Lockout concerns lead Jets player to move back in with his parents


Jerry Seinfeld once observed that there’s no way that moving in with your parents is a sign that your life is on track. There’s also no way that an NFL player moving in with his parents is a sign that the league’s negotiations with the players’ union are on track.

So while there’s been some optimism in the last few days that labor negotiations are moving in the right direction, Jets guard Matt Slauson represents the ultimate example of a player acting cautiously and saving his money in case there’s a lockout.

Slauson told the New York Times that he, his wife and their baby are living with his parents while he waits to see what will happen next year.

I’m constantly working with my budgets,” Slauson said. “I know that this week could be my last week in the NFL, and then I won’t have any more checks coming in.”

Slauson, a 2009 sixth-round pick who started all 16 games for the Jets in 2010, has made several hundred thousand dollars in his two-year career. So he’s not exactly George Costanza moving back in with Frank and Estelle because he’s got $714 left in the bank.

But Slauson is being frugal until he’s sure there’s going to be a 2011 season. Other NFL players would be wise to follow his lead.

50 responses to “Lockout concerns lead Jets player to move back in with his parents

  1. Based on the way Slauson played in 2010, I think he’s more worried that the UFL may not have a 2011 season rather than what the NFL is doing.

  2. i can just be cheap and blame my employer for that kind of crap? he’s got more money than….. oh, man that kinda irks me. i’m gonna go drink.

  3. move in with his parents? it sounds like he works at target…what an idiot.

  4. Good luck convincing most NFL players to move back in with mommy and daddy.

  5. In a related story, Mark Sanchez will be moving into his “friends” house in Greenwich,CT if there is a lockout.

  6. Any truth to the rumor that Slauson was going to move in with Head Coach Rex Ryan…. but Slauson and Rex’s wife ‘got off’ on the wrong foot?

  7. Not to worry. I’m sure this dude took his full ride scholarship to the University of Nebraska seriously and earned a degree.

    He surely must have known football isn’t forever.

  8. I wouldn’t allow that if I was his parents. For the love of God son…cut the cord. Be a man and stand on your own two feet. You can’t run back to mommy and daddy every time you hit a road block in life. Ridiculous.

  9. …this just in – he also claimed a corner off the interstate in his hometown to stand and hold a sign (written on a piece of cardboard) with his sad story (including moving back home w/ the folks) he’s planning to make a pretty good living w/ that strategy…we’ll keep you updated!

  10. ok… if I had 714k in the bank, I’m pretty sure I could get an apartment somewhere and not burden mommy and daddy… my god, most guys on here probably will never make that in a life time and manage to own homes, or at least rent a place. Have some pride

  11. don’t you have to know who your parents are before you are able to move back in with them? i think it will be hard for most nfl players to follow this guys lead.

  12. I wonder if this is the same douche that had his wife induced so he wouldn’t have to pay for the hospital bill for his kid

  13. Blow Me! Suck it up and be a Walmart Greeter during your time off. Absolutely Pathetic!

    Po, Po, Pitiful me.

  14. The Slauson family has always been noted for their careful money management. But the $2500 per month that Matt pays his parents for the basement suite is not out of line with other rents in the neighborhood.

  15. Man, he is a loser. I’m constantly busting my 25-year old friends who make $40K per year for still living with their parents. This guy sets a new standard.

  16. Well said promin1!

    Maybe he could go get a job to support his family? You know like the rest of us?

  17. Wow… i moved out of my house making $38,000/ yr and only a couple thousand in the bank. I have no sympathy for these guys… he’s earned at a MINIMUM $700,000 over the last two years. The fact that he can’t survive without moving in with his parents after that kind of headstart in life is insane!

  18. Alternate Cromartie headline….

    Lockout concerns lead Jets player to become parent of more.

  19. Even a player making the league minimum should have substantially more than the average person. Tells something about this guy’s lack of ability to manage his money.

  20. …we should all feel so much sympathy for the poor poor NFL players that can’t afford to live on their own because there MIGHT be a lockout in the future. PLEASE!

