Cameron Heyward on track for March 30 Pro Day workout

Ohio State defensive end Cameron Heyward, the son of the late NFL and Pitt standout Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, continues to recover from Tommy John surgery on his elbow in January.

Though he’ll miss the March 11 Pro Day workout in Columbus, he’ll have a full Pro Day session on March 30 at OSU.

All 32 NFL teams have been informed of the development.

Michael Perrett of SportsTrust Advisors tells PFT that Heyward has had full range of motion for “a few weeks,” and he already has resumed lifting.  “He is definitely ahead of schedule recovery wise,” Perrett said.  “After surgery, Dr. Andrews tabbed it as an 8-12 week recovery period depending on how fast he heals . . . looks like he is a fast healer.”

Silva has Heyward going to the Packers with the last pick in round one in his second mock draft.