Vick: No discussions on a long-term deal yet

Writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer Saturday, Jeff McLane wrote that it is “unlikely that the Eagles would allow [Michael] Vick to enter the season without a contract extension.”

That’s news to us and a little surprising.  For now, the two sides haven’t talked about the possibility.

“We just talked about what can get done this year,” Vick said before receiving the Bert Bell Award. “I think that anything else that happens is solely on me. I think I dictate that situation based on my play and performance and my actions on and off the field. So that ball is in my court.”

Those comments indicate that Vick would be comfortable entering the season without a long-term deal.  So what’s the rush?

Considering how far Vick has come in such a short amount of time, it makes sense for the Eagles to see Vick on the field again before handing him a huge extension.

21 responses to “Vick: No discussions on a long-term deal yet

  1. Seriously? Another Vick post? Is there any other players that are worthy to report on? Anybody doing any charities? Internships? NFL Wharton Business school? Please the Vick stories are overkill.

  2. With an entire offseason of film study… coordinators will likely find ways to make Vick less effective…Eagles will have to see how he adjusts before a long term deal is proffered… #InMyOpinion

  3. Forget being cautious about the play on the field being a factor in signing Vick to a long term contract. Vick’s biggest test for sign ability is how he fares on The Oprah Show.

  4. One year contracts are probably the best thing for him as well. He gets large upfront payments of millions of dollars every time he negotiates a new contract. He will hit the market again next year, probably getting a longer deal with a huge upfront bonus as long as he plays well.

  5. @flavordave

    i see you have some originality in your jokes lol…not


    keep em coming, another Vick story, keep us updated on the progress of his long-term deal, please!!! GO VICK!!!!!!!

  6. @turk2875

    You want to talk Original? Wasnt Madonna using the term ” not” like 20 years ago?

  7. Vick will never have a season like last. He proved yet again what kind kind of dummy he is by not demanding long term deal as this year he will get hurt and not be anywhere as valuable people think he is. This will be the end of the Vick era.

  8. jdbaker1860……do you realize the irony in your comment? I’m guessing NOOOOOOOOOO. LOL

  9. Why would they have any discussions? They couldn’t give him a long-term deal anyway prior to the lockout. So why would they talk now?

    The whole issue of why they couldn’t do an extension prior to Friday was discussed ad nauseam.

  10. Signing Vick to a long term deal is a BIG mistake. It’s just a matter of time before he falls back into his homeboys.

  11. Vick, the player, won’t be “slowed down” in 2011. First, I expect the Eagles to improve the o-line. Second, guys like Desean, McCoy and Maclin will continue to improve. Third, although Vick is 31 I still suspect he’ll improve as a passer.

    Now will opposing defenses come up with new strategies to stop him. Definitely. But I don’t think he’ll be totally neutralized. The Eagles’ offense will continue to roll.

    Now their defense, I’m more skeptical…

  12. Why would they talk about a long term deal wen there is no CBA agreement, as for all you other people who thinks he’ll fail, well he seems to be trying to be a better QB as well as a better person but time will tell.

  13. I’ll bet anyone on this board that this cat starts for the Eagles whenever they begin playing meaningful football game again.

  14. Vick will fail… Once a sleaze always a slease! Vick is a loser of a man, and now the eagles are a loser of a football team!

  15. we kno vicks a bad guy..but when dude is on a roll he’s dangerous, love him or hate him, admit it, he’s better then half the qb’s last year..oh yea btw..go packers

  16. I wouldn’t put too much stock in this. It doesn’t make a whole lot of business sense. Besides, Jeff McLane reported it.

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