  21. Wow..pft loves to delete my comments. Maybe they are still living in their mommy’s basement too and are offended.

  22. Seriously, it doesn’t get anymore pathetic that this guy with all the money he makes is moving back with his parents. It says alot about the people that thumbed down my first comment. Probably the same people that try to live off the government too.

  23. Nothing wrong with someone living with their parents as long as the person has a job and helps pay the bills. Cost of living in many parts of the country is outrageous. Now if they are unemployed, broke, and play XBOX all day…then yeah that’s a serious problem.

  24. Good god. This guy has made more income in two years than my mom probably made in 20. Good thing she’s not his mother, she’d have laughed in his face if he asked to move back home under these circumstances, especially this early into his “layoff”.

    Is he also one this guys that puts a note on the thermostat in the winter that says “Don’t touch! Wear a sweater!”?

  25. Is this some sort of attempt to generate sympathy?

    If he made several hundred thousand in a two year career, that gives him an annual salary of over 150k (and that’s conservative). I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of any person with a six figure salary needing to live with their parents. I think this goes to show how out of touch with reality the players seem to be.

    I think the owners are probably equally out of touch as well when they keep asking for public money to replace stadiums that are barely 20 years old.

  26. Good grief! go get a real job. It might not pay $200K a year but he could at least pay his rent instead of moving in with mommy & daddy.

  27. Granted, he makes good coin, but at least he is being responsible for his family. There will be stories of players who make more than this guy which will be bankrupt in the next 12 months

  28. Maybe his parents asked him to move back in? I know many parents who would love to have their kids back, if only for a short while.

    Or just insult the guy without knowing all the facts.

  29. db105 says: Mar 7, 2011 6:43 PM

    Even a player making the league minimum should have substantially more than the average person. Tells something about this guy’s lack of ability to manage his money.

    Do tell, how familiar are you with this guy’s finances? Maybe he bought his parents that house. Maybe he’s spread his success around the families. A couple of houses for their parents, a couple of new cars…and this cat didn’t get the mega-signing bonus either.

  30. I make 35000 a year and I can afford an apartment in San Francisco, CA home of the highest rent in the nation but this guy making 100,000 plus a year cant afford a home or apartment?

    Sounds to me like they probably have already blown all of his money and rather then this being a move of intelligence or maturity it’s probably the result of neither.

  31. dirtydolphin says:
    Mar 7, 2011 6:01 PM
    don’t you have to know who your parents are before you are able to move back in with them? i think it will be hard for most nfl players to follow this guys lead

    HaHa…….D.D. Question, speaking of parents did your’s have any children that lived? I see you have alot of time of your hand since playoff time is free for you…

  32. I was of the understanding that once you make a buttload of money you were supposed to take care of your parents, not take over their house

  33. I would imagine his parents have a nice house, that maybe he is paying for…that might be better than moving into a $500 a month apartment for the next 7-8 months to save money…of course, I would take the apartment, but that is just me.

  34. Smart man. No paychecks coming in so he moves in with the parents. Doesn’t matter how much he has, it matters where it is. Could be in CD’s, retirement accounts or any other investment vehicle that has a penalty for early withdrawal.
    I am sure he has a cushion of ready cash and is just being prudent about how it is spent.
    If the family didn’t want him back, he wouldn’t be going back.
    Haters keep hatin! Petty, miserable lot you guys are.

  35. I saw this story on NFL Network the other day that included an interview with this guy and his family actually alternates between both their sets of parents houses, though why I am not sure. And those are two smaller older looking houses that seem to have been the families’ homes for many years, not ones he bought them. They broke their lease in NY or NJ to move in with their families.

    What irked me was that the guy says he has been planning for this since he and his wife got married (when he was a rookie I believe). In fact, the size and cost of their wedding reception was downsized because of finances. That’s good, that’s smart. Then they go right out and have a kid. Nothing says “being smart financially” like having a kid right away when you believe you won’t have any money soon.

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