Larry Fitzgerald has no idea who Cardinals’ QB will be

The Arizona Cardinals’ No. 1 offseason need is to find a quarterback who can get Larry Fitzgerald the ball. Fitzgerald says he has no clue who that quarterback will be.

I really don’t have any idea who is going to be our quarterback and to be honest with you I just want to win and whoever is going to helps us do that I am all for it,” Fitzgerald said on WCNN, per

There’s been talk this offseason that Fitzgerald is lobbying for the Cardinals to acquire Kevin Kolb in a trade with the Eagles, but Fitzgerald says that’s not true.

“I never said anything about what I wanted,” Fitzgerald said. “As a player, we don’t really have too much say so, if any, about what we want. We are just out there playing ball, we are paid to do our jobs and that is pretty much what they expect us to do.”

Fitzgerald just hopes the Cardinals can get someone who can help him do his job to the best of his ability. That wasn’t the case in 2010.

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  1. Fitz is being a good soldier with those comments, but c’mon, he’s not happy.

    If I was a Cardinal fan I’d be angry after that season. To say that Anderson and Hall are not NFL QBs is an understatement. The Cardinals organization owes Fitz and the fans some assurances that they have a clue in what they’re doing. Anderson has got to go.

  2. Fitzgerald is just biding time, he’s not spending his prime years HOPING for some QB to come out of the woodwork. he’s going to play this year, become a free agent after the season, and sign to play with his friends Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings in Green Bay.

  3. A great wide receiver doesn’t do the Cardinals much good right now. Trade him for picks and rebuild your team at QB, D-line and O-line.

    Bill Belichick.

  4. As a Ram’s fan this is music to my ears. I actually feel bad for Fitz. If he was on a halfway decent team with a good qb his numbers would be top 3 in the league

  5. Fitzgerald has to see a potentially all-time great career slipping away, hell yeah he wants a good QB! And Arizona had better find one pronto.

  6. Get Chrissy Simms of the Titans bench. He’d be great until he breaks a finger nail if he’s allowed to play after his mary jane admission.

  7. I think if Cam Newton is going to have a chance to be any good, he better hope a team with an elite WR drafts him like Cardinals. All though Lienart, who had the benefit of all that didn’t do anything, and he also had the “hype machine,” running pretty hot.

  8. this is the reason jerry rice’s records wont be touched, guys who are close to his talent level like fitzgerald wont play 20 years and wont play with 3 MVP qb’s and 2 hall of famers. you need fantastic seasons year in and year out to approach what rice has done and a couple of down years due to poor qb play will take this era great wr’s out of the running.

  9. Although it’d cost AZ an arm and a leg, I could see Carson Palmer as a Cardinal – Cam Newton then gets drafted by Cincy.

    Only alternative to this is McNabb goes to AZ, Washington drafts Cam Newton.

    QB’s will be moved.

  10. jc1958cool says: Mar 5, 2011 12:56 PM

    carson palmer? good fit, just depends on the $$$
    What exactly makes Carson Palmer a good fit? Just because he might be available?

  11. Larry’s going to have to do an “Antwan Bolden” and lobby his way out of Arizona! All that talent and he stuck with a team without a quarterback. At the very least he got to play in the Superbowl once and that’s more then a lot of great present and former players can say!

  12. I know people don’t want to envision it, but I could see a scenario where Alex Smith lands in AZ. Although it would be a slap in the face to Jim Harbaugh, Alex could probably start immediately in AZ and has the ability to make some good throws. He could at least put the ball close enough for Fitz to grab it out of the air. At the same time, if he beats the 49ers once in a while, they’ll really want to boo him in Candlestick.

  13. we won’t be here in 5 years because the NFL will no longer matter after a strike.
    8itches fighting over HUGE money is what this is all about and I don’t care if they ever take another snap.

  14. icandunk34 says:
    Mar 5, 2011 4:27 PM
    Matt Flynn and 2nd rounder for Fitz. Pack repeat, Cards start rebuilding.

    How about Mankins and a 1st rounder for Fitz. Pats beat Pack in SB. Like they beat them and every other team in the conference championship games last season.

  15. They needed to turn the page on the Derek Anderson story yesterday. The good feeling the Cardinals and their fans must have had when they went to the Super Bowl has got to be completely gone after that last season. It looks like they’re back to the dark ages, a place all to familiar for Cardinal fans I’m guessing. One would think the organization has a plan for the position, but after putting Hall and Anderson out there as their QBs last year, they really don’t have any credibility. Not only did they have a real bad season, they had it playing in the worst division in NFL history. If they had just a mediocre (Orton type) QB last year, they probably win the division.

    Fitzgerald deserves better. The Cardinals need to get a veteran QB that can make that talented offense go and take back a floundering NFC West, or they need to trade Fitz and rebuild.

  16. Just send your 1st and 4th to Philly and you can take Kolb.

    Gotta love being able to over price an average NFL STARTING (make sure everyone understands) QB.

  17. The Cards are just as tight with their $$ as Cincy. Carson would probably still retire. You know, out of the frying pan into the fire.

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