Brian Westbrook talks to Andy Reid regularly, wants to play for Eagles

A year after Brian Westbrook was released by the Eagles, he says he’s hoping for a return to Philadelphia. And he thinks Eagles coach Andy Reid is open to the idea.

“I talk to coach Reid every week or so,” Westbrook told Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. “We always talk, and I would love to be back in Philly. So we’ll see how things go. I think I can help out. I think they have a very good group of young guys on this team at every position, but I still think I can help this team win.”

There are a few odd things about those comments. The first is that Westbrook has apparently been talking to Reid regularly while under contract to the 49ers. It wouldn’t be surprising if the 49ers, who were busted for tampering with Lance Briggs in 2008, ask the league office what Reid is doing talking to one of their players.

The other odd thing is that Westbrook thinks he would have a place in the Eagles’ offense in 2011. Westbrook actually played pretty well when he finally got involved in the 49ers’ offense late in the 2010 season, but if Reid didn’t want a 31-year-old Westbrook in 2010, it’s hard to see why Reid would want a 32-year-old Westbrook in 2011.

So I have a hard time seeing Westbrook re-signing with the Eagles. Unless it’s a ceremonial one-day contract on the day he announces his retirement.

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  1. Andy Reid didn’t want Westbrook last year because they didn’t want his large cap number when they had a more than adequate replacement in Shady McCoy.

    Lets hope we see Westbrook again in an Eagles uniform, even if its just for ceremonial purposes. He is beloved by the Philly fan base.

  2. They would be interested because he would be a ton cheaper to sign a 32-year old Westbrook than it would have been to keep a 31-year old Westbrook last season.

    And yes, Mr. Reid, that would be considered tampering.

  3. Reid was worried about those 2 concussions that were just a cpl months in the past. Now they’re long gone and it’d be safer. Make sense?

  4. It’s one thing having a 31 year old Westbrook whose body was breaking down being leaned on for to many plays while also being potentially a problem in the lockeroom with the trade of McNabb and his reduced role.

    It’s another thing to have a 32 year old Westbrook, who is a year away from the drama and the grind of being a starting RB for 16 games, come back to the team knowing he is the 3rd down back for a clearly defined starter.

    If Westbrook wants to finish his career as a back with the Eagles and he’s happy with that, good for him.

  5. Unless it’s a ceremonial one-day contract on the day he announces his retirement.

    Westbrook still has one or two more years left in the tank. I doubt we will see him back in Philly, but I’m sure we will hear his name being used every Sunday for a few more seasons.

  6. #1) They worked together for many years and should be allowed to remain friends even if he now plays football for another team.

    #2) Reid didn’t want a $7.5 million 31 year old Westbrook. That doesn’t mean he won’t want a $2 million 32 year old Westbrook. He also didn’t want Shady’s first year as a starter to include talk of Westbrook sitting behind him after every mistake.

    Come on back B-West. Philly will welcome you back with open arms…just so long as you realize Shady is #1 here.

  7. Sir Wessington. you are a beast. a 5’10 beast.
    I’d love to have you back in Philly. I blaim Reid for the questions about if you can still play in the league..

    This guy was never a true RB. he can block like a champ but is too small to be an everydown back. Westbreezy should have been nothing more than a slot receiver / third down back. & he shoulda taken every put & kick return. I always thought it was funny that when the game was on the line, he would return kicks.. if it wat that important at that particular moment, then every single kick should have been that important.

    if he had a defined roll , he coulda played till 35.

    bring him back, use him right.

  8. He didn’t want Westbrook because LeSean McCoy was ready to go and Leonard Weaver was expected to go with him with his new contract making him the highest paid fullback in the league. God knows if Weaver’s gonna be able to play now that his knee got shredded and he apparently can’t lift his foot due to nerve damage. Westbrook returning is conceivable.

