A.J. Hawk will make almost $11 million in 2011

The Packers cut A.J. Hawk before re-signing him, in part to avoid a $10 million option payment that was in his last contract.

It turns out he got almost that much to sign on the dotted line when he re-joined the team.

Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports and PFT has confirmed that Hawk received an $8 million signing bonus when he inked the deal.   Including a $1.8 million roster bonus and $1.15 million base salary, Hawk will earn $10.95 million in 2011.

He is set to earn $21.35 million over the first three years of the deal and $33.75 million over the entire five year deal. He is set to make $4.95 million in total pay in 2012, with  $4.4 million in base salary, $300,000 in a roster bonus and $250,000 in a workout bonus.

In 2013,  he’ll make $5.45 million.  That includes $4.9 million in base salary, a $300,000 roster bonus and a $250,000 workout bonus.

In 2014, he’ll make $5.95 million.  That includes $4.9 million in base salary, an $800,000 roster bonus and a $250,000 workout bonus.

In 2015, he’ll make $6.45 million.  That includes $5.4 million in base salary, an $800,000 roster bonus and a $250,000 workout bonus.

Hawk could be vulnerable to being released after 2013 depending on his play.  His cap number that year will be $7.55 million, and the team would only take a $3.2 cap hit to release him.

A league source tells PFT that Hawk’s cap numbers are as follows: 2011:  $4.55 million, 2012:  $6.55 million, 2013:  $7.05 million, 2014: $7.55 million, 2015: $8.05 million.

The Packers said they valued Hawk’s contributions highly, and they proved it with this deal.    He will be one of the most highly paid inside linebackers in football.

48 responses to “A.J. Hawk will make almost $11 million in 2011

  1. Pointless article since it fails to compare these new numbers to what he would have received. Seems like they cut him to bring him back at nearly the same money.

  2. Sounds like an awful lot of money, kind of shocking, but then again he did develop into a good leader this year which showed a lot in the playoffs. It also sends a signal to the other young players on the roster that if they don’t get all itchy and “hold out” they will be taken care of. (even if they cut Hawk in 2 years, he will have gotten more then the 10 mill he was scheduled for this year and get more money elsewhere even if he has to take a pay cut).

  3. They didn’t so much cut him to avoid paying him $10mil as they did to prevent a $12mil cap hit. That’s the big thing. They knew in resigning him a signing bonus would have to be in that ballpark.

    The yearly salary numbers don’t seem that bad to me, though they do suggest as clear as ever that Barnett’s time is over with GB.

  4. Win for the player. He had good leverage on the Pack after they had to cut him and he cashed in on it. Hopefully he earns every penny of it.

    Now I hate to bring up the Vikings in a Packers post but I have a feeling Chad Greenway is smiling right about now. AJ probably just set the floor for his long term deal.

  5. I am glad to have Hawk back in the fold.
    But, team leader or not, definitely being overpaid.

    This was a bit confusing because it’s really not Thompson’s style.

    Though I guess it’s better than trying to find 2 starting linebackers in this draft.

  6. tangysizzl says:
    Mar 7, 2011 8:43 PM
    Win for the player. He had good leverage on the Pack after they had to cut him and he cashed in on it. Hopefully he earns every penny of it.

    Now I hate to bring up the Vikings in a Packers post but I have a feeling Chad Greenway is smiling right about now. AJ probably just set the floor for his long term deal.


    First off, After the 4th game of the Season Hawk was a three down Player, and took over the resposibility of being the D’s QB on the field, Lets think back a few yrs ago Packer fans when we had trouble lining up the D and got burned every game with mental and position errors…..With Hawk in charge and a great supporting cast that was absent this year. He and Bishop were the best fit out off the Combo’s of inside linebackers we had……….Barnett’s good as gone unless they think he can play outside…A younger draft prospect me thinks is what Thompson will do. Get a good player in the first or second round and our linebacker corp is set

    By singning Hawk as quick as they did, the Packers will get the benefit of everyone else’s linebackers and agents using that as a base salary for the position. Greenway and his agent will surley as for more…….for the Vikings with such an aging roster (Even with the old gunslinger the Vikes have the oldest average age of any team in the NFL) it won’t be easy to lay down a few fat contracts and watch the rest of the roster suffer….just think if you only had that third rounder for Moss………..thanks again….chilly.

    The Packers on the other hand will have the luxury of drafting simply the best athlete or player available….No glaring weakness plus 15 returnees from the IR. Can’t wait to see Jermichael in this offense next year and Starks to hit the ground running……It’s all good in Packerland


  7. after being 2nd on the team in tackles in 2008 and 2009…he led the team in tackles in 2010 with 112..was a starting inside linebacker on a super bowl winning defense.. and most important of all hasnt missed a game due to injury since he came into the league. his contract isnt necessarily that bad to the cap considering they’ll let injury prone nick barnett walk

  8. Stupid is as stupid does, eight million having to be paid out when there might not be any games played in 2011. Add in that type of money for a part time backer and crazy comes to mind.

    It is tough though, there are not to many teams like the Raiders that can get a bunch of top tier players to sign long term deals without having to pay out a dime in signing bonus.

  9. and for those who think he is a 2 down backer…he has come a LONG way in his pass coverage abilities over the last 2 years and tied for the league lead in LB INTs with 3…i would say the Packers are set at inside LB for years to come as Hawk and Desmond Bishop developed into one of the better pairs of inside LBs in football this year.

