Rivera: No promises for Jimmy Clausen

After studying his roster for a few months, new Panthers coach Ron Rivera sounds no closer to embracing Jimmy Clausen.

“There are absolutely no promises but the opportunity to compete,” Rivera told the Chicago Tribune about Clausen.

That’s not a surprise considering Clausen’s play in 2010.  The Panthers are also trying to keep all options open regarding the No. 1 pick, and they won’t tip their hand of how they view their current quarterback.

There’s no doubt that Rivera would love to avoid a work stoppage so he can take a look at Clausen and see how his offense is shaping up before the draft.

It’ll be tough,” Rivera told the Charlotte Observer.  “Hopefully, we’ll get an opportunity to visit with him and continue to visit with him. And when that chance comes to get a feel for him and understand him and really look at him prior to the decision-making process.”

Teams with new head coaches like the Panthers have the most to lose in a work stoppage.  Getting a deal done quickly will allow Carolina to better address their quarterback situation and possibly trade wide receiver Steve Smith around the draft.

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  1. Funny considering the Panthers owner was the one talking the most trash according to recent articles here on PFT. No wonder he want’s a lockout. It’ll give him an excuse when his team finishes under .500.

  2. Clausen will be fine, remember people he was tutored under Charlie “Knute” Weis for 4 years. He was the most pro ready QB coming out last year. # 1 RATED coming out of high school and played at Notre Dame. He is The Man….also thumbs down if the Jets suck monkey butts.

  3. The last ND QB who did anything worthy was one Joe Montana… and to a lesser extent, Steve Beuerlein!

  4. I’m not a ND fan at all. But this kid led the top Offense in the country. He left school early and went to a team is disarray. Should have stayed his senior year. He was awful, but he was playing his true senior year at the pro level. Carolina had no rushing attack the entire year (had Stewart in fantasy) and the line didnt do him any favors. Also, Steve Smith is getting old and no other receiver is any good on the roster. He had no security blanket over the middle to toss to at TE either. I’m not saying he’s going to be good, but the kid is 21. I mean Josh Freeman was awful in the same situation one year prior, then he went on to have the 9th most efficient year in NFL history at 25-6 TD to INT’s.

  5. @sethb22: freeman was not awful his first season he didnt even get to play until like week 8 and he beat the packers his first game and also beat the saints in overtime and the saints went on to win the superbowl, I am a diehard nd fan but you cannot compare josh freeman to jimmy clausen

  6. I remember seeing video of this douche when he was a freshman in highschool talking about he already has command of the game like a manning at the age of 16…haha what the hell happened?

  7. Charlie Weis fell in love with him in HS…led PRIVATE school (Oaks Christian…Montana, Will Smith, Gretzke’s teens) who then played in small league. Never faced top big school teams….small talent pools and steamrolled them. Do not think any of the winning ND coaches would have given him the time of day.

  8. Clausen’s body language and attitude were awful last year. I’ll be the first to admit that. But, consider the situation he was in… Playing for a lame duck coach… the once dominant running game was plagued by injuries and below average production… his best O-lineman (Otah) was hurt… and his WRs were either rookies or an angry old man who was probably insulting the young QB in the huddle.

    But, at no time did Clausen even try to step up and be a leader for that team. I still think he has the physical tools to be great, but he needs to prove he has the attitude and leadership skills as well.

  9. Rivera was talking to the Chicago Tribune because as an ex-Chicago Bear, he knows that the Tribune treats Notre Dame as a de-facto college football home team, even more so than Northwestern or Illinois.
    It’s an obvious story that he knows that the Chicago ND-loving fan base would be interested in knowing about.

  10. Carolina could use any of the top defensive players, or even AJ Green who’s from South Carolina and likely sell a lot of jerseys and would give Clausen absolutely no excuse to not be semi-successful…but at the end of the day I think they go QB. Newton or Gabbert? no clue as of today, but their best scenario is to draft QB, let Clausen start…if by mid season Clausen is terrible or showing no signs of improvement you throw in the rookie, get rid of Clausen at seasons end. Best case scenario, Clausen plays really well and youre stuck in the situation San Diego had a few years back wtih Brees and Rivers, then going into 2012 make a decision and get rid of one of the guys.

