Agent confirms that Willis McGahee is unlikely to take pay cut

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There has been some debate regarding what will happen to running back Willis McGahee in Baltimore after a new collective bargaining agreement is reached.

McGahee’s camp has a clear expectation of how things will unfold.

We don’t expect to be back unless they’ll pay him his contract,” McGahee’s agent Drew Rosenhaus said on Sports Xtra in Miami Sunday night, via Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

That quote indicates McGahee’s camp isn’t interested in a renegotiated contract before testing free agency.  The Ravens aren’t expected to pay McGahee $6 million to be a backup next year, although a league source told PFT last month no decision has been made on that front.

16 responses to “Agent confirms that Willis McGahee is unlikely to take pay cut

  1. Got news for you Rosecrotch…nobody else is going to be stupid enough to pay willie anything close to 6 mil either.
    Turdell found out that when you hit the over 30 club you are lucky to have ANY position on an active roster.
    I’ll be curious to see what another Rosencrotch client gets this fall. Jared Gaither …”The laziest Man on Earth” will be looking for a meal ticket and soon as he gets it he’ll come up with some Phantom injury so as to get paid to be on IR and do nothing.

  2. makes sense, as a Ravens fan McGahee was rarely used, and only got 100 carries this past season, that would mean if we were to keep him next season at $6 million, he’d be making $60,000 per carry. Good work if you can find it.

  3. Good, let him test free agency and see that he is only going to get an LT2 time deal.

  4. “Agent confirms that Willis McGahee is unlikely to take pay cut”

    Coming soon – “Ravens confirm Willis McGahee has been released”.

  5. What was he supposed to say. Yes since there is no labor deal willis is ready to take less money to stay? Willis can either stay in this rotation for the next 3 or so years at a lower price or sign one more FA deal for less money on his way out of the league. I like the guy but he’s not an everydown bacck and who’s paying 6 mil for a back-up 30 year old crazy man…

  6. “Whatcha talkin bout Willis”…. Yeah, give free agency a shot. Then the local supermarket.

  7. If they lose McGahee, what new tactic will the Ravens use to kill Ray Rice’s production?

    I guess they’d also save money on a kicker, since McGahee won’t be there to stall drives in the redzone anymore.

  8. Hope you were smart enough to save some money Willis. Ain’t nobody else gonna pay you that kind of money either.
    Look at the bright side, you could fire your agent and save a few mil.

  9. Maybe Portis would like to make a SB run with Ravens when football returns as a backup to Rice.

  10. He can still play as a good 2 back for a few years and played hard for the Ravens.
    This will give Cam one less thing to screw up. Willis McGahee STARTED the second Steeler game and split time with Rice in the first half, trickeration is not needed with Ray Rice and that had to piss him off. This will work out.

  11. Willis McGahee, please call Willie Parker before you make your decision.

    Parker didn’t want to be a back-up and take less money. He thought he was worth it and should be a starter–so he tested free agency and went to the Redskins.

    They cut him and he’s nowhere to be found in the NFL.

  12. I think you could safely give La’Ron McClain all of MacGahee’s carries. Jalen Parmalee also wants a shot at starting. Not that I don’t love Willis, I just don’t think it makes sense for the Ravens to pay him $6mil next year.

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