  9. @myeaglescantwin
    dude are you serious? he was a top 5 every down running back for only about 10 years… too small? funny, he was told that for quite some time BEFORE he would run/receive for over 100 yards pretty much every single game. i don’t see how you can possibly be an Eagles fan when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Westbrook was one of the best running backs Philadelphia has ever had, hands down.

  10. reid is a mentor, and westbrook was under that mentoring for his entire career minus one year in san fran. you dont just stop talking to a guy like that. technically you can call it tampering, but my bet is that it was westbrook catching up with one of his good friends.

  11. I love BWest but James Harrison was already tendered by the Eagles, played well last in a limited role last year and would be a cheaper option than Westbrook. Plus, with Shady, Harrison, Jackson, Maclin, Avant and Celek needing touches, there are only so many balls to go around. And this team needs defenders and linemen way more than skill players.

  12. Westbrook was a great RB, he was never fully appreciated nationally because the McNabb supporters spent 24/7 talking about how their boy never had a ‘running game’.

    That is why half the fans don’t think Westbrook ever rushed for over 1000 yards in a single season. Look at his stats!

    Westy was the victim of a bunch of people who could only build up their favorite player by tearing down others (Westbrook and the youthful skill position players).

    My only concern with Westbrook is the multiple concussions he’s suffered. Not only do I worry for his own well-being, but the league will surely mandate the # of games players suffering concussions sit out. How much use could you get out of him?

  13. How can this be considered tampering when Brett Favre was in contact with Darrel Bevell and Brad Childress while he was still a member of the Packers and the NFL ruled there was no tampering?

  14. Well Goodell is known for his selective judgments and the 49ers FO has no spine for this sort of thing.

    My guess – no complaint will be filed, even if it is it will be swept under the carpet post-haste

  15. He was a great Eagle but, Their are far to many backs for back up purposes avail. Even the ones they have now serve the Eagles better. Thats just the way it goes.

  16. jpk6044 says:
    Mar 7, 2011 11:49 AM
    I love BWest but James Harrison was already tendered by the Eagles, played well last in a limited role last year and would be a cheaper option than Westbrook.


    JEROME Harrison. Why can NO ONE, INCLUDING the NFL get that right?

  17. great player in his prime but his great years are past him. he will be my favorite eagle behind reggie white but i wouldnt even want him back at a reduced salary.

    his last year here, he was a shell of himself and i could see him getting another concussion

  18. i’d love to have him back. strictly 3rd downs, and passing situations. sprinkle in some pitches and outside handoffs. some of the best hands i’ve ever seen for a back, and he blocked like it was his mom he was protecting. if lesean gets hurt, give me some more carries. but i like jerome harrison too, so im not sure. but..we had a three headed beast when he came to philly..why not when he comes back..

  19. We love you B-West we would welcome you with open arms

    guess who elses contract expires…BRIAN DAWKINS, imagine that, bring both back in a limited role and their leadership

  20. It’s not tampering as long as they just “talk.” If contracts or wanting to play for the Eagles isn’t discussed between the two, it’s all legal.

    I believe Favre was “talking” with the owner of another team (Vikings?) when he was a Jet. Favre just said they talked about this and that, but not about playing for another team. No tampering.

    You know better than that MDS. Don’t try to start drama.

  21. screw you then westbrook. niners still got gore and an upcoming beast in dixon. we need someone thats ready to be a part of this team. and i dont want him if its like that. yeah im bitter.

  22. Oh hey Goodell, it’s time you pull your head outta your rectum and actually do something that goes against your East Coast Bias. Like hit them fools where it hurts. Have them surrender their 1st OR 2nd and give the 9ers their 4th or 5th.

    Reid KNOWS that he cannot talk to players under contract with other teams. And he’s been guilty of this as far back as Terrell Owens in the Pro Bowl the year previous to Owens leaving the 9ers when McNabb talked up Philly to get him to go there. If you don’t think that Reid has a history of tampering I got a bridge to Hawaii that I’d sell dirt cheap.

    If the 9ers did something THIS blatant, Goodell would have them surrender all their picks.

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