  11. last thing Car needs to do is draft a QB that could equally be as bad, or worse than Clausen.. Plus, what happens if Clausen Turns it around and actually can get that team to win 6-8 games? (Which would be a shock, even with Manning etc.) They have a TON of problems in Carolina, and I hate to say it, but Jimmy isn’t even close to the top of that list.. O-line is wretched, D-line is just as bad, running game was HORRIBLE!! When S.Smith wasn’t playing, they were starting ALL rookies at WR, which all suck too.. I wouldn’t wanna play QB in Carolina right now, no thanks!! If they’re smart, they will take the best player in the draft at the top, because they could use help at EVERY position… and I don’t think any QB is the best player in this draft, and to be honest, I don’t think any of them are worthy of a top 10 pick..

  12. I actually like Jimmy. I feel like he does have some natural QB talent but was put in a REALLY bad situation last year. The bad news for Jimmy is, Rivera has no need to show loyalty to a QB who he didn’t draft, especially one who has 1 career win.

    I dont think drafting a QB this year is the solution though. I feel like you either try to develop Clausen or look in free agency. Next year is a completely different story though, if Luck is available to you get him. This year there just isn’t a quick fix QB in the draft.

  13. While I have nothing against Jimmy Clausen, part of me hopes he’s a bust so that we can collect on Mel Kiper Jr.’s prediction/wager:

    “If Clausen’s not a successful starting quarterback in the NFL, I’m done”

    Fingers crossed…

  14. I know Jimmy pretty much got a bum deal last year with a lame duck coaching staff, busted o-line and defense that meant well but couldn’t win the game with zero offensive help. At the same time Clausen just didn’t seem to ever take advantage of the opportunities he did have. I don’t think anyone could claim he was close to “taking the reigns” as the inspiring, galvanizing, fighter and leader he needed to be.

    The most pro-ready QB in last years draft shouldn’t have looked like a deer in the headlights so often. Only once last year, the last drive of the Browns game when Clausen, Gettis and Goodson showed some grit, finesse and drove the length of the field putting the team in position to win late in the 4th but Kasay missed the field goal. But that was one drive, one game. Yes Clausen deserves a chance to compete for the top job. But does anyone see truly see Jimmy performing better than Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman anytime soon? Be honest. Jimmy wasn’t drafted as the Panthers franchise QB and I don’t think Rivera is going to take any chances with him as the starting QB in 2012.

    I think if Carolina drafted Newton or Gabbert, either would be a much better option than just hoping Clausen works out.

  15. nekelund says:
    Mar 6, 2011 10:38 PM
    While I have nothing against Jimmy Clausen, part of me hopes he’s a bust so that we can collect on Mel Kiper Jr.’s prediction/wager:

    “If Clausen’s not a successful starting quarterback in the NFL, I’m done”

    Fingers crossed…


    Hahaha, though sadly I think that prediction holds as much weight as one by Rex Ryan. Well, maybe “as much weight” isn’t the best analogy in this case.

    Clausen will be a bust. I don’t think that’s a tough one to figure out. He may be a servicable backup but that’s about it.

    “If Clausen’s not a bust, I hope Mel Kiper’s done”

  16. @chazatlas

    I definitely think the Panthers drafted Clausen with the expectation that he will be their franchise QB. They used their 2nd round pick on him in a year when they didn’t have a 1st round pick. That’s huge. I don’t think a team has ever used their 1st draft pick on a QB when they didn’t expect him to be their franchise QB.

    I agree with your other points though. It was almost as if Clausen was thinking “Eh, I’m a rookie in a bad situation. Nobody is expecting much out of me this year, so I am just going to go through the motions.”

  17. @sterilizecromartie

    The reason I say I don’t feel the Panthers drafted Clausen as their “franchise” QB is because I really believe they felt Matt Moore was their man. Moore and Cantwell were the only QB’s on the roster and they needed a third. Nobody expected Clausen to fall so far in the draft and when it came our turn and we needed a QB anyway they probably felt “Jimmy can’t be THAT bad.” lol.

    Just my opinion but I think they drafted him as a bargain pick up that we needed anyway. You said a team has never used their 1st draft pick on a QB when they didn’t expect him to be their franchise QB, which is a good point. But were talking about the same people that turned right around and gave away a 2nd rd. draft pick for Armanti Edwards right? Regardless, I feel a lot better with this new coaching staff. I think it’s going to breath some new life in this team.

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