  10. The Packers D got a lot better when AJ became MLB – It was an unexpected but very happy circumstance. I’m not sure what’s underpaid or overpaid in that league but I am very happy he’s been signed. I think that D has not seen its best days yet and look forward to all those bodies vying to get on the field next year. They’re going to be tough to score on.

  11. hot damn..i didnt think they’ll pay him this much..dude better play good or he’ll be cut..

  12. For all of the haters…
    The Packers just won the Super Bowl. AJ was/has been a solid starting LB since he was drafted. He played through injuries and covered Barnett’s unaggressive @ss. Hawk has been taking on blockers that Barnett wouldn’t for years. This year he had another headbanger in there with him, so he could make plays. He was 2nd in the NFL among LBs in passes defensed. Greenway is an injury waiting to happen, and Hawk hasn’t missed a game.

  13. I’m not going to say anything negative about the amount of money Hawk is getting. I personally think he’s a good LB. I don’t know if he’s worth that much but the Packers have every right to pay him what they think he’s worth.

    What I will say is I’m glad they paid him this so now the Packer fans that have spoken a bunch of crap that the Packers wouldn’t pay anyone that much and compared it to the Greenway tender now can shut their holes.

  14. AJ was solid once he moved in the middle and got a feel for the position. He called the defenses well and has a high football IQ. He is a liability in the pass but is pretty solid against the run. He is also pretty sturdy as I don’t think he has missed much time at all in his career. Its basically a 3 year deal and it looks good to the rest of team that Thompson is rewarding the players he drafted. Might not always be the most desirable place to live but if the job is good I think players will enjoy it. Winning Lombardi Trophy’s makes the 3 months in suburbia seem pretty nice.

  15. Oh man!!! I am just trying to find a career type job where I can make 35 grand a year. 35 million would be great, but 35k would be just fine.

  16. I would never have paid him this kind of money. I would be willing to bet that this guy made more tackles after 5 yard gains that should have been stuffed for less, than any other inside backer in the league. He is average at best in coverage and “he is what he is” as far as upside. It’s good to be a marginally skilled white guy playing in GB.

  17. krow101 says:
    Mar 7, 2011 9:53 PM
    Mediocre pays well in Green Bay.
    So in that case mediocre also wins SUPER BOWLS in Green Bay!

  18. To those who are saying he is overpaid, how about you quit looking at how he has done in the past and look at what he has done this season. He stepped in when the Packers needed him and he became a leader.

    So don’t spew out the ‘overpaid’ crap because I’m pretty sure Thompson knows what he is doing. Hell some people thought he overpaid for Charles Woodson back when he signed him in ’06 but look at what he has done.

  19. He’s an average linebacker that got too much money, but I guess the Packers wanted continuity on their defense, especially at inside backer, which makes sense. If it ain’t broke…

  20. I don’t understand what everyone is so suprised about as I stated in the Hawk cut thread.

    shaggytoodle says:
    Mar 3, 2011 4:01 PM
    He now has a deal with GB 6 Mil a season about 10 Mil gur.


    I am guessing GB made his salary from his orignal contract for next year his, guranteed money.

  21. Oh wow, the short bus (I’m sorry bandwagon) arrived and let off all the viking fans…

    The average per yer is 6.75 million… It’s the bonus and where it’s placed making it cap friendly that means he’s going to make the 11 this year. That actually helps up and he’s signed long term.

    It was a brilliant deal. I know this is so hard for the vike fans to understand, but this is kinda the exact opposite of what you guys have.

    So if you take it that way it should be pretty easy to understand. You guys are losers and we’re winners. See how easy it is?

  22. What a bunch of embittered wannabes and never wases.

    AJ stepped up during the season, took control of calling out plays, gave 100% and was honored by his teammates by being selected as a captain for the super bowl.

    The best GM in the game decided that AJ was worth the price. What are any of you detractors best at?

    Yeah, detracting; that’s what I thought.

  23. Let`s hear everyone criticize Ted Thompson for over paying Hawk. How many times do you people need to eat crow before you realize the guy knows what he is doing!!

  24. hawk got the last laugh, say good bye to barnett,maybe he can go to the last place purple mud ducks!! for the nay sayers, hawk has not missed a game his whole career!

  25. goombar2, this artical has NOTHING to do with the vikings u clown!! your probley one of those closet packer fans like most of you clowns that only talks sh#* when your team is winning!!! and for being such a great deal, why would ANY team pay hawk that much money for a player who is only on the field 2 downs and can’t drop into coverage and cover anyone!!!! you clown!!!

  26. So the let me get this straight Vikings sign this DLmen that avgs. a little more than a tackle a game per season playing a dozen downs a game and they are signing him because they are giving hima raise cuz they HOPE he produces in the future.

    The Pack sign a guy that avg. around 100 tackles a season, hasn’t missed a game due to injury and apparently they don’t know what they are doing.

    I understand I am comparing apples to oranges with the position, but its just commical, that people say this is a bad move. Ted Thomspon doesn’t make a lot of bad moves, while this one may raise a few eye brows he does things that DON’T show up the stats like making adjusting the defense. He is one of the best run stopping LBs in the division.

  27. It’s not a dumb move to re-sign Hawk. What’s dumb is Packer fans insisting he’s a better than average linebacker. He isn’t the biggest draft bust in history (that would be Justin Harrell), but he wasn’t worth the #5 pick and he isn’t as good as you history revisionists are making him out to be.

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