NFLPA rep Vanden Bosch lines up place for Lions workouts

If there is a lockout, there has been a question about whether getting together for informal offseason workouts would be a good idea for the NFLPA.

Many quarterbacks and receivers have been loosely planning to meet up.   Other players like Bucs center Jeff Faine and PFT Live guest Eric Winson wondered if helping out the owners in such a way would make sense during a work stoppage.   (Winston wondered if players would be protected against injuries.)

The leaders of the NFLPA have more important issues to worry about right now, and the topic clearly hasn’t been one that was addressed officially by the group.

For example, Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch has been busy lining up a local gym where his teammates can get in some work in case of a lockout, according to the Detroit Free Press.  Vanden Bosch is Detroit’s NFLPA representative.

Lining up a gym isn’t the same as holding informal practices, but it’s a sign that even NFLPA leaders aren’t afraid to organize their teammates in an effort to stay in shape.

5 responses to “NFLPA rep Vanden Bosch lines up place for Lions workouts

  1. Working out and practicing helps the PLAYERS, not the owners. The owners won’t care if some of the players are a little rusty when play resumes, they’ll still sell just as many tickets and commercials. The players are the ones who might lose their jobs or starting spot if they show up out of shape or out of sync with their teammates.

    Injury, however, is a serious concern for the players and they will probably get screwed if they get hurt during a work stoppage, whether it is while working out, wrestling in the WWF, playing a pick-up basketball game, or getting in an automobile accident.

  2. I want to see replacement games, and then see 40% of the union cross the picketlines. Scabs! The players are all talk, but once they miss a paycheck or 2 they will fold like lawn chairs. Remember this line “I had to do it for my family”….haha.

  3. Players must try to work out on their own or with teammates if a lockout causes a limited or non-existent off-season workout program. In the event the labor issue is resolved shortly before or after the off-season program is over, and regular season start in September, we can expect to see may more injuries during games than we would normally see, simply do to poor conditioning. Also, players who do attempt to stay in tip-top condition will have an advantage over those who don’t. And you can be sure there will be many who don’t work out as strenuously as they should.

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