Kessler returns on Tuesday

After missing Monday’s bargaining session at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in D.C., NFLPA outside counsel Jeffrey Kessler will be rejoining the party on Tuesday, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.

Earlier in the day, Kessler said in an e-mail to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal that Kessler had a scheduling conflict due to another client.

Either the excuse is cover for being benched for a day, or it reflects poor planning by Kessler, given his central role in this process and the long-known likelihood that something would be happening on Monday, March 7, only three days after the labor deal was due to expire.

The fun starts at 9:00 a.m. ET.  Let’s hope they have enough energy to make it through lunch.

10 responses to “Kessler returns on Tuesday

  1. Kessler has been out shopping for some cutting edge threads. Mo, Georgy Swarthy, and the boys told him to get with the program from a sartorial standpoint, or they were going to send him over to the old fogey group on the other side when the cameras came out.

  2. Your admiration for this guy reminds me of Bill O’Reilly’s love affair with the ACLU.

  3. Deal done yet??…No?? Then who gives a sh*t whos there and whos not..I dont care if they bring in Ronald McDonald to the session as long as it gets done in the near future

  4. Your conclusion that his absence can only mean 2 things; “he was benched” or “he is a poor planner” is just plain silly. Anyone can think of half a dozen other reasons for his absence… the most one is that it might have been strategic. It could have been his idea to leave his hardball tactics out of the room for a day! He could have had a private, serious family health issue for all you know. Just stop making things up.

  5. Looking at his picture, you can definitely see why Jim Trotter’s source would have mistaken him for the NFL player who stormed into a previous meeting and said it was time to decertify.

    *eyes rolling*

  6. Man alive, this guy became a name player very quickly. Obviously for reasons that are no so flattering.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we can now end the negotiations and settle the CBA – We have found our scapegoat.

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