Strahan talks about his desire to replace Regis

Last month, we mentioned that buzz is building regarding the possibility that former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan could replace Regis Philbin on the morning show he hosts with Kelly Ripa.  Philbin is scheduled to retire in November.

Strahan has addressed the chatter, and it’s pretty clear that he wants the job.

“Regis [Philbin] is irreplaceable,” Strahan tells the New York Post, “but I feel that his easy nature and natural ability to make people comfortable is something that I would be able to bring to the show.  I also know that I have the ability to laugh at myself and not take myself too seriously.”

(It’s hard not to wonder that last line was a slap at Strahan’s former teammate, Tiki Barber, whose media career collapsed under the perception, if not the reality, of self-importance.)

“I naturally appreciate and respect Kelly and how she has taken over that role and made it seem effortless,” Strahan said, who co-hosted the show on a one-shot basis in October 2010.  “I think our chemistry is great and natural.  It’s a fun show that doesn’t feel like work but feels more like a conversation.  The opportunity to co-host was one of the great experiences of my career so far.”

But can Strahan, a fixture on FOX’s NFL coverage and the star of a failed sitcom, pull off a morning gig?

“I do think I could succeed at daytime television,” Strahan said.  “It is definitely an adjustment but one that I think I can slide into without a lot of adjustment.  What I do more is opinion-based and spontaneous and personality-driven, which is exactly what Regis and Kelly is about.”

Earlier in the week, Strahan characterized the assignment as a “dream job” and a “natural fit,” according to NBC New York.

The bigger question is whether the show would fit with his FOX duties.  “The schedules don’t conflict, and if you love something and really want to do it you will make it happen,” Strahan told the Post.

The schedules don’t conflict, but the travel could be an issue.  Strahan would have to hop a flight from New York to L.A. once the Friday show ends, and he’d need to then get on a plane as soon as the FOX coverage ends on Sunday night for the Monday morning show.  But, like Strahan said, it he loves it and he really wants to do it, he’ll make it happen.

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  1. So the world of daytime talk show media is so devoid of talent that they have to bring in a former NFL D lineman?

  2. This won’t work! How can he attend hampton soirees on the weekends, when he is flying back to LA? If he doesn’t attend the soirees how can he talk about them? No, never work.

    Plus do you think fox is going to let him out of his contract?

  3. I want to start out by saying I have never watched that show but if Michael Strahan becomes the host I will DVR it every day. Not because I enjoy Mr. Strahan, but simply because I love train wrecks. If anyone watched the hours of pre-game coverage for the Super Bowl you know what I’m talking about. Fox had him “interviewing” the celebrities in attendance. Oh My God!!!! The awkward questions, the obvious lack of knowledge regarding the people he spoke with. It will definitely be appointment disaster television. He should just stick to doing what he does best and be terrible on the pre-game for FOX

  4. Yes, and I have a desire to replace Warren Buffett. That is equally likely to happen. Probably will be Ryan Seacrest. How about Clay Aiken? Surely Kathy Lee Kelly or whoever will surely quit. Two girly girls pulling each other’s hair out for an hour.

  5. Strahan is actually quite the jerk when the camera isn’t on him. It wouldn’t work – trust me.

  6. Never watch show…Regis drives me nuts in general…close to Larry King, just not as creepy. Didn’t see Strahan w/celebs…did not know he was awful. In general, I like him and indeed, he is NOT in the same universe as “I Love Me Some Me” Tiki Barber. Give him a chance…might learn…I usually enjoy watching him…

  7. The show will be called Ripa and Friends, and they will have an endless supply of guest hosts. Kelly played second fiddle long enough, and the women that watch the show will be pissed if she is passed up.

  8. Michael, no one cares about you or what you have to say on Fox gameday. Why would ANYONE in the real world care about your opinion on ANYTHING.

    Get over yourself, you’re not that important.

    If you want your own television show I have an idea – call it, How to floss using a sock, with your host Michael Strahan”.

  9. I just find it hard to believe that shows audience would be tolerant of a giant black man hosting.

    I think he is pretty good as a football commentator, and pitchman. He comes across as likeable. I just don’t think the average housewife or old woman that watches that show is going to accept him.

