price.

  12. In Cleveland for work right now. What a horrible place filled with bitter, loser sports fans.

  13. I live in Cleveland.
    This story is crap.
    In the future fellow Cleveland fans, please refrain from death threats and use the term “You *ing suck” which is much more accurate a description of the way he quit on us.
    Yea Eric, put the blame on the fans for your p iss poor performance.
    Maybe next year you won’t spend so much time trolling bars in the Warehouse District.
    your twin brother
    Burnt Toast

  14. Only cerifiable whack-job would ever death threat anyone. That’s said, after an outstanding ’09 seaon, Wright got beat by opponents in 2010 more than a red-headed stepchild.

  15. Mr. Wright, did you expect any other type of behavior from the people of Cleveland?
    Come on, these are low class people from a low class city.
    Cleveland is just one big ghetto and Clevelanders are all unemployed, dumpster divers

  16. What does ‘got death threats’ mean? If it was by email, they could be traced to the computer that sent them. Telephone – same thing. And does anyone still mail letters? I’m very suspicious of this. People claim they’re getting death threats when they want to stop the criticism of them. After all, if they’re getting death threats from crazies, then the criticism can’t be legitimate, right?

  17. What can we say, we are passionate about our sports here in Cleveland. However claiming this isn’t gonna make him anymore friends. With that being said totally true about some boneheads getting a little to into the game. Stay classy Cleveland. Go Browns.

  18. As a Browns fan I got a good look at Mr. Wright’s 2010 season. Eric looked out of sorts in many games last year, to the point of questioning whether or not he was injured. If he wasn’t hurt, then he was definitely not 100% mentally focused. For the most part he played 5-10 yards off the line and got beat consistently on the double move. Not agressive. Late breaks out of the backpedal. Too many times he was seen out of position or chasing the receiver into the endzone. We started nicknaming him “Toast of the Town”.

    The guy has loads of athletic ability. Hopefully he can achieve his potential. He needs to take a long look at some Joe Haden tape.

    But…Death Threats? Come on Browns fans, you are better than that!

  19. why did other fans not report this? this kind of behavior would never be tolerated in a place like Kansas City.

    the fans would of been all over a guy issuing death threats. No place for it.

  20. If this is true, I am very ashamed of my fellow Browns’ fans. I was one of the guys who was down on Wright and wanted him off the field but death threats is taking it way too far. It’s embarrassing.

  21. He was off his game all say the least..He is a solid player and would love him back especially with Jauron and Rhodes around and Haden and Ward gettin better and better

  22. Anyone who was stupid enough to think that Eric Wright might be a top corner one day is also stupid enough to send death threats.

  23. When you’re fat, stupid, and unemployed, I guess the only thing worthwhile in life is to threaten death to someone in a position you could never even dream of being in. No wonder Cleveland gets so much ridicule as a city.

  24. That would be an awesome story, if it were true that he received death threats…..He probably received threats of a contract extension and thought staying in Cleveland was like death…A simple misunderstanding, easy to see how it could happen.

  25. This shouldn’t surprise anybody.

    Derek Anderson was laying on the ground with a blown-out knee, people cheered and thought it was great. Tim Couch was on his back with a concussion and people cheered.

    Eric Wright had a bad year, for sure. But he was pretty solid his first two years. He has a bad year and now they want to cut him–or worse.

    RAC, DA, Couch, Wright, Mangini, it doesn’t matter. All these people want is a scapegoat.

    If you want to make Browns fans happy, only sign and draft Ohio State stiffs or guys who played high school football in Cleveland and get Brady Quinn back. That’s the only way they’ll be happy.

    Aside from that, Cleveland sports fans are jealous, and full of hate for every other city that’s had success in sports (Pitt, LA, etc….)

  26. Every fan base has one of those guys that takes it waaay to far. Not condoning it, more I’m saying that as a whole, Browns fans are some of the most passionate fans in the league, within reason.

    It would not at all surprise me if something similar happened in New York(both teams), KC, Oakland and Philly to name a few.

    As for Wright as a player…I think with an off-season addition we could slide him over to nickel which takes pressure off Wright, and we become one of the dominant defensive backfields in the game.

  27. @ couldntthinkofaname

    your broad strokes on Browns fans hint that you may be one. As a Browns fan, I can tell you that while those topics were hot, people would debate passionately about them…

    Quinn, DA, Wright, RAC, Mangini – of course when the story initially breaks, there are going to be opinions one way or another, I don’t think anything lingers very long for the majority. I’m regularly on the Browns board and haven’t seen a Quinn/DA post for several months. Haven’t seen a RAC post in years. Mangini just happened and that’s starting to melt away.

    As for the OSU, Cleveland High School stuff…there are homers, the majority don’t take them seriously.

    In a nutshell, don’t bad mouth the whole for what the vast minority does. You’re off base.

  28. Oh, and as for Wright, the only thing I hear is that he sucked last year. Just an FYI….he did, very much, suck last year.

  29. Eric Wright flustered by death threats? I figured all those threats Ice Cube threw his way after NWA broke up would have given him thicker skin?

  30. Not sure I’m buying this. If he did receive death threats, I doubt it was because of what he did on the field. It may have been something off the field, in which case it’s not completely sports related.

    Cleveland’s suffering is long and storied, but they usually don’t turn on their own. Well at least not until their own piss on them first. Well done, LaBlasphemous!

    One day the Browns will get there, and many of us whose teams aren’t there will be rooting for them.

  31. @couldntthinkofaname
    You are an idiot. Believe it or not, not all Browns fans cheered when Anderson got hurt. They were just a rare few. Don’t lump us all together.

    As for being jealous, I, nor any Browns fan I know are jealous of any other city because of their accomplishments. I was very happy for New Orleans and Green Bay won their Super Bowls. Good for them. I could care less how many championships Pittsburgh or Los Angeles won. It will never change how I feel about my teams.

    What team do you root for? You’re probably as miserable as a fan that YOU THINK Cleveland fans are. I am very proud of my team’s history and look forward to where they are going. Period.

  32. Every fan base has morons. EVERY fan base.

    As for other fans taking the high road, I remember Tommy Maddox’s house here in Pittsburgh getting trash thrown all over the lawn, I remember the old lady that ran over Ben getting death threats. We’re all equally classy.

    Go Browns!!

  33. totally inexcusable if he really did get death threats. i swear fans can be so stupid. yes he had a bad year but he’s been our best DB for quite awhile. S*** happens.
    hope he stays around.

  34. Let me provide some clarity here: Eric wright actually was shopping in a mall where a suicide bomber had given death threats and starting running and wright gave chase and tried to tackle him but missed! That’s the real story!

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