Questions arise regarding Cam’s mechanics


After Cam Newton’s media-only workouts last month, former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer (now an analyst for ESPN) raved about the 2010 Heisman winner.

That was phenomenal,” Dilfer said.  “If scouts saw this they’d have been slobbering.”

But not everyone agrees.  Former NFL quarterback Jack Trudeau, who currently co-hosts a drive-time FOX Sports Radio show with Dominic Zaccagnini, said during my weekly Monday morning visit that Newton has flaws.

“I love his arm,” Trudeau said of Newtown.  “But his mechanics suck.”

Trudeau explained that it was the mechanics and not timing issues with unfamiliar receivers that hurt Newton at the Scouting Combine.  Trudeau also believes that Newton showed similar mechanical flaws at his media-only session.

Trudeau spent 10 seasons in the NFL, with 12 starts.  He finished his career with more than 10,000 passing yards.

It’ll be interesting to see whether others spot mechanical flaws when Newton conducts his Pro Day workout on Tuesday.  At a minimum, Newton must complete more than 11 of 21 passes when throwing to his own wideouts.

24 responses to “Questions arise regarding Cam’s mechanics

  1. What? Someone has dared to criticize Newton? I thought, due to his status as a black Qb, and as an SEC QB, that everyone was under orders to never criticize him or doubt his abilities or his off-the-field activities.

    This guy will be a bust, he has diva written all over him and will be a headache for whomever takes him.

    Smart teams would either take Gabbert or wait til next season to take Luck

  2. I’m not a fan of him or his shady father. Either way, what the title should have said was “Question” Arises Regarding Cams Mechanics. One person’s opinion is not indicative of a pattern.

  3. “Trudeau spent 10 seasons in the NFL, with 12 starts. He finished his career with more than 10,000 passing yards.”

    Wow, 10 seasons and only 12 starts… and he put up over 10,000 passing yards? This man made a lot of relief appearances.

  4. What do you mean complete 11 of 21 passes,with no pass rush he should be dead on all his throws. I agree with Winston, not a fan of his Dad either. Cam, we know that you knew.

  5. Anyone else find that he had 10,000 yards passing with only 12 game starts interesting? I understand he was in the league along time but damn, that is alot of yards he came in off the bench to throw for then

  6. I know Dilfer was on a Super Bowl team but watching Newton and going crazy over him, could it be possible he was comparing Newton to him and how he looked in shorts.

  7. r8rsfan says:
    Mar 7, 2011 9:25 AM
    You could make quite a list of successful NFL QB’s who had “questionable” mechanics in college. Just sayin.

    Go ahead then, why don’t you start making that list for us.

  8. Jack Trudeau is a moron. He’s a bitter former player who looks to bust everyone down so he can feel better about his pathetic NFL career. This guy was a college golden boy who was an average pro at best.

    Here’s another example of his hate: Trudeau said the Packers should forfeit the game against the Pats earlier this year because Matt Flynn had to make the start at QB. I’m still waiting to hear him apologize for his attack on Flynn. He was probably jealous of the fact Flynn has a national title and played a better game than Jack ever did as a pro.

  9. …and they said Philip Rivers mechanics sucked too…howd that work out haters?

    This Trudeau guy needs to STFU. 10 seasons with 12 starts? LOL. There is a reason why he is out of the league. . . he sucks.

  10. Cam Newton’s footword on his dropback is way too slow. It keeps him from squaring up in time to make his throw on time. That’s the main thing he needs to work on.

  11. @dryzzt23 …

    Since when do QBs avoid criticism because they’re black or from the SEC? Black QBs usually get plenty of criticism and SEC QBs are slammed regardless of their race. Even Ryan Mallet–the prototypical pro QB–is getting hammered because someone accused him of illegal drug use and he refused to confess on camera.

    Newton has rightly been criticized for having only brief experience in a simplified spread offense, talking like a diva, refusing responsibility for his mistakes, and being pimped out by his father. Until now I’d never heard he has mechanics issues a la Tebow, but if true, that’s another reason not to burn an early draft pick on him. Great athlete but needs too much work to play QB in the NFL.

  12. QB’s with bad mechanics.

    Phillip Rivers- throws the football like he is throwing a shot put.

    Jay Culter- constantly throws off of his back foot.

    These guys don’t have the best mechanics, but they do what is important, and that is winning.

  13. @lhaveprettyfeet says:
    Mar 7, 2011 9:12 AM
    “Trudeau spent 10 seasons in the NFL, with 12 starts. He finished his career with more than 10,000 passing yards.”

    Wow, 10 seasons and only 12 starts… and he put up over 10,000 passing yards? This man made a lot of relief appearances.

    I have to agree… They probably should have done some research and double checked, because that was in 49 starts, and 67 games total. Thanks google and 30 seconds of my time…

  14. Anyone else get the impression or have the suspicion Newton seems to be jockeying to position himself more for big money and endorsements than for NFL QB excellence?

  15. Mark it- Newton to Buffalo, where he will have a long and successful career.

    Newton w/Spiller, Johnson, Easley, Evans and Parrish…
    Many will doubt, but if this combination arises… Watch Out!!!

  16. @dryzzt23 – what deb said.

    plus, on my own, there are ‘whispers’ that gabbart’s agent is who’s out there tossing out negs towards other qb’s trying to get his man the prime spot. i mean if people can repeat ‘whispers’ from one nameless/faceless source – why shouldn’t i repeat this ‘whisper’?

    completely not on point but everytime i hear his name ‘blaine gabbart’, i think of the golden girls or some mistress from the 50’s or even a stripper name….

  17. The only ‘mechanics’ expertise Jack Trudeau can begin to impart to Cam Newton will be on BENCH/Sideline Clipboard Holding and etiquette.

    Keep the clipboard in the waistband of your pants…or gut it out for the whole 60 and hold it? Do you keep the pencil behind your left ear…or Right? Whether to laminate the play sheets and use a Sharpie….You know..if it rains. Safe places to store your helmet on the bench…under it…Just leave it in locker room? Stadiums around the league with the best menu selections?

    Thanks Jack. Don’t know what we’d do withoutcha’!

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