“At least” three teams believed to be discussing Kevin Kolb

There’s a reason why Silva put so many quarterbacks in the first round of his latest Mock Draft.

There are a ridiculous amount of teams looking for QBs this offseason, and not much supply.   That fact should only help push Philadelphia’s asking price for Kevin Kolb higher, if there is a new CBA worked out before the NFL Draft.

(If the CBA doesn’t get settled until after the draft, we’d bet Kolb stays put.)

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported Monday that at least three teams are debating making a deal for Kolb.   Schefter won’t reveal which teams, but says that “every NFC West team except St. Louis has to consider him  and deal with Eagles.”

Most teams that need a quarterback will probably discuss Kolb at some point.  It’s due diligence.  Actually going through with a proposal is another matter.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for this labor purgatory to end before we find out which teams are truly interested.

60 responses to ““At least” three teams believed to be discussing Kevin Kolb

  1. Is he really this good? He gets loads of praise but I haven’t seen him play too many snaps.

    He did have that 108 yards Touchdown pass to Ed Reed though. That was sweeter than a mango.

  2. He is a good young QB. Those teams know what they are getting. How about Kolb and the Eagles 1st round pick for The 49ers 1st and 2nd round picks?

  3. This really strikes meas the type of story any sportwriter can write and not have TALKED to anyone actually involved yet it will absolutely be true because of the Duh factor.

    Duh did did AZ SEA AND SF talk to the eagles… Duh.

  4. B/c Schefter says it, … it must be true, right? Is there a more OVERRATED player than Kevin Kolb? IF there was anything to this story, you’d think you could nail WHO exactly is dumb enough to think Kolb is the ANSWER to their QB problems. Having seen Kolb play, there are at least a half dozen QBs in this draft, that are all ready better QBs than Kolb.

  5. “The Minnesota Vikings are at the top of the list-trust me!”

    if you are referring to Super Bowl records….you are correct, they are tied with the Buffalo Bills at 0-4

  6. The Eagles are going to be gravely disappointed if they’re looking for a first rounder or multiple high draft picks. The Pats could only get a single #2 for Matt Cassel and that was after he had a great season for them. Kevin Kolb hasn’t had the great season.

  7. Kolb is still a very big gamble. He has only proven that he can be a decent backup, not a starter.

  8. Unlike when trading McNabb, the Eagles need to be careful who they trade Kolb to, as he will help rather than hurt a team.
    Trading Kolb is a terrible idea, but if you are going with Vick you have no choice. Which leads me to the real point. Going with Vick is a terrible idea. Even if you do think Vick is capable of beating decent teams (and you’d be wrong there), you cannot go with an aging injury prone athlete at qb and expect to have that work out.
    Unless of course your only interest is having a certain demographic across the country fill your coffers when buying his jersey.

  9. backdapack says:
    Mar 7, 2011 5:35 PM
    “The Minnesota Vikings are at the top of the list-trust me!”

    if you are referring to Super Bowl records….you are correct, they are tied with the Buffalo Bills at 0-4

    Now was that really necessary?

  10. @thereisalwaysnextyear

    LOL??????? What r u, a thirteen year old girl? Also, really dumb comment. Did u think u were gonna be funny? Man, u r a Douche!!!!

  11. We’d love to see him go to the Vikings for a first and a second!

    Or even a first, a fourth and a fifth.

  12. Sorry people, but in my opinion there are no QB’s worthy of first rd consideration in this year’s draft, period.

  13. Ok, let me think here, three teams that need a quarterback to function? Ok, how about 1. the Arizona, Cardinals, 2. The San Francisco, 49ers, and 3. the Bengals (because of the situation of Carson Palmer). I would say Minnesota, but for some reason why do I think Farve might just come back, or Donovan McNabb could be the new face of the Vikings

  14. I’d be a permanent Eagles fan if they can trade a mediocre QB to the Redskins two seasons in a row. And then use the picks they got from the Redskins to sew up the OL.

  15. To those hating on Kolb — you’re idiots. The guy has started 7 games and has won 2 offensive player of the week awards. He has sat and learned from the same coach that coached Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb and helped transform Vick into a better QB than he has ever been.

    Kolb may NOT be a future hall of famer, but he certainly has the skillset to become one. He has shown promise, that in itself is enough to make a trade for him instead of a taking a high pick on an unproven rookie QB. — Newsflash, they don’t always work out

  16. Vick was a better QB in the Eagles’ offense through the second Giants game. He did not play well against the Vikings or Green Bay. He is a better option than Kolb. That being said, I think the Eagles would be foolish to trade Kolb for anything other than a 1st round pick type of offer. I don’t think it is because Kolb can or should command that kind of value, but rather that Kolb has a significant value to the team as a backup.

