Steelers hire Carnell Lake as defensive backs coach

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said a few weeks back he had no timetable to hire his defensive backs coach to fill out his coaching staff; he just wanted to find he “right man.”

The right man turned out to be four-time Steelers Pro Bowler Carnell Lake.

The team announced the hire of Lake on Monday, so Tomlin’s staff should now be complete.  Chuck Cecil was reported to be a candidate in Pittsburgh, but Tomlin said previously Cecil didn’t interview.

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  1. Uh-huh. I didn’t realize Carnell had been coaching, but see he had a year with the DBs at UCLA. Much prefer Lake to Chuck Cecil. No contest there. Would much prefer Rod Woodson to Lake. No contest there, either. Loved Lake as a player for the Steelers and a member of the SBXXX defense but recall he sniped a bit about the Steelers after leaving, which cast a shadow over him in my memory. Will be nice if he erases that.

    He’s a former defensive MVP as a safety and subbed at corner, too, so he should bring a lot to the coaching staff.

  2. Always loved Carnell Lake. I can’t find a clip of it but I remember a game against the Bengals when the receiver was running down the field after a completed pass and long YAC gain and Lake ran him down approaching from the left rear and with his right hand tapped the receiver on his right shoulder so the receiver instinctively turned to his left and Lake punched out the ball with his left hand and recovered the fumble.

    One of the smartest, coolest plays I’ve ever seen.

    Back during Lake’s playing days his parents used to go to the Sports Harbour at Lincoln and Washington in Marina del Rey (CA) to watch him play.

    Matthew McGrory the giant from “Big Fish” used to tend bar there sometimes.

    I have a short blog about McGrory and the Sports Harbour if anybody’s interested.

  3. Tomlin does not equal Tomlinson. Go ahead and fix it and then delete my comment per usual.

  4. Good hire, some will call this taking a chance but Lake was always considered a smart DB with superb athletism.

  5. citizenstrange: Good recall there on Lake,that was against Carl Pickens…Pickens was headed to the endzone thinking he was in the clear,Lake made up about 25 yards and came from behind and punched out the ball,and then went on to recover it…

    It was a gamechanger,and exemplified the way Lake played…All out,all the time…,was way underrated because he was back there with Woodson.

    He was a linebacker at UCLA….hit like a truck,with the speed of a corner or a safety….Also was very smart and instictive…transitioned from corner to safety and vice versa with ease…Great pick by Tomlin….those guys in that secondary need all the help and direction they can get…

  6. tough smart player i n his day, tomlin is a sharp guy so if he thinks the guy can do the job he probably will do just fine. would be nice to see Mel Blount coach these guys. the opposoing team’s receivers better have their heads on a swivel.

  7. Can anyone really argue with any coaching or personnel move the Steelers make?

    With their track record, you have to assume that Lake will be a more than serviceable coach.

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