Robert Kraft says labor deal is “possible” this week

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Patriots owner Robert Kraft, in comments given to reporters who followed him to Israel, spoke optimistically about the chances that a new labor deal will be done this week.

Kraft said he “personally believe[s] it’s possible” to work out a new agreement, according to

Kraft is in Israel on a trade mission with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.  “If necessary, I might have to leave early,” Kraft said, adding that a new labor deal is “a high priority.”

“We’re doing everything we can to get a deal consummated,” Kraft said.

“[The] good news is, it’s always good to be talking when you have differences of opinion,” Kraft added.  “It’s the only way you have a chance [to reach an agreement].  So we’re talking, and I know from ownership’s side that we feel there’s a deal to be made and we’d very much like to do it.”

We’ll know more in four days whether the deal is made.

14 responses to “Robert Kraft says labor deal is “possible” this week

  1. You may not like him, but Robert Kraft is one of the more astute NFL owners. I would feel better if he were spearheading the negotiations.

  2. Not that it has much to do with this exact article but it does with the same topic. I’d like to see the player’s take a lower ceiling to their contracts and have a higher floor, spread out the money to all players in the nfl. More benefits with longer lasting effects, maybe some guaranteed schooling after their nfl career’s to help them get back into the real world. It’s so much about money.. I wish the NFL would tackle the real issues with contracts instead of the Percentage cuts%

  3. it’s also possible that I’ll win the lottery this week but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

  4. Hopefully he’s not there for advice on how to settle a dispute. That can’t bode well for negotiations.

  5. Google: infinite monkey theorem. Sure it’s possible. Eat me, you cheater. No, seeing the Rams run through their game plan — the day before the big game — I don’t see any advantage; neither did Godumb.

    And, “tuck rule”, indeed.

    “Bobby, more chowder?”

  6. andrejohnsonforpresident,

    let me get this straight.

    you want your franchise player making less money so that you can throw away more money to players like the fourth string left guard, who plays two snaps per year?

    I hope you are not one the people who talks about nfl’ers being overpaid, because you’re promoting giving a raise to completely useless nfl employees.

  7. How is it that a schmuck like Richardson is heading up the owners negotiating efforts while Kraft is out of the country? Seems like the reverse would be more helpful in getting a deal done.

  8. andrejohnson…NFL players already have a tuition reimbursement program. The fact that most NFL fans don’t seem to know about all the benefits the players ALREADY HAVE yet seldom take advantage of is something I think unfairly sways people in favor of the players. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in favor of everything EITHER side wants, but fair is fair.

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