Vick vows to eventually have an “outstanding” visit with Oprah

After Eagles quarterback Mike Vick abruptly bailed last month on his commitment to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Vick addressed the move only through others.  On Friday, Vick talked for the first time about his eleventh-hour decision not to do the interview.

“I just thought the timing wasn’t right, based on everything that was going on with the contract, the CBA and certain things that I didn’t want to touch on at the time,” Vick said Friday, according to the Associated Press. “I felt like I needed to do more in order to be on the show to talk about the past and to talk about the present and how prosperous things are and how bad they were and how we can move forward.  I think when I do go on, it’s going to be outstanding.”

If he’s truly planning to go on, he needs to do it before September 25, since after that day Oprah no longer will be doing the show.

And her first question should be why in the world did he think that she’d ask questions about the CBA?  As to his contract, he had been answering that question whenever asked, during radio interviews and press conferences.

So it’s fair to conclude that the “certain things that I didn’t want to touch on at the time” were the reason for the move, and it’s also fair to conclude that he’s referring to:  (1) his six-year lifestyle of dogfighting; (2) the ability of Oprah to asking probing questions like, “Do you think you’d still be doing it if you’d never gotten caught?” and to crack through any scripted response; and/or (3) the fear that other guests would have included people who adopted dogs rescued from his rural Virginia property — and possibly one or more of the dogs themselves.

Of course, all of that could still happen during his eventual appearance on the show.  And some would definitely regard that approach as “outstanding.”  But probably not in the way that Vick was using the term.

30 responses to “Vick vows to eventually have an “outstanding” visit with Oprah

  1. Mike wants to visit Oprah wearing a black suit like the other mourners. It will be outstanding when it finally happens.

  2. Hopefully Vick only gets 1 dog on the show, or else he will relapse and he will be like “sick’em boy, get’em”

  3. I’m not a Vick supporter but even I have to ask, what are we/they hoping to accomplish with SN appearance on Oprah?

    Vick haters and supporters in all likelihood will not see anything that will sway how they view him. Time to move on. NEXT!

  4. The Obession continues, another Vick story. No one cares after the 100th Vick post since January. Give it a rest.

  5. It’ll be puffball city and will portrait the POS as if he’s full of virtue.

    In other words it will do a disservice to realty.

  6. Here’s a CBA-related question for Oprah to ask Michael Vick: Michael, in light of your bonus case, can you update us on any effort by the league to re-negotiate the CBA’s forfeiture language?

    Next week is as good a time as any for the league to obtain maximum forfeiture rights under the new CBA. Far-reaching bonus recovery rights are needed when players engage in bad behavior that stains the NFL shield.

  7. When will the timing be right, Mike? That’s what I tune into for football interviews. Show up or don’t, I’ll be sure NOT to tune in.

  8. Wanna see some real entertainment? Lock him in a room with a hungry, pissed off pit bull for 15 seconds. I don’t want the guy to die, but I’d love to see that kind of fear in his eyes on National television

  9. nflrulz says:

    If Vick was white would Oprah want him on the show?
    Of course, not. In the last 25 years, Oprah has never had a caucasian guest on her show. It’s fiction that she’s made television superstars of caucasians Mehmet Oz or Phil McGraw. Of the more than 60 books she’s credited for turning into bestsellers, not one was written by a caucasian. 🙄

    She’s a dog lover. Her audience likes redemption stories. She’s done countless episodes on getting inside the mind of violent offenders, interviewing one-time murderers, rapists, child molesters, and abusers to ask what drove them to their crimes. Vick’s is exactly the kind of story she’d try to book, and it doesn’t have anything to do with his skin color (not everyone shares your bigotry).

    @ vicksprman …

    NFL players are about more than their jobs. Many have appeared on Oprah to discuss topics such as recovering from crippling injuries to overcoming childhood sexual abuse.

    Some of you guys really need to grow up.

  10. Who cares if he does or doesn’t do Oprah? I seriously doubt that shes going to ask him tough questions though.

  11. @Deb, who cares I don’t think anyone lost sleep because Mike Vick didn’t appear on the Oprah show.

  12. I moved to Hanoi on September 2. After extensive research, I can report in all honesty and with all sincerity that the only breed of dog they eat here is the pit bull.

    No word on whether or not the mayor will give Michael Vick keys to the city.

  13. @duanethomas ….

    Thank you 🙂

    @vicksprman …

    You guys must have some interest or you wouldn’t keep posting silly comments about it. I just think the Eagles and Vick’s PR people should coordinate before interviews are booked so awkward cancellations can be avoided.

  14. @Deb, so I’m interested because I commented? How about I commented because i wanted to, again why is it important for Michael Vick or say Donte Stallworth or anyone in the NFL to appear on the Oprah show? They play football it’s not rocket science or brain surgery.

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