  10. You gotta admire the drive of some of these guys, like Strahan. If I was 40 years old with millions and million of dollars I would RETIRE from everything and spend my days sipping drinks and taking naps on some remote island. But, not only does he immediately land a job on the FOX pregame show, but goes out and gets a sitcom (even though it failed), and now he is trying his hand at morning television.

    I wish I had that kind of motivation.

  11. The audition will consist entirely of assessing exactly how cuddly the dynamic between Strahan and Gelman is.

  12. While Strahan could very well be Regis’ replacement:

    My choice would be Bill Rancic, the winner of the first season of The Apprentice in April 2004 when that show had huge ratings and became an unexpectedly huge hit. Rancic still is very well known for that, plus since ending his run with Donald Trump (after three years) went into hosting daytime television himself with In The Loop With iVillage (which he co-hosted with another candidate from that first season, Ereka Vetrini) that aired mainly on NBC stations, so lack of hosting can’t be held against him.

    What I think could tip it in favor of Rancic is who would likely become Kelly’s main substitute when she takes off: Bill’s wife, Guliana. She’s developed her own following on E! and from the Reality Show the Rancics appear on together. That would continue the long-running tradition of the spouse being a substitute host that dates back to the show’s beginning for Regis, when it was originally a local show known as The Morning Show that aired on WABC-TV (Channel 7) in New York that premiered in 1983 (with Cyndi Garvey, ex-wife of longtime Dodger Steve Garvey as Regis’ original co-host).

  13. If Kelly puts her finger near his face is he going to fighter her too?

  14. We all know people like this. They have no internal monologue. They have no perspective. They at no point in their lives are able to see themselves as others see them.

    They are the quintessential obese guy who wheezes every step up the stairs and complains that there were, “a lot of fat guys in my way.”

    They associate geographic proximity with being capable an qualified. This is not happening. And if it does, I concur with someone above about it being a train wreck.

    Some people believe they are qualifed to do anything. It’s similar to those actors who have a long and very profitable run on TV series or bunch of movies about a particular character and then complain about being typecast? Really?

    This all being said, he was kidding, right?

  15. billinva says: Mar 6, 2011 2:17 PM

    Deion would be a better fit!
    I’m all for it if it gets that idiot OFF the NFL Network, Cannot STAND him…hope he takes Dukes (who would be my first choice to leave much as I hate Deion) with him too.

    As for Strahan I have no idea how he is in real life but I am a Pats fan and if I can still like him after what his team did to mine that’s a pretty good test IMO. His wife and Tiki both tried to hose his reputation yet he’s still there doing his thing and they’ve faded into much deserved obscurity.

    I started hating Tiki because of Strahan in fact. Tiki started to run his mouth about Strahan’s contract about 7-8 years ago or so after he had his own shenanigans going on and that to me is just bush league. Players should never talk crap about other players’ contract situations in the press.

  16. mikea311 says:
    Mar 6, 2011 4:28 PM
    @ kd75

    Stern hasn’t been relevant since he left terrestrial radio.


    I completely disagree, Mike.

    Stern became irrelevant the instant he let Jackie Martling walk.
    Fred Norris turned into a mute a second after the joke man left.
    Lange is John Belushi waiting to happen. Without the talent.

    Self-inflicted wound.

  17. I really can’t see the housewives and little old ladies being that into what Michael Strahan has to say.

  18. sterilizecromartie says: : “I wish I had that kind of motivation.”

    A judge giving your ex $15 million and $18,000 a month in child support will motivate the hell out of anybody. The guy needs two gigs just to pay the bills.

  19. @ outlawjerseywhales

    good point, but at least people still new who he was. his jump to serius lost a lot of followers (this one included) and honestly i haven’t heard anything about him since.

    his edge was how to bend the rules he he worked inside, it was great to hear him push the limits, once those rule went away, he lost his edge. i was able to listen at work after he left, but honestly it wasn’t the same and i tuned out.

  20. he can’t even get his appearances right on fox nfl sundays,so how does he expect to get it right on a tv show?i think jimmy hoffa has a better chance at replacing regis than mike”mr ed”strahain ever does!

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