Offseason Priorities: Buffalo Bills

Our team-by-team offseason priorities series took a little break as we waited for some of the labor uncertainty to sort itself out.  (Plus we figured a long work stoppage would force us to stretch content out.)

Now that there’s some optimism a CBA can get worked out sooner than later, we better start cranking again.   Today, let’s look at the Bills in year two of the Chan Gailey/Buddy Nix regime.

We are focusing on players that are expected to become unrestricted free agents because they have at least four years of service.

The Big One: Linebacker Paul Posluszny.

We considered leaving “The Big One” blank.  Posluszny hasn’t been a true difference maker, but he’s still the team’s best linebacker and they have no logical candidate to replace him.  He could be tough to keep.

Role Players: Cornerback Drayton Florence and linebacker Akin Ayodele.

Both players were productive and reliable enough in 2010, but the Bills should be looking for upgrades.  They shouldn’t overpay to keep them.

Might be on the way out: Quarterback Brian Brohm, safety Donte Whitner, defensive tackle John McCargo, and linebacker Aaron Maybin.

Brohm and McCargo were both non-tendered as potential RFAs, so they will go down as draft busts.  (At least Brohm was drafted elsewhere.)   Maybin may not make it to his third year with the team, but figures to head to training camp.

The Bills re-signed safety George Wilson; it seems unlikely they will bring Whitner back after five up-and-down seasons.

Thinking ahead

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s contract is up after 2011.  The team needs to get another alternative to Fitzpatrick at quarterback, likely in this year’s draft.  Stevie Johnson’s deal is up after this season and he might be worth signing now before his price goes up any more.

Final take

The Bills won’t lose much in free agency.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that their 2010 draft class disappointed overall and there are a ton of holes on the roster to fill.

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18 responses to “Offseason Priorities: Buffalo Bills

  1. I wouldn’t mind Pos coming to the Eagles, but I’m not sure he’d be 3-4 fit.

  2. Maybe Dave Wannstedt can bring in Patrick Surtain and Brock Marion. Also I hear he’s got Jay Fiedler’s number…

  3. Offseason priorities:
    Sign/Draft defensive players that can play the scheme you intend to run AND… draft a QB to groom behind Fitz!
    1st pick Bowers 2nd pick Mallette and I’m happy.

  4. – Poz is a must to resign. This will likely happen.

    – Whitner is average and can go, but would have to be replaced. Wilson would be a slight downgrade. FA is slim at SS.

    – Why is McCargo still on the team? seriously…

    – Ayodele is a temp stop gap. The bills need LBs. 1-2 year deal would be ok with me.

    – Fitzpatrick put the ball in the endzone more than many may realize. He may not be the best, but no QB in this draft will be any good, and none warrent a top 3 pick, so just forget drafting a QB on day 1.

    – Draft needs: OT, DE, OLB, TE, SS
    – DE, Stroud is gone, we need a true 3-4 DE to stop the run. Marcell Dareus would be my pick at #3.
    – OT, Bills actually need 2, but none warrent a top 5 pick. Bills should take the best available OT in the 2nd round.
    – OLB, Von Miller could be the bills 1st round pick if Dareus is taken by Denver and dont trade down. Also, Merriman and Moats may be able to get us by, and Moats may even surprise.

  5. bleedgreen says:
    Mar 7, 2011 3:22 PM
    I wouldn’t mind Pos coming to the Eagles, but I’m not sure he’d be 3-4 fit.


    Since when do the Eagles run a 3-4? Did I miss something? Technically I am assuming as you never clearly state they run a 3-4 but the sentence comes off giving that assumption.

    Also I’m pretty sure poz has started in both the 3-4 and 4-3 up in Buffalo.

  6. I have still no idea why everyone thinks they should pick a QB this year while Fitzpatrick is one of the few decent players on that team…

  7. Bills need to spend some $$$, they don’t want to spend money on coaches or players… how do they expect to win in today’s NFL environment. After a couple of really bad years, the Bears went out and spent a ton of money on Julius Peppers and Jay Cutler. It was the best money they ever spent. Bears fan base is at 1985 Bears levels.

  8. Posluszny means porcelain or ceramic in some foreign language. I’m sure of it with the number of times he’s had broken bones and injuries.

  9. I still don’t understand why everybody puts Whitner down…
    He has been a solid player at SS for years. Yes, true, he does have a mouth on him, but most of the time he backs it up. He does what a SS is supposed to do: back up the Secondary and be the last line of Defense.

    The Bills would be smart to spend the $ to keep him right where he is.

  10. Patpatriotagain
    No way the Bills will finish worse than Carolina–bet the ranch.

  11. lol, off season priority for the Bills should be to trade Merriman before he gets knocked out for the season, or invest money into finding a way to pump him full of steroids without the NFL finding out.

  12. ansnyder says:
    Mar 7, 2011 4:27 PM

    Since when do the Eagles run a 3-4? Did I miss something? Technically I am assuming as you never clearly state they run a 3-4 but the sentence comes off giving that assumption.

    Also I’m pretty sure poz has started in both the 3-4 and 4-3 up in Buffalo.


    You’re right. Merely a typo on my part. I meant not a fit in a 4-3. I will say I’ve actually never seen him play. The only Bills games I’ve seen in the last 3 years he was out with his broken forearm. I’m going based on the ‘buzz’ I’ve heard on Sirius Radio and the like, but I know he is a high character guy, is reasonably intelligent based on the interviews I’ve heard with him, and he really can’t possibly be worse than our backers outside of Stew Bradley.

  13. The Bills recently tendered both Posluszny and Whitner.

    Why do so many people fail to understand that the Bills will probably finish with at least an 8 – 8 record this year? Their schedule a easier than last year, when they won 4 games, but they easily could have been 8 – 8 or even 9 – 7.

    If they had used Fitzpatrick from the start, they could have won their first game against the Dolphins (which they lost by 5 points). They lost by 3 points to the Ravens and Chiefs, on the road and in overtime. They lost by 3 points at a neutral site (Toronto) to the Bears. They also lost at home by 3 points to the Steelers in overtime. These games could have easily given the Bills five more wins, for a 9 – 7 record last year.

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