  17. “Having seen Kolb play, there are at least a half dozen QBs in this draft, that are all ready better QBs than Kolb”

    I’ll bet that they can all spell better than you can, too!
    Take a close look at what you wrote.

  18. Best comparison for how Kolb would be traded would be to look at the way Vick’s last backup was traded.

    Is Kolb as good as Matt Schaub? I think there’s not enough to go off of. For a fact though, 2010 Matt Schaub is a good deal better than 2007 Matt Schaub.

    It took 2 seasons (until 2009) when Matt Schaub looked like the QB Houston hoped they traded. Like many rookies at other position, 3rd year as a starter appeared to do the trick for Schaub.

    Whoever considers Kolb ought to consider a similar possibility if they pull the trigger for him. For that reason, I think Minnesota is a less-likely destination for Kolb, They’re in “let’s try to win now” form in Minnesota, and if they’re going to trade their draft picks, they’ll want to get instant gratification a la the trade for Jared Allen a few years back. Matt Hasselbeck for cheaper plus adding talent to the defensive line and/or secondary with the draft picks you saved might be a better formula for them.

  19. “They trade kolb. Vick get injured or is a fluke. No kolb, season is over lmao”

    Ah, but the Eagles are already taking that into consideration. They are going to trade Kolb to the Redskins for a #1 draft pick and Donovan McNabb, to be Kolb’s replacement as backup to Vick. Either that, or if McNabb is cut by the Skins, the Eagles will sign him for the veteran minimum.

  20. Bottom line is I am sure he is being discussed by many teams. Everone puts him down but the fact is he’s better than #1 QBs on several teams right now. There is a limited supply of QBs so regardless of what he’s proven or not he has shown he can move the chains. Therefore he will be a high commodity right now.

    Doesn’t mean he’s great. It means he may be in the top 32 QBs in the league right now where a team can use his services rather than him sitting behind Vick.

  21. This trade will not happen. Kolb will be an Eagle next year. Philly took him with an early 2nd round pick, so in order to get a good return on their investment they will be asking for at least one first round pick, preferably an early one, and maybe a couple late round picks.

    So, who would trade an early 1st round pick and then some for a 27 year old QB with 7 career starts and a career 73.2 QB rating? Nobody.

  22. I’d like for the 49ers to give Kolb a try. But he’s unproven, has still thrown more INTs than TDs in the NFL, and if the Eagles insist on more than a second round pick, they can keep him. For one more year that is, after which he leaves as a FA and they get nothing.

  23. Trade him to Buffalo for:
    this years first(3rd overall),
    bills 2009 1st(maybin),
    bills 2007 2nd(posluszny),
    bills 2006 1st(whitner)

    No brainer if your a real Bills fan. Heck I would bet that if the bills did that, and Kolb got knocked out for the year in preseason, they would still field a better team then last year.

    We need a QB first and foremost and he is the best available QB on the market including in the draft. If that happened it will be LIGHTS OUT on the Jets Fins and Pats.

  24. backdapack says:
    Mar 7, 2011 5:35 PM
    “The Minnesota Vikings are at the top of the list-trust me!”

    if you are referring to Super Bowl records….you are correct, they are tied with the Buffalo Bills at 0-4

    thank god for football that is all the state of wisc. has-they cant pay there employees-owe minnesota tax money-BUT WHO CARES WE HAVE FOOTBALL-GREAT SUPER FINE -GET A LIFE

  25. Philly would be crazy to trade Kolb. They only had two wins all season against playoff teams, one against a decimated Colts team and the other was when Kolb led them to a win over atlanta.

    Vick’s style of play leads to injuries. Kolb is the only player in NFL history to have 300 yd games in his first three starts. He can play.

  26. You’re an idiot bills9951. You don’t trade the #3 overall pick for a 27-year old backup QB with 7 career starts. There are only a select group of players in the entire league worthy of trading the #3 overall pick for. Kevin Kolb is not one of them.

  27. As an Eagles fan who has not missed a game in years, I can tell you that any team that trades for Kolb is taking a big risk. He has potential to be good, given he has very good protection and good receivers. He’s one of the QBs that I could see succeeding in an offense where everything else is in place. He craps his pants in the face of a blitz and he makes random decisions some times. There will be a lot of growing pains for him and his team. I would love if the Eagles could trade him for a mid-high first round pick or multiple first rounders. At a time when his stock is the highest that it may ever be given the lack of QBs available this year, I’d rather see a deal go down sooner rather than later.

  28. Oooh boy. Let’s get all excited about corn Kolb. I mean I would trade a 1st and 2nd round pick for a player that has thrown 11 career TD and 14 career INT too, wouldn’t you? Get over it people! He’s looked horrible in every game he has played except one. That game was against KC in 09 and theyre defense was one of the most atrocious in the last 10 years. It’s funny this guy says he wants to be a starter. What has he done that has warranted a starting job. Get over it Philly. You should be ashamed of yourself for getting rid of a class act like McNabb. He took you to 5 NFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl. Let’s see the Dog Killer or corn Kolb do that…oh wait. PHILADELPHIA=WORST FANS IN SPORTS…ENOUGH SAID.

  29. Would love to see Kolb get knocked out by SF twice a year if he lands in AZ! He is a pansy, over-rated, entitled-feeling s.o.b.

    He will be on a bench again next year, mark my words

  30. They would be smart to keep Vick because he will get injured then who will they put in? If they cant get at least a 2nd round pick for him they should keep him


  31. robf2010 says:
    Mar 7, 2011 5:37 PM
    The Eagles are going to be gravely disappointed if they’re looking for a first rounder or multiple high draft picks. The Pats could only get a single #2 for Matt Cassel and that was after he had a great season for them. Kevin Kolb hasn’t had the great season.


    Bad comparison.

    Cassel drafted in the 7th round – Kolb 2rd pick
    Cassel playing full year helps Kolb argument not hurt it
    Cassel had a great OL – Kolb’s OL sucked
    Cassel was traded in a year with great QBs in the draft – not so much this year

    If a team gets 6-7 years of better than average play from a QB its worth a 1st rd pick. Kolb will deliver that at the very least and as we have seen, better than average QBs can win Superbowls with great teams around them.

  32. I don’t move him for anything less than a 1st round pick. He’s under contract and his cap number is cheap. Vick is almost certainly gonna get hurt so either blow me away with a huge offer or we’ll hold on to the insurance policy for ourselves.

  33. People look at Kevin Kolb and see Aaron Rodgers. They have different styles for the most part, but what they see is a promising young “Face of the Franchise” who sat behind a couple of very good QBs and got better. They see the success story in GB and figure that instead of drafting a QB and letting him sit in learn, it might be better to trade for someone else’s QB who has already been sitting and learning.

    Put it this way, other then maybe 2 QBs in this draft who wouldn’t take Kolb now over a guy who is going to take 2-3 years to develop? Maybe they have a higher ceiling then this guy, but really can a franchise + coaching staff survive 2-3 years with no QB? If you are in Arizona, do you think your job is safe if you can not compete THIS YEAR?

    Sure other draft prospects might be better after a while but no one is likely to come into the NFL as a 2011 rookie and perform better ten Kolb in 2011.

  34. No smootysmoot. You’re the idiot.

    As for all the others calling Kolb overrated, I have two words for you. Matt Schaub.

    Everybody wanted to talk about how stupid that trade was. Seems to me it worked out for the Texans.

  35. The Bills need a QB — if they don’t want to select any of the ones in the draft, trading their #3 for Kolb is not too far off.

  36. And let’s not forget that Kyle Orton will soon be on the market, driving Kolb’s value down.

    Disregard Fox’s smokescreen talk about keeping Orton. He’s gone for draft picks if the billionaires and millionaires end up making a deal before the draft.

  37. @bleedingreen

    Why am i an idiot? Hahahaha. Ur just another idiot Eagle fan who thinks that they r really gonna win something.

  38. CHRISHOUSAND, 1st of all, Kolb lit up the Falcons too. 2nd Why should Philly be ashamed of trading McNabb? The Eagles saw that Donovans career is going downhill, and they were right. So just because McNabb led Philly to 5 NFC title games, do you honestly think he’s owed some type of lifetime pass that restricts the Eagles from trading or realeasing him?? Get over it. I guarantee that you were one of the many Eagle haters that constantly bashed McNabb when he was an Eagle and now all of the sudden he’s owed some type of honor. Maaaan, get the f*** outta here! In Vicks 1st year as a starter in Philly, he helped the Eagles break their own scoring record, surpassing the Donovan-led-Eagles’ previous record from the previous season. Its not Vicks fault that our defense underachieved last season.

  39. Someone made the statement that there are 6 QB’s in college right now that are better than Kolb. OK here is their record……..ZERO please mail your crystal ball to ……..Some people are just brain dead. What a uneducated statement

  40. Someone is going to overpay in picks for a “guy”. Kolb has the stink of average all over him.

  41. smootysmoot says: Mar 7, 2011 7:35 PM


    Yet another idot!


    Oh the irony of well timed spelling errors. Get on my level son. I know football and I can spell. Seems like you don’t know much about either.

    Kevin Kolb is Matt Cassel with less starts. Did he come out flying in KC? Not exactly. Point. Case. Match. (And I spelled everything correctly).

  42. @norcaleagles –

    Kolb didn’t “light up” the Falcons. Desean Jackson lit them up. He got wide open behind the safeties twice and made it so all Kolb had to do was get the ball deep and Jackson made sure he the window was